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  • This psychological dramatic thriller set in New York City is about one man on a journey to find himself. Derrick, a 27 year-old corporate lawyer with a large trust fund, enters the polar opposite world of Zane, a hapless criminal and an aspiring musician. Although the two have never met, and never will, the lives of Derrick and Zane are more connected than either one could ever imagine. One morning the privileged Derrick wakes up in a different apartment, in bed with a woman he has never seen before. It's clear that she knows him, but she calls him Zane. And so does everybody else. From that moment on, Derrick finds himself living Zane's criminal life, where individuals strangely resemble those in his real life: A man he shoots in self defense in this new world resembles his former psychiatrist; Lucy, a manager of an upscale jewelry store that he has been forced to rob is the embodiment of his former girlfriend, Olivia; he takes as hostage a woman who is his mother's doppelganger, as well as the Sampson couple, Brian Sampson and Wendy Sampson. Meanwhile, Zane has also entered a parallel world and must now grapple with Derrick's life. He is seduced by Derrick's privileged world of money and power. As he begins to contend with Derrick's demons, he yearns to return to and improve his own life, yet is completely powerless to do so. As Derrick and Zane make his way through the life of the other, each of them starts to reshape his new world and in so doing discover hidden strengths that neither knew he possessed.

  • The alcoholic lawyer Derrick Hall has his life absolutely controlled by his possessive mother and is not able to give a step by himself. He likes his fiancée Lucy, but he does not give a definition to their relationship, raising a family of their own. He is totally dissatisfied with his life, and wishes to turn it upside down before sleeping. On the next day, his life is swapped with the criminal Zane Waye, and their lives and attitudes are totally altered with the exchange.


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  • Undermind opens as a couple of low-rent crooks, Ian Waye (Erik Jensen) and an unsuspecting drug addict in heat, set up and rob an unsuspecting middle-aged guy coming out of a bar. When the guy turns out to be an off-duty cop one of the crooks shoots and gets shot in the process. When blue-blood trust fund yuppie attorney Derrick Hall (Sam Trammell) starts his day he is being driven to work by his doting mother, Lillian Hall (Celia Weston) a woman who is also attempting to maneuver Derek into marriage with Olivia (Susan May Pratt) a young woman who seems willing to go along for the ride until Derek shows spirit. Derek spends a goodly amount of time drinking away his lack of spine and when the scene shifts to another reality the actor playing Derek is now changed. As Zane (again Sam Trammel) awakens he is being seduced by Mary (Aliya Campbell), but Zane doesnt recognize her because his core being has shifted from his other body into this one in this world. This world Zane inhabits is one in which he is a drug dealer and con man, coincidentally the son of a policeman, a subtle but integral piece to this puzzling narrative. This alternate world is backwards, as all the street signs, and letters and presumably clocks are backwards but there is just so much we learn about the seeming un-reality of it before we shift to another morning scene with Derek awakening in the arms of Lucy (again Susan May Pratt) and calling him a different name from his own. The mother figure in this reality, Mrs. Winter (again Celia Weston) functions as one of antagonists to the Derek/ Zane alternate persona. As we slide between these alternate universes we see Derek attempt to relocate the woman he remembers as his mother form his other reality, and we also see Zane pulled deeper into crimes that he neither condones nor completely understands as he has no previous memory of the world he has been thrust into.

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