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Brilliant entertainment!
Fnord23311 October 2002
Reading the previous comments I am a bit surprised by people who claim that this movie would appeal only to viewers from ex-Yugoslavia. I've seen this movie during this year's Film Festival in Warsaw, Poland. And it was extremely entertaining evening, people applauded many times during the movie, laughing all the way through. This reminded me of a similar mood and life-style in POland in early 90's after the end of Communism - when first ravers organized underground parties which then turned into techno and d'n'b scene. Maybe I feel some affinity with this movie cause I'm also Slavic and former heavy party-goer, but I believe that this movie could sell well in e.g. London, Paris or New York. True, it is hedonistic-pure trip, but well-acted (particularly older actors and a main hero in glasses and raver-hat). After the screening the audience had an opportunity to meet the director - a fan of Partizan Belgrad actually and not Crvena Zvezda represented by Dulan Savic in the movie. The movie was shot digital and then transferred to 35 mm. It cost just 30,000, unbelievable - return on investment should be probably calculated in thousands of percent! If you want to see not-politically charged movie from former Yogoslavia - this is a really good choice. Absolutely recommended, and not only to panters!
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Don't miss this one!
SubtleFury9 April 2005
Well, you're not bound to be from Serbia to like the film, i'm from the neighboring Bulgaria. I find the film very fresh, and though the story ain't much, the script and dialogue are great. I even understood something like half the film only by listening and not reading subtitles :) (figures, our languages are not so different after all...) But the thing that I totally loved was the music. Since the film is mainly about 2 guys who try to break in the scene with their drum'n'base rhythms, the OST ought to be gorgeous, and it is, with a good mix of styles btw :D

What else can I say? The film is a must-see for every fan of the street/underground culture.
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Actually, a cult movie
sajsemegaloma20 September 2002
There is a reason why so many people in Serbia and the other countries of ex-Yugoslavia watched this film. There is also a reason why i doubt that many people who are not from that region will understand it.

This movie is authentic to the extreme in showing the world it is set in. The language, the situations, character backgrounds make the characters seem like people you could easily meet on the street; if you live in Belgrade that is. If you live somewhere halfway across the world they will probably seem like unrealistic badly-portrait freaks.

The cast is a combination of old and proven actors, young inexperienced ones, and one soccer player. The older part of the cast did it's job to the point of brilliance (Cvijanovic, Djuricko) while the younger part of the cast did so-so. The former "Red Star" striker turned out to be a horrid actor, but fortunately his on-screen time is short. The story, although not particularly developed, is developed enough to carry the jokes, which are good and well paced.

The bottom line is that this movie is entertainment, and not meant to be a deep and preaching film like so many others that have come out of Yugoslavian cinematography in the last decade. It has also managed to skip every mention of war and post-war issues, which (sad as it may sound) is a big refreshment. And it also has an excellent soundtrack (taglined "the first Serbian soundtrack").

The recommendation: If you live in Yugoslavia or thereabout, you've probably seen this movie (if you haven't - go see it). If you live somewhere far away, and left Yugoslavia in the last 6-7 years you might still like it. If you left before that you won't have a damn clue what's going on. You have to know the generations that grew up in the late 80's and the 90's to get this. If you've never been here, you probably won't understand this film, and therefore will probably dislike it.
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pussicato4 May 2005
Serbian cinematography in the last decade dealt mainly with post war traumas and political issues, which means it didn't attract much attention from viewers who don't sympathize with "nation attacked by the whole world". However, Munje! is totally unpolitical and unburdened with sending any messages to the world. It is just very, very, very funny movie! It deserves all the awards and praises by critics as well as the audience who stormed cinemas in Serbia when it was released (more than 600.000 viewers). It happens rarely that good movie is recognized by majority of the audience but Munje! is exception. I try to avoid modern movies from former Yugoslavia areas, because they are usually overvalued. But Munje! is made on another level, I dare to say Andric is metropolitan Kusturica. P.S. Watching Slovenian copy Tu pa tam leaves really bad taste...
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Very cool movie
markoteskera6 February 2005
This movie is all about younger population in Serbia. In this movie you can see the way they live, having fun , fooling around and lots of other things. Also this is non-political movie even it was shooting while NATO bombing in 1999. Two best friends since childhood Mare and Pop aged over 25 with no job trying to make out money from shooting demo tape of their drum and bass music project. Pop tried to get money from their childhood friend Gojko Sisa (Gojko "The Tith") who screw them cause of old times torturing. A lot of fun, running, con-traversal stuff, girls and life scenes of youngsters from capitol Belgrade.

Best Serbian non-political movie ever.
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A decent laid-back comedy...
epidemic-magick29 September 2008
When this movie arrived at the cinemas in Serbia, it was a great hit. Its success came mainly because it came after a bunch of socially-themed dramas and peasant comedies that still flood Serbian cinematography. So, "Munje" came as a big relief at just the right time.

The movie is a laid back, urban comedy about two best friends on a wild night in the city. It can be thought of as a mix of "Kevin and Perry go large" and maybe "Clerks II", only on a tighter budget. Most of the main actors are well-known names in Serbia, and there are a couple of new faces that got more bigger roles after this movie. Although the acting isn't great, and the flow of the movie gets choppy at few points, altogether this movie is easy to sit through the whole. You won't be rolling around laughing in tears, but the movie may give you an occasional chuckle, a few nice one-liners to remember, and will leave you in a generally very positive mood.

I would like to mention that there's an unofficial sequel to this movie called "Kad porastem bicu Kengur", made by a very similar film crew.
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Here goes the Serbian undergroud drum'n'bass movie
beastwarsfan20 April 2006
"Munje!" (2001) is a Serbian comedy written by Srdja Andjelic and directed by Radivoje Andric. The main characters are ordinary young guys, living in Belgrade. Mare and Pop are two musician wannabees, trying to get some appreciation and achieve something in life. And soon they're in the middle of a mess. Even if the movies is often said to be underground, it looks well, shot with good equipment and nice colors and lights. It feels different from most of the Balkan movies these days, which is good if you want to attract young audience and make it watch your movie instead of the blockbuster in the local cinema. All in all, the movie didn't touch me, but people who are into drum'n'bass music will surely like it.
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Not very good.....
Decko_koji_obecava17 June 2002
This movie was seen by over 600,000 people in Serbia alone which is more than any other Serbian film drew to cinemas in recent years and I read it's very popular in other ex-Yugoslav republics as well. I can certainly understand why audiences in that part of the planet flocked to see it in such high numbers. It is a first motion picture coming out of those parts in a long, long time that doesn't in any way deal with war, misery, refugees, effects of economic sanctions, death, gore, ethnic hatred... etc, choosing instead to focus on other, more cheerful aspects of life in Serbia.

And while second-time director Rasa Andric deserves praise for attempting something different, all this doesn't hide the fact that this movie is NOT very good.

It employs a basic teen premise, even though most of it's protagonists are pushing thirty, placed in the setting of drum'n'base music (which is there I guess to provide the audience with a feeling they're getting an insight into something 'cool and progressive'). Compared to similarly set Serbian movies like 1992's "Mi nismo andjeli" and 1989's "Kako je propao rokenrol", "Munje" falls well short. I never got a sense that characters I'm watching are real people in any way - most of what they said or did seemed very much laboured and contrived. Other two movies also developed a lot more characters whereas "Munje" relies far too much on two central guys Pop (Sergej Trifunovic) and Mare (Boris Milivojevic) who, frankly, are not very captivating. The two chicks also get plenty of screen time. But despite their high billing these are just throwaway roles, simply tagging along with the guys - they don't influence the plot in any way whatsoever.

Plenty of visual tricks are on display too, and that, coupled with 'the look' and music, gives this movie a feeling of the music video. And that's probably the best way to describe it - an extended music video with one dimensional characters. It's a mix of cool individual scenes that fail to add up to anything even remotely interesting.

If you want to see light-hearted, youth-oriented movies from Serbia better than this one, watch "Mi nismo andjeli" or "Kako je propao rokenrol" instead.
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matija-trost22 September 2002
...with a little bonus.

This bonus is called Maja Mandzuka, and she's the one of the most beautiful actresses i have ever seen on the big screen. But sadly, that's not enough to lift this movie in the top of Serbian production such as brilliant Rane (9 out of 10) or some other post-war movies.

But all in all, still watchable movie, with some great scenes (ahhh, hilarious theater scene and some violent scenes played by Nikola Djuricko) and good music.

5 out of 10
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Cheaply made and basically forgettable.
fedor819 January 2008
Yes, "Munje" is basically a piece of crap, but at least the scruffy-looking pseudo-hippy ultra-nationalist Fascist-Marxist (wtf!?) Maradona-hugging "poet" Kusturica had nothing to do with it. Pew...

This was the runaway hit in Serbia when it came out, breaking all sorts of records. The truth is, however, this: 1) Serbian audiences, while just as critical/picky as any nation when it comes to foreign productions, are VERY easy to please when offered the latest cheap locally-made crap. (Patriotism? Serbo-Croatian language bonus? Who knows...) 2) "Munje" came out after a long string of Serb movies that were political, heavy-handed and depressing. "Munje", on the other hand, gave the crowds something to relax to, being the kind of movie you can almost throw in the "Porky's" category. Hence the success of the movie, which came out at just the right time, should be taken with a grain of salt and not raise hopes too much.

Personally, I had no hopes as I prepared to watch it. Serbian cinema, like that of most small nations, is rather weak, especially the junk that's been released here in the last decade or so. "Munje" has no plot to speak of, but this is not a problem. The problem is that it's supposed to be a comedy yet simply isn't funny. It may be grin-worthy on several occasions, but the dialogue and some of the acting verges on the amateurish, a lot of both being very forced. Sergej Trifunovic, who is treated as a kind of Sean Penn or Edward Norton in Serbia, has very little charisma and absolutely no talent for comedy whatsoever. (I can already hear the screams of protest...) He is a little nepotistic preppie - a major reason why Serbian movies suck as much as they do. Whereas in Hollywood the occasional nobody can make it big now and then, in Serbia absolutely no-one can break into movies unless they have very fat (family) connections. (And no: I am not a struggling, bitter actor.) Trifunovic seems to force the role to suit him, and ends up being fake. Plus, he's too old for the role. Even worse is Maja Mandzuka: a cute girl, but with the acting ability of a goat lost at pasture (yes, another nepotist). Her monotone voice will put you to sleep quicker than the mostly lame gags. You wouldn't be blamed if you thought she was reading her lines straight off an auto-cue.

Boris Milivojevic is dull, ditto Zoran Cvijanovic, Djuricko has charisma but his role is crap, so that leaves us only with Glogovac as the only actor here who seems to know what he's doing. (Alas, he has a small role.) The stunningly beautiful Danijela Vranjes appears far too briefly to be able to redeem this turkey.

The much-praised soundtrack is forgettable, with the exception of Vroom, who briefly provide some much-needed energy.
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mixajlo934 November 2016
Everyone should watch a film like this.

Unlike Hollywood cliché comedies, this is something new. Something original.

In almost every minute, something funny come out and not just funny but very intelligent so you literally cry of laughter in some parts.

Every character is unique also, and for me that is very important. In a way, this film represents the night life of an average Serbian teenager.

I like this film because this is a true Balkan humor and one of those films I could watch over and over again.
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