Vicky the Viking Poster

(1974– )

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3 Apr. 1974
Baikingu tanjô
Chief Halvar comes back from a raid. Finds out his son(Vickie) running away from a wolf, despises the fact that Vickie uses intelligence over strength. They decide to make a contest to see which is better.
10 Apr. 1974
Sôra funade da shippai da
Village prepares and sail onto another raid. The ship faces a storm and ends up shipwrecking on shore. The vikings decide to explore the new land and raids a town they've found.
17 Apr. 1974
Nokonoko girigiri ôdasshutsu
The king proposes an unacceptable deal to the vikings. Vickie provides a gift to the king in order to execute his escape plan. After an unsuccessful attempt to escape, Vickie trades technology/information over their freedom.
24 Apr. 1974
Mushiba yo saraba
Snorre has a toothache. His whining disturbs all crew and Vickie settles down the situation.
1 May 1974
Ijiwaru Suben o yattsukero
With Sven on their tails, the vikings must protect their goods.
8 May 1974
Zeikin tori nante kowakunai
With the straits of Denmark ahead, the vikings come up with a plan to avoid paying taxes, so they can keep all their goods.
15 May 1974
Ôkami kari kontesuto
The vikings arrive home, though the village disagrees with Vicky's share of the sake. Vicky proposes to open a competition over the ownership of his share.
22 May 1974
Suben no gyakushû
Sven attacks the village with revenge in mind.
29 May 1974
Bikke to ôazarashi
The village boys travel to seagull island. Vicky befriends unusual characters on the island. The raft is destroyed on the way back.
5 Jun. 1974
Gicchonpa no yakusoku
2 months after last expedition, it's time for a new one. Vicky get kidnapped.
12 Jun. 1974
Akai me no kyojin tachi
With Snore found resting at shore, the village wonders what happened to the vikings. Vicky tries to delude Normans to rescue those who are dear to the village.
19 Jun. 1974
Harubaru no kyûshutsu sakusen
Vicky and Snore travel to England as they seek to free their fellow countrymen.
25 Jun. 1974
Surudoi ken o motta Subarukeru
The vikings are on their way home. But they lack drinkable water, forcing them to come to shore. There they find the locals claiming to have a mystical sword.
16 Jul. 1974
Mizuzeme daisakusen
The tax collector arrives at Flake with a heavily armed entourage. His power is so great that the Vikings can do nothing with their small weapons. Then Vicky has an idea of using the water pipes which were laid in the village against the invaders. The results of this surprise teach the tax collector a lesson and so a beaten man he leaves the village with his troops.
23 Jul. 1974
Sekai de saisho no shôbôtai
A huge fire has broken out in Flake, the whole village is in danger. The Vikings don't know what to do. Vicky remembers a trick from earlier, he assembles the water pipes and extinguishes the fire. From now on Flake even has its own fire brigade.
6 Aug. 1974
Bikke to ôkina tako
Halvar's men have sent a pigeon to Flake. In this way Vicky finds nut that the Vikings have pot stuck in trouble. The Magyars have got a grip and them and every endeavour to get ahead is foiled. Vicky hurries to give them a hand. When he arrives at the ships Vicky constructs several giant kites out of animal pelts and in this way the Vikings manage to escape in their ships.
20 Aug. 1974
Kushami kona 25-gô
On the homeward journey to Flake the Vikinqs get a taste of the Magyars' revenge: a strong head wind brings the Viking ship to a complete stand still. Vicky and Snorre sneak into enemy territory. Cunning Vicky succeeds in pouring sneezing and itching powder into the bellows of the wind machines.
27 Aug. 1974
Harubaru no takarabako
Sven and his men are awaiting the Vikings on their return to Flake from their adventures; they have already seized the village. The Vikings counsel amongst themselves how to best trick Sven and take Vicky's advice in throwing all their gold into the water. When Sven and his men jump into the water to retrieve the treasure they are caught in nets by the Vikings.
3 Sep. 1974
Nokogiri ei no katakiuchi
The Vikings' boat has sunk! Tjure organizes the construction of a new ship. The new ship has hardly been launched when water again penetrates the planks and it sinks. Finally the Vikings discover that the sword fish has avenged himself for Tjure taking away the sword from one of the fish. The Vikings are persuaded by Vicky that it is better to make peace with the sword fish.
10 Sep. 1974
Fakuse no oyomesan
The Vikings are trying to marry Faxe off - Halvar has already chosen the bride. Unfortunately, Faxe is very shy, a misunderstanding arises and everything threatens to go wrong.
1 Oct. 1974
Bikke to kujira no oyako
The vikings cannot even bring home the tiniest present for their womenfolk and besides, they fear for their honor. Vickie is the only one to look forward to returning to Flake. When they spot a small island on their way home they hope to at least find something to catch there. But all they find is a stranded baby whale which they return to its mother.
8 Oct. 1974
Kamome no kâru
The Vikings land in the country of the Bulgarians and are captured by a king, who is constantly plagued by hunger. By a trick, Vicky and the Vikings can escape from the castle. Only Halvar is held hostage by the king. Dressed as Ethiopian master chefs traveling around the world to introduce the Ethiopian cuisine, Vicky and his friends return, and the king becomes a victim of his own addiction.
22 Oct. 1974
Girisha no kuni no orinpikku
The Vikings are still trapped with their treasures in the castle moat of the Greek king and do not know how they can escape. The cunning king proposes a contest to Halvar; if the Vikings win, then he promises to let them go. The Vikings do actually win the contest; however, the Greek king thinks up another trick to keep Halvar and his companions trapped.
22 Oct. 1974
Denmâku no bôken: zenpen
When theVikings do finally arrive in Flake they are dismayed to find the village deserted. The children have hidden in the wood and the women have disappeared. Finally, Halvar learns that the Danes have invaded the village that night and taken the women as hostages back to Denmark.
5 Nov. 1974
Kitaguni kara kita otoko
Ylva is very impressed by Mr. Lumperich who pays them a visit one day. She finds him quite charming. Besides, he has brought along some treasures which he gives to the villagers. But too late the Vikings discover that Mr. Lumperich only wants to fool them with his presents. So it happens that thanks to Vickie again the matter with Mr. Lumperich has a happy ending for the Vikings.
12 Nov. 1974
Shurakku mura no shônen
Every year there is a bitter fight between both the villages of Flake and Schlack to decide which village will be allowed to celebrate the annual Viking festival. Yet, Wickie, the son of the Viking Chieftain of Flake and Finn and the son of the Viking Chieftain of Schlack, cannot understand why the festival cannot be celebrated together by both villages.
19 Nov. 1974
Bikke sora o tobu
The Vikings set off on a long journey; they intend visiting Russia. But on the way they are caught in a great storm during which Vickie is hit by a gust of wind and blown away with the broken off mast and a sail over the sea onto a small deserted island. His friends, the seals, trace his whereabouts so that now at least he is not that lonesome.
26 Nov. 1974
Harubaru maigo ni naru
Vickie is still stranded on the island onto he has been driven by the storm. He is wondering what has happened to the Vikings and their ship. Finally, together with the seals he goes out in search of them, but there is no trace to be found of Halvar and his men. The mood of the Vikings has reached rock bottom - their ship lies wrecked on the shore and Halvar is ill with sorrow.
3 Dec. 1974
Hentekona omotenashi
The Vikings have landed on a new continent; they are delighted at this new discovery. But when the Vikings set out to scout the new land they discover that they are not alone here; they are captured by Indians and the otherwise so courageous Vikings learn what it is to be afraid.
10 Dec. 1974
Binka jin no takaramono
The Vikings are guests of the Winca Indians and are enjoying the hospitality of the chieftain and the village inhabitants. The Vikings are amazed at all they see; the peaceful Wincas are talented craftsmen and have made their village practical and comfortable. The Vikings can surprise the Wincas with a great technical novelty.
24 Dec. 1974
Nobita Sunoppe no makige
The golden haired Snoppe is furious at Halvar because he has escaped. Snoppe is determined to fight the Vikings and the Winka Indians.The Vikings ponder on how they can get rid of Snoppe with-out a fight - under no circumstances do they want the peaceful Winkas to be plundered. But Fortune smiles upon the Vikings and Snoppe is forced to abandon his position.

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