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  • Never. The writers tried to bring them on but DC Comics limited the usage of both characters after their respective movie franchises started to develop in recent years.

    However, in Episode 10x15 "Fortune", Chloe said she met a "billionaire with high-tech toys and a wondrous woman who would throw [Clark] for a loop," seemingly a reference to Batman and Wonder Woman before they took up their heroic names.

    After this and other several allusions in the TV series, both characters were introduced in "Smallville: Season Eleven" comic book. Bruce Wayne/Batman first appeared in the story arc "Detective". Wonder Woman appears in "Olympus", under her actual name, Diana of Themyscira. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Neal Bailey at Superman Homepage has been keeping count. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • *Martha & Jonathan Kent (101) **Jeff Palmer (110) *Kyle Tippet (112) **Scott Bowman & Derek Fox (113) **Justin Gaines (119) **Desiree Atkins (202) *Pete Ross (203) *Jessie Brooks & her father (204) *Byron Moore (205) **Rachel Dunleavy (207) *Joseph & Kyla Willowbrook (210) **Dr. Helen Bryce (216) **Eric Marsh & two of his friends (220) **Emily Dinsmore (221) **Morgan Edge (302) *Sara Conroy (304) **Alicia Baker (314) **Dr. Elaine Fine (403) *Bart Allen (405) *Lionel Luthor (406) **Tim Waltcott (412) *Chloe Sullivan (412) **Geoff Johns (413) **Josh & Zack Greenfield (414) **Marcus Becker (416) *Kevin Grady (419) *Arthur Curry (504) *Milton Fine (507) *Santa Claus (509) *Andrea Rojas/Angel of Vengeance (513) *Victor Stone (Cyborg) (515) *Maddie Van Horn (518) **Tyler McKnight (518) **Graham Garrett (520) *Raya (601) *Green Arrow/Oliver Queen (604) *Baern/Lamar Johnson (606) *Martian Manhunter/John Jones (608) *Javier Ramirez (609) **Jed McNally (609) **Linda Lake (610) *mind parasite (612) *Lana Lang (616) *Kara-El (702) **Tyler Crenshaw & Tempest Grace (703) **Curtis Knox (704) *Rachel Davenport **Ben Meyers (705) *Dinah Lance/Black Canary (711) **Finley (712) *Lex Luthor (720) *Dr. Emil Hamilton (812) *Tess Mercer (816) *Zatanna Zatara (817) **Metallo/John Corben (902) *Major Zod & the Kandorians (907) *Zan & Jayna/The Wonder Twins (908) *Carter Hall/Hawkman, Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl, Kent Nelson/Dr. Fate & Cameron Mahkent/Icicle (911) *Lois Lane (922) **village people (1006) *Granny Goodness & Mad Harriet (1008) **Slade Wilson (1009) *Desaad (1014) *Conner Kent (1016) **Toyman (1020)

    **Possibly told others about Clark's secret.

    While some of the characters above know about Clark having powers only Clarks close friends and family know he's an alien. The rest think he was probably exposed to the metor shower of 1989. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • None. They are meant to be in separate universes as they are two different takes on the same character. However, they do share some continuity due to efforts by both the show's producers and the movie's director Bryan Singer.

    Fun Fact: The Superman suit used in the final season of Smallville is also the same suit used in Superman Returns. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes, from the first episode the writers make it evident that the show is on it's own. There is not many (if any) things that actually happened to Clark Kent (as a kid) in the Comics. While some events did happen in the comics it was at a later date when Clark Kent was already Superman.

    If summary the writers told their own story inspired by the comics, but not true to them. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Mostly because of a note from DC Comics demanding the name 'Impulse' be used instead of 'The Flash'. Also because this version of Bart Allen is based on the fourth Flash who only, until recently (2006), received the title after spending many of his teen years as Impulse and then 'Kid Flash'. The first three Flashes were Jay Garrick, Barry Allen and Wally West.

    Fun Fact: The first three Flashes' names can be seen in the ID's Bart stole in 4x5 "Run". Jay Garrick was also mentioned and briefly shown in 9x11 "Absolute Justice". Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • These websites are helpful: Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Although most portrayals have Metropolis somewhere in the east, in this series, Metropolis is in Kansas. Edit (Coming Soon)


    Veritas was a society who looked to the skies for coming life, most especially "The Traveler", The Last Son of Krypton.

    The prophecy of the Traveler was the basis of the group's formation and its main subject. Forged by Dr. Virgil Swann (Christopher Reeve) around 1987, the Traveler theory told of a being that would come to Earth and then would need protecting before he was able to save the planet from destruction. Dr. Swann founded a secret society called Veritas; its members were all from powerful families: Teagues, Luthors, and Queens.

    It also means "truth" in Latin. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The double L's came about in Superman when Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created him in the 1930's, has to do with Siegel having been in love with a woman with the initials "LL," and, as a writer, sought to pay homage to her by giving characters he created the same initials.

    An in-story explanation finally came in one of the Adventures of Superman comics from 2006. The all knowing trickster Mxyzptlk stated that the double L stands for hope in Kryptonese. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Smallville was shot in Vancouver, BC, Canada. For specific locations: Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In the Pilot episode, it's clear dozens (among possibly hundreds) of meteors struck the town. Then at the end of Season 4, Smallville had a second meteor shower. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Green K - weakens him

    Red K - brings out his rebellious and immoral personality; rids him of his inhibitions

    Blue K - suppresses Kryptonian powers, making him vulnerable like a mortal

    Gemstone K - inhabit wish-fulfilling properties and seem to give him temporary powers of persuasion

    Gold K - strips Kryptonians of their powers under a yellow sun

    Black K - separate or combine the good and evil aspects of an organism (humans and Kryptonians alike) into two separate individuals

    Silver K - gives him hallucinations

    Clear K - (neutralized Green K) harmless Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Christopher Reeve - The star of the Superman movies from 1978 to 1987 played Dr. Virgil Swann, a founding member of the Veritas Society, which was formed to protect the Traveler (aka Clark Kent).

    Margot Kidder - Lois Lane in the Reeve films between 1978 and 87, she played Dr. Bridgette Crosby, assistant to Dr. Swann and member of the Veritas Society.

    Helen Slater - The title character in the 1984 movie Supergirl, she portrayed Lara-El, Clark's birth mother.

    Teri Hatcher - The actress, who portrayed Lois Lane on the ABC series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993-97), took on the role of Ella Lane, Lois' mother.

    Dean Cain - Clark Kent to Teri Hatcher's Lois in Lois & Clark, took on the role of Dr. Curtis Knox, an immortal doctor who was harvesting Kryptonite-infected body parts from meteor freaks.

    Lynda Carter - TV's Wonder Woman in the 1970s played Chloe's mother Moira, who had the ability to control other meteor-infected people.

    Terence Stamp - General Zod in the Superman movies from 1978 to 1980 voiced Clark's Kryptonian father, Jor-El, throughout the series' entire 10-year run.

    It's also interesting to note that Amy Adams, who will be playing the role of Lois Lane in the upcoming Man of Steel movie, made an appearance in season one as Jodi Melville along with Mackenzie Gray who played Dr. Alistair Kreig in season five and the Lex Luthor Clone in season ten will be portraying Evil Kryptonian Scientist Jax-Ur in Man of Steel also Alessandro Juliani(Dr. Emil Hamilton) makes a cameo as Officer Sekowsky in the movie.

    Phil Morris - Detective John Jones-Martian Manhunter. Phil is a student and teacher of the Chinese martial art Chun Wing. In 1989 he plays Jackie Chiles, the flashy lawyer on Seinfeld. Before his Smallville days, he is most remembered from Mission: Impossible (1988), his character (Grant Collier) was the son of his father's (Greg Morris) character (Barney Collier) from Mission: Impossible (1966).

    Pam Grier - Amanda Waller. Pam Grier has been a major African-American actress from the early seventies. Her career started back in 1971, when Roger Corman of New World Pictures launched her into The Big Doll House (1971), about a woman's penitentiary, and The Big Bird Cage (1972). Her most famous role of the 90s was probably Jackie Brown (1997), directed by Quentin Tarantino, which was a homage to her earlier 70s action roles. Other Iconic characters are (1973) Coffy, and Comic Book character Friday Foster (1975). Edit (Coming Soon)


The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Pete moved away to Wichita at the end of Season 3, as he couldn't live with the risk that he might slip up and reveal Clark's secret. He then returned in 7x13 "Hero" with powers similar to Elastic Lad due to Green K and chewing gum.

    The actor's reasons for leaving: Sam Jones III didn't like how the character of Pete was being used when he became a background character. In September 2005, Al Gough stated that Pete Ross would not be appearing again, as he was difficult to place in the series' evolving storyline.

    Fun Fact: In the comics, Pete Ross marries Lana Lang and they have a son named Clark. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Season 2, episode 3: "Duplicity" Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Season 4, episode 12: "Pariah" Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Season 2, episode 12: "Insurgence". Lionel is pretending to blind at this point, though it is unclear as to whether or not he ever was blind. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Season 5, episode 12: "Reckoning". Clark reveals his secret to Lana and proposes to her. She accepts, but dies shortly after. He resets time, and decides not to tell her his secret. Lana officially finds out during 6x16 "Promise". Edit (Coming Soon)

  • At the end of the 6th season, Martha left Smallville and went to Washington to become a US Senator after a senator was killed in the episode "Prototype".

    Martha returned in 9x20 "Hostage", 10x13 "Beacon," and in 10x21, "Finale".

    Edit (Coming Soon)

  • A black version of the suit is worn by Clark in Season 9 which includes a white \S/ symbol. Interestingly, this version lacks a cape, instead preferring the use of a coat, similar to Neo from The Matrix.

    At the end of season 9, Martha Kent sent Clark the actual Superman suit which was then shown in Season 10x01 "Lazarus", though it was not worn. It currently rests in the fortress, being locked away by Jor-El who stated that Clark was "not ready."

    In Season 10, Clark has updated his suit to what looked like a red leather jacket with an \S/ embedded on it as well as wearing a blue shirt underneath.

    In the Season 10 "Finale" episode, Clark finally wears the suit. Though the full-body shot saves were in CGI, we see him wear the upper part of the suit up close during the plane rescue scene and when he ripped his shirt in the final shot. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • At the end of Season 7, Kara was imprisoned by Brainiac in the Phantom Zone, unbeknownst to Clark. She was later released by Clark in 8x08 "Bloodline" and left Smallville to find the remnants of their lost Kryptonian city, Kandor.

    Kara returned briefly in 10x03 "Supergirl" to warn Clark about the 'Darkness'.

    She appeared in 10x20 "Prophecy" to retrieve the Bow of Orion with the help of Oliver. At the end of episode, she then goes to the future using the Legion ring. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • While it was never said on the show, it is assumed that when Brainiac possessed her, her healing ability got used up, fighting off his nanobots for as long as possible. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Major Zod is a clone of the Zod that's currently in Phantom Zone from 25 years prior to Krypton's destruction (when he was not yet made General). He has none of the memories after being cloned and thus is less suave and sophisticated than the normal Phantom Zod due to his inexperience. By the end of season 9, clone Zod has been promoted to General.

    He and the rest of the Kandorians don't have powers under a yellow sun because Jor-El put Blue Kryptonite in their DNA so they wouldn't run loose on Earth. They were sent to another world by the Book of Rao.

    In 10x19 "Dominion", it was revealed that the Kandorians exiled Zod to the Phantom Zone for treason. Once there, clone Zod merged with the original Zod. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • While this have been seen as somewhat of a continuity error, there has been some speculation that Jor-El's appearance might have been changed due to frequent use of the portals between Earth and Krypton that transverse time and space.

    Also, it's been theorized that Clark going back to Krypton in 7x18 "Apocalypse" opened up a can of worms that changed a lot of things from the original Smallville timeline, thus accounting for any and all continuity changes or gaps prior to and after that episode. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Davis is not Segeeth, Tess Mercer came up with that theory on her own. It was shown in the show that Lex is Segeeth when he and Lionel Luthor touched the dagger thereby destroying it, as said in the prophecy. Lionel couldn't be Segeeth since he died in Season 7. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Jimmy Olsen in the comics is named James Bartholomew Olsen. The Jimmy that we followed for three years was revealed to be named Henry James Olsen.

    The reason why the writers went this route was because the Jimmy from the comics was supposed to be significantly younger than both Clark and Lois which was not the case with Smallville's Jimmy, thus killing him off. The real Jimmy Olsen is Henry's younger brother and is seen at Henry's funeral and looked no older than 13.

    In 10x21 "Finale", Set in 2018, Henry's younger brother have grown to be the Jimmy Olsen of the comics and now works at the Daily Planet. He is still played by the same actor. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Clark lacked the confidence in himself needed in order to fly. It's simply a mental block.

    In 9x01 "Savior", Clark continued his Fortress training trying to fly (mentally) but failed.

    In 10x01 "Lazarus", Clark makes a super-save, catching the Daily Planet globe mid-fall and placing it back on the building's roof. He said that he "felt like [he] was flying."

    In 10x03 "Supergirl", Kara teaches Clark to fly, but failed as he falls to the barn mid-flight.

    In 10x04 "Homecoming", Clark floats steadily with Lois, though neither of them knew it was happening.

    In 10x12 "Collateral", Clark briefly flies with Lois around a virtual Metropolis.

    In 10x21 "Finale", Clark finally flies defeating Darkseid. Shortly after, he retrieves his suit from the Fortress and flies away whilst putting it on. He then continues to fly while stopping a plane from crashing and saving the world from the planet Apokolips. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes. 9x20 "Hostage".

    In 10x21 "Finale", we see a silhouette of Perry in his office. He is already named Editor of the Daily Planet. Edit (Coming Soon)

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