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Season 9

26 Apr. 2011
Nil by Muff
Donna and Gaz are together but he is in a wheelchair following his accident and his sexual prowess is affected. Fortunately the couple's love sees them through. Gaz is unnerved by Billy,a young Scouser who nursed him in hospital and wants to be his carer. Not only is Billy very touchy-feely he has also taken Gaz's place in the local football team. Camp Tim is enjoying himself as the landlord of the Archer until his violent younger sister Cassie turns up,released from a Young Offender Unit. She moves into the pub,unsuccessfully flirting with Billy.
26 Apr. 2011
Cheese Toastie
As the breadwinner for herself and Gaz, Donna has to swallow her pride and sign on, especially as the Job Centre clerk is a girl who bullied her at school. Tim decides to give Cassie a fashion make-over in her efforts to catch Tim, hoping that the boost of confidence will make her less aggressive. He is partially successful. Gaz resists Billy's earnest efforts to be his friend and carer until he sets fire to the flat and the young Scouser saves him. However this makes Billy see himself as a rubbish carer and he decides he wants to be a footballer instead with Runcorn ...
3 May 2011
Trial Schmile
Following the fire Tim moves Donna and Gaz into Janet's old flat. Deprived of her clothes Donna decides to become a New Age hippie renouncing possessions but changes her mind when offered work with a corporate waste disposal company. Gaz just wants to get drunk,taking Billy with him but it results in the lad missing his trial for Runcorn Rovers so Gaz resorts to dirty tricks to give him another shot. Cassie forces Tim to come out as gay when she tries to blackmail him into buying her a motor-bike.
10 May 2011
The Gaz-Bot
After customizing his wheelchair Gaz decides he wants to take part in the Paralympics so Donna becomes his trainer with a routine that forbids sex. He enters for a marathon but is rubbish and comes last so he abandons his dream. Cassie and Billy go on their first date,which is also Billy's first date of any kind but it is a success after Billy discovers that he is a masochist who likes to be hurt. Tim goes to the rugby changing room to explain things to Helena but is pleasantly side-tracked by nude hunks who mistake him for a physiotherapist and ask him to give them a...
17 May 2011
Tim downloads a gay dating site called S*agger on his phone and is shocked by the photos that perverts have sent of their privates but true love seems to beckon in the form of cute customer Leonard. Billy is exhausted by Cassie's sexual demands and his football training is suffering but,after she appears on the side-lines dressed as a W.A.G.,it inadvertently kick-starts his game. Gaz's efforts to walk seem as unsuccessful as Donna's attempts to find a new best friend. Her auditions only yield the likes of eco-freaks,killers and lesbians but,when one of the women goes ...
24 May 2011
This is Your Life
Tim overcomes his nerves to start dating Leonard and Cassie chooses Billy over Graham,the psychotic former boyfriend who has demanded she return to him. But will the path of true love run as smoothly for Donna and Gaz,as,after she has presented him with a 'This Is Your Life' book for his birthday party at the Archer,he realises that he has never left Runcorn and wants to go travelling? He wants Donna to come too but news from the hospital that she might be seriously ill causes her to change her mind without explaining why,leading Gaz to believe she is selfish and ...

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