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Still a fun series
Mightyzebra12 April 2008
I have always enjoyed this show in some way - I still enjoy it now - despite seeing just how stupid people can be and seeing rather unpleasant things. I watched an episode today and it reminded me just how clever and fun animals can be and just how stupid and mindless humans can be. It's an amazing concept. We are supposed to be amazing leaders over animals with our brilliant brains, but it seems like about one twentieth (or more) of the human population have less brains than animals do. For example, the episode I just watched included a woman who is obsessed with dressing up her pig and has incredibly stupid notions about how the pig feels, that she wants to be dressed up, etc. Totally mindless woman. Also, the programme is narrated brilliantly with funny "add-ons" by Stephen Mulherm.

Each programme shows funny (or at least funny to some people) things that animals do. Some of these video clips are not very funny at all - and in many ways ugly, but there are some brilliant things to see in the programme crammed in among the junk. As I was saying before, it shows stupid people with rather intelligent/cheeky animals, sometimes anyway. Everyone can submit their own funny videos of animals in hope that they will be seen on the Programme.

I recommend this for people who love animals and for people who enjoy humour of any type. Enjoy "Animals Do the Funniest Things"! :-)
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