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10 Best Diana Ross Tracks

Diana Ross has left her mark on nearly every genre of music including disco, soul, jazz, pop and dance, as well as the mediums of film and television (who could forget The Wiz and trash classic Double Platinum?) With well over one hundred millions records sold, I assume it would be fair play to class Ms. Ross as a legend.

You would be hard pressed to find anyone that was not familiar with at least a couple of her songs – whether it be from her years in Motown girl group, The Supremes boasting such hits as ‘Baby Love’ and ‘Stop! In the Name of Love’ or her diverse and equally successful solo years.

As the legendary Supreme celebrates her 69th Birthday this week, we have taken a look back at her ten finest solo tracks – from some much loved favourites to forgotten classics.

10. Not Over You Yet

Diana’s last UK hit,

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