Mulan 2: The Final War (Video 2004) Poster

(2004 Video)

Mark Moseley: Mushu


  • Mushu : It seems like only last month, you and me were fightin' off the Huns and saving China!

    Fa Mulan : It WAS last month.

  • Mushu : I just got some exfolitating cream in my eye!

  • Fa Mulan : Mushu! What're you doing here?

    Mushu : Hey, wherever you go, I go, girl!

    Fa Mulan : [laughs] 

  • Fa Mulan : [to Mushu]  You're my most trusted friend!

    [hugs him] 

    Mushu : [starting to cry]  Oh, that did it!

  • Mushu : [about Mulan's engagement]  Oh, what a happy, happy day! My little baby's gettin' married!

  • Mushu : [hiding behind a wheelbarrow as Mulan and Shang come by on their horses]  This is gonna be delicious!

  • Mushu : [doing a perfect voice imitation of Mulan on a dummy outside Shang's tent]  General Shang? General Hardhead, that's what they should call him! Everything's got to have a strategy!

    Captain Li Shang : [barely awake]  Mulan?

    Mushu : [still sounding like Mulan]  The man won't brush his teeth without a backup plan!

    Captain Li Shang : [awakening slightly]  Huh?

    Mushu : [still imitating]  I blame myself. I fell for those broad shoulders. I didn't realize there wasn't much sittin' on top of 'em!

    [the dummy's head falls off accidently, then Mushu gasps as he places it back on] 

    Mushu : Oh, except for that garlic breath...

    [no longer imitating] 

    Mushu : Ooh-whee! That boy can peel paint! Oops!

    [he covers his mouth] 

    Captain Li Shang : [Shang gasps and covers his mouth, then kicks off the blanket and marches outside, muttering]  That's enough! Where is she?

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