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Cars 3 Posters Pit Lightning McQueen Against New Millennial Racers

Cars 3 Posters Pit Lightning McQueen Against New Millennial Racers
Disney has released two international posters for Cars 3, which show Lightning McQueen squaring off against two young racers Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo) and Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer). While Jackson Storm becomes his most contested rival on the Piston Cup circuit, Cruz Ramirez is actually on Lightning's side, serving as his new trainer to help him beat the young upstart. The first poster teases a scene we've previously seen in early concept art, which may be an homage to an iconic movie. debuted these posters, the first of which shows Lightning McQueen on the beach. You may recall that, back in May, Disney revealed concept art that showed Lightning McQueen and Cruz Ramirez racing on the sand, which may or may not be an homage to the iconic oceanside race between Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) and Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) in Rocky 3. The second poster, however, is set at a packed racing arena,
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Disney's Mulan Live-Action Remake Gets Whale Rider Director

Disney's Mulan Live-Action Remake Gets Whale Rider Director
Disney has finally found a director for its highly-anticipated Mulan remake, with New Zealand filmmaker Niki Caro signing on to take the helm. This news comes just a few months after Ang Lee passed on the project back in October. But now the project is back on the right track. This hiring also makes Niki Caro the second female director at the studio to be at the helm for a project budgeted at over $100 million, following in the footsteps of Ava DuVernay and her film A Wrinkle In Time. Along with adding Niki Caro, the Mulan remake has brought on veteran Chinese producer William Hong as an executive producer.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Disney was considering other female filmmakers such as Wonder Woman's Patty Jenkins and celebrated TV director Michelle MacLaren (Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead). With Niki Caro taking the reins on this project,
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Disney's Mulan Live-Action Movie Gets Late 2018 Release Date

Disney's Mulan Live-Action Movie Gets Late 2018 Release Date
Last March, Disney started developing a live-action remake of their 1998 animated hit Mulan, following in the footsteps of recent live-action remakes such as Maleficent, Cinderella and The Jungle Book, which have all been big hits at the box office. Today we have word that the project will be a 3D live-action remake, with the studio setting a November 2, 2018 release date. As of now, no other movies are set for release on that date, but it will come a week before Universal's Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas on November 9, 2018 and two weeks before Warner Bros.' Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 2 on November 16, 2018.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that there is no director attached to the project yet, but Jason Reed will produce along with Chris Bender and Jake Weiner. The studio has also brought on screenwriters Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
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Kevin James Headlines Sports Drama "44"

Kevin James is planning to star in the inspirational football-themed drama "44" for Alcon Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures.

Based on the true story of Joey Williams, James would play the 44-year-old father of four from Tennessee who returned to college to complete his degree and fulfill a lifelong dream of playing collegiate football.

He instead found himself competing alongside his college-aged son at the same university. Christopher Parker ("Heaven Is for Real," "Mulan II") will pen the script.

DeVon Franklin, Todd Garner, Lisa Kors and James are producing.

Source: THR
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'Mulan' Live-Action Movie Planned at Disney

'Mulan' Live-Action Movie Planned at Disney
Following the success of Disney's live-action takes on Maleficent and Cinderella, the studio is developing a remake of their 1998 animated hit Mulan. The studio picked up the screenplay by writing team Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek, which centers on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan, the female warrior who was at the center of Disney's animated adventure. Chris Bender and J.C. Spink are on board to produce the Mulan live-action remake.

The original Mulan centered on the title character, voiced by Ming-Na Wen, who disguises herself as a man to take her ailing father's place on the battlefield. With the help of her beloved dragon sidekick Mushu (voiced by Eddie Murphy), Mulan becomes a brave warrior who becomes one of her country's most honored heroines. The original Mulan voice cast also included Miguel Ferrer, Harvey Fierstein, June Foray, James Hong, Pat Morita, B.D. Wong and George Takei. Mulan earned over
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Obviously: Disney Announces Live-Action 'Mulan'

"Alice In Wonderland," "Malificent," "Cinderella," "Beauty & The Best," "Dumbo"....Disney has certainly found what they think is a winning live-action formula, and frankly I'm just surprised they haven't tried to cram all of this into one shared universe. Either way, another animated movie from the Disney vault is getting a live-action redo. THR reports that "Mulan" is getting a remake. There's a script in place from Elizabeth Martin and Lauren Hynek, and Chris Bender and J.C. Spink (who both worked on "We're The Millers") are producing. The original movie did decent business in 1998, earning $336 million worldwide, along with a Golden Globe nomination, and it spawned the 2005 sequel, "Mulan II," which went straight to DVD, and that Disney would probably prefer you just forget about. So it's proven itself once, and Disney is betting on the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan working again. No word...
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Frozen directors say there are no plans for a sequel. Yet…

Despite being the biggest animated film of all time, with a worldwide gross of over $1.27 billion, the directors of Frozen were holding their cards close to their chest when word about a possible sequel was brought up during an interview with BuzzFeed to promote the new Frozen short, Frozen Fever.

“It’s been in the press that we are doing it, and we would ask each other, ‘Are we?’” said co-director Chris Buck said. “They’d have a date and they’d have a cast and it was like, Ok…”

His partner in crime, Jennifer Lee continued: “It all comes down to the story. “ike with the short, it was so daunting until we found the story. Then it was all of the things it usually is and we were thinking of every emotion and moment and feeling. I think that’s all we can do. Until we find our way into what’s next,
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Photo Coverage: Original Jasmine Lea Salonga Takes a Magic Carpet to Broadway's Aladdin

Lea Salonga, the singing voice of Jasmine in the iconic Aladdin film took a magic carpet ride to Broadway for a night to visit Aladdin himself - Adam Jacobs Salonga provided the singing voice of two official Disney Princesses Jasmine in Aladdin 1992, and Fa Mulan in Mulan 1998 and Mulan II 2004. She was named a Disney Legend in 2011 for her work with The Walt Disney Company. Most recently, she's toured with Il Divo.
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Father of the Bride stars then & now: From Steve Martin to Kieran Culkin

Father of the Bride stars then & now: From Steve Martin to Kieran Culkin
It's currently being reported that Steve Martin will be reprising his role as cynical businessman George Banks in Father of the Bride 3.

Martin is tipped to return alongside Diane Keaton as wife Nina Banks in the comedy, which will see the couple's son Matty revealing his plans to marry the son of a Us Navy Seal.

1991's Father of the Bride was based on the 1950 movie of the same, while 1995's sequel was loosely based on 1951's Father's Little Dividend.

As we anticipate a potential Part III, catch up on the major stars' exploits since - and compare how they looked then and now:

Steve Martin

Steve Martin - already an established Hollywood name before Father of the Bride - plays hapless patriarch George Banks, who suffers a series of ridiculous misfortunes (and a mild breakdown - the too-plentiful pack of hotdogs springs to mind) after his daughter announces that she's getting married.
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'I Am Britney Jean' flops: 10 things with more viewers than Britney Spears documentary

It turns out not too many people wanted a piece of "I Am Britney Jean."

E!'s big Britney Spears documentary tanked during its Sunday (Dec. 22) premiere, earning just 706,000 viewers, according to USA Today. The two-hour special, which amounted to little more than a commercial for Spears' Las Vegas residency, took four months to film, chronicling the singer's preparations for her show.

You may think, "Oh, 706,000 viewers during a holiday week. That's not so bad." Well, it is bad. Here are 10 things that earned more viewers this week than "I Am Britney Jean."

1. A "Vampire Diaries" repeat on Thursday (Dec. 26) on The CW -- 887,000 viewers

2. A repeat of the "One Direction iHeartRadio Album Release Party" on Christmas night on The CW -- 773,000 viewers

3. The second hour of "The 12 Dogs of Christmas" on Christmas Eve on The CW -- 973,000 viewers

4. A Christmas Eve repeat of "Seinfeld" on TBS -- 980,000 viewers

5. A 4:30 a.
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Disney 53: Mulan

Directed by Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook

1998/87 Minutes

The Mulan team began development in 1994 with a field trip to China; a three week voyage to photograph and draw local landmarks for inspiration and absorb local culture. In contrast to the angled, detailed artwork on The Lion King and Hunchback, the decision was made to simplify the style, paying homage to classical Chinese painting, which also provided the visuals for its opening credits. Despite its simpler artistry, Mulan was also innovative in its use of crowd simulation software (see “Scares”) and saw the advent of Faux Plane, used to add depth to two-dimensional images, most notably during the opening sequence at the Great Wall of China and the final act in the Forbidden City.

Originally, Mulan would have been a much humbler, straight-to-video short film titled “China Doll”, effectively a Chinese take on Pocahontas II, in which an oppressed and miserable
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New to Blu-ray: Life Of Pi, Willow, Rise Of The Guardians, and More

Here’s a brief look at this week’s new Blu-ray titles: Cirque Du Soleil - Worlds Away (Three-Disc Combo: Blu-ray 3D / Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Copy) - $27.99 (49% off) Hitchcock (Blu-ray / DVD Combo) - $21.99 (45% off) Life of Pi [Blu-ray 3D] - $27.99 (44% off) Life of Pi [Blu-ray] - $22.99 (43% off) Ministry of Fear (Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray]- $23.86 (20% off) Mulan / Mulan II (Blu-ray + DVD) - $24.99 (38% off) Rise of the Guardians (Three-Disc Combo: Blu-ray 3D / Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Copy + UltraViolet) - $24.99 (55% off) Rise of the Guardians (Two-Disc Combo: Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy +UltraViolet) - $18.99 (53% off) Smashed [Blu-ray] - $19.99 (44% off) Sound City (Blu-Ray) - $19.88 (20% off) Who Framed Roger Rabbit: 25th Anniversary Edition (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo in Blu-ray Packaging) - $16.99 (36% off) Willow (Blu-ray / DVD Combo) - $14.99 (40% off) Hit the jump for extras details on all of the aforementioned releases. Cirque Du Soleil - Worlds Away (Three-Disc Combo: Blu-ray 3D / Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Copy) The Blu-ray for the latest Cirque film
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'Life of Pi', 'The Blob', 'Rise of the Guardians' and More on DVD and Blu-ray This Week

Life of Pi I don't always include the 3-D Blu-ray version when I put together this column, but with Life of Pi that's sort of the whole point right? I mean, if anyone talks about this movie the first, and sometimes only, thing they talk about are the visuals. Personally it was only an "okay" movie that I didn't really think amounted to much, but I expect it will have a rather impressive life on the home video market following its Oscar wins.


The Blob (Criterion Collection) Blu-ray I watched this Blu-ray on Sunday night and listened to the commentaries yesterday on and off throughout the day. This isn't exactly a feature-rich release and we're talking about more of a classic sci-fi film from the late '50s with a nostalgia factor for some and a certain level of intrigue from cinephiles, but is it a "must buy"? The commentary
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Disney Blu-ray Roundup: ‘Brother Bear,’ ‘Hunchback,’ and ‘Mulan’ arrive in HD with DVD features only

For Disney, it looks like 2013 may be the year they finally start getting all of their animated features in the canon onto Blu-ray. One week after releasing their latest, Wreck-It Ralph, on home media, they’ve got three new releases, of slightly less popular animated so-called “classics.” (Disney’s also got Who Framed Roger Rabbit coming out today, which should be an event unto itself.) Brother Bear, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Mulan are all now available, all in 2-Movie Collections, with their respective direct-to-dvd sequels, which share the same title and simply vary in whether they have the Arabic or Roman numeral for the number 2. Though some of these releases may be for only the truest die-hard fan, it’s no surprise that Disney has once again succeeded at transferring these recent releases to high definition.

Brother Bear, the most recent of the trio, feels much of a
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New DVD Blu-Ray: 'Life of Pi'

Moviefone's New Release of the Week "Life of Pi" What's It About? The best-selling novel about Pi, a 16-year-old boy who survives a shipwreck and is stranded in the ocean with a hyena, orangutan, wounded zebra, and Bengal tiger, is finally brought to the screen by Ang Lee. See It Because: While an ambitious undertaking, Lee's masterful storytelling and spellbinding cinematography made believers out of even the most devout "Pi" fans -- and it's easy to see why Lee and the movie's visual artists were rewarded with heaps of Oscars. Watch Ang Lee talk about working with a real tiger, in an exclusive clip from "Life of Pi" (video at the top of this post). Moviefone's Blu-ray of the Week "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" 25th Anniversary Edition What's It About? Disney's landmark Hollywood noir -- set in 1940s "Toon Town" -- is just as madcap and amazing to watch now
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Wreck-it Ralph – The Blu Review

I’m surprised it took this long to come up with a concept like Wreck-it Ralph, the hilarious, arcade-game-hopping journey from Disney which was something of a Toy Story for a generation weaned on Nintendo and Sega. Wreck-it Ralph was a lot of fun (much more so than Brave which took home the Oscar last week). Wamg’s Jim Batts gave the film 4 ½ stars (read his review Here)

Now Wreck-it Ralph has been released on Blu-ray and, unsurprisingly, it looks spectacular. Sharpness consistently appears immaculate on the Br disc. Even the widest shots of the “Sugar Rush” racers zooming around the track demonstrated excellent clarity, as every aspect of Wreck-it Ralph looked detailed and distinctive. No issues with jagged edges or shimmering materialized, and I saw no edge haloes or processing concerns. Of course, print flaws weren’t a factor, as they stayed away from this unblemished presentation.
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Peter Pan : Diamond Edition – The Blu Review

On February 5, 2013, The Walt Disney Studios released the 60th Anniversary release of Walt Disney’s classic, Peter Pan, with a new digital restoration and high definition picture and sound, for the first time on Blu-ray. The classic tale that taught us all “to believe” and first introduced us to the Darling children – Wendy, John and Michael – as they flew with Peter Pan and Tinker Bell past the second star to the right and straight on ‘till morning to the enchanted world of Never Land. Rediscover the magical adventure and relive childhood memories of this great bedtime story.

Peter Pan is a timeless classic from Disney’s Golden Age of animation. The film is one of three to boast all nine of Walt’s famous “Nine Old Men” as Directing Animators, and is a revered audience favorite. This is one Blu-ray that you want to add to your collection. I mean…
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Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Blu-ray Debuts March 12th, 2013

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Blu-ray Debuts March 12th, 2013
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment is releasing Who Framed Roger Rabbit? on Blu-ray March 12, 2013. The studio is also releasing two-packs featuring The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Hunchback of Notre Dame II, Mulan and Mulan II and Brother Bear and Brother Bear 2 on the same date. Take a look at the artwork and release details for these four new Blu-ray's.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Blu-ray - $26.50 Srp

A toon hating detective is a cartoon rabbit's only hope to prove his innocence when he is accused of murder. Four time Academy Award Winner (1988) for Best Film Editing, Best Visual Effects, Best Sound Effects Editing and Special Achievement in Animation Direction.

Special Features:

The Roger Rabbit Shorts (Digitally Restored) - Tummy Trouble, Roller-Coaster Rabbit & Trail Mix-UpWho Made Roger Rabbit?Theatrical TrailerDeleted Scene: "Pig's Head"On Set! Benny The CabBehind The Ears: The True StoryBefore & After Split-ScreenToon Stand-InsFeature Audio CommentaryToontown
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Mulan Is Hitting Blu-ray To Celebrate Its 15th Anniversary

Just a few days ago, we determined Mulan and Mulan II were hitting Blu-ray in a combo pack that Disney was putting together to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the release of Mulan. If anyone were to ask me, I.d probably guesstimate The Little Mermaid came out 15 years ago, so clearly I.m not a very good judge of time. If you do remember this release, the 15th Anniversary set may be one to check out. Even greater, this will be the first time Mulan and its sequel will be available for purchase on Blu-ray, so bring on the digitally mastered sound and picture. The Mulan: 2-Movie Collection will hit the market on March 12, 2013 and will tell the tale of a courageous female warrior who also happens to fall in love with a courageous male warrior. The second film explores the warrior Mulan and Shang.s adventures as an
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Who Framed Roger Rabbit And Three More Disney Titles To Hit Blu-ray In March

Disney has been working hard to bring the company.s entire back catalog of films on to Blu-ray and, in some cases, 3D Blu-ray for the first time. Now, Disney is announcing some family favorites for Blu-ray set to hit the market this spring. Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Mulan & Mulan II, The Hunchback of Notre Dame & The Hunchback of Notre Dame II, and Brother Bear & Brother Bear II on March 12. We still have a while to wait before Disney.s batch of March releases are available for purchase, but with some anniversary editions in the batch, it seems like the company felt the new Blu-rays warranted an early announcement. Additionally, three of the four sets will be two-movie collections, which may or may not be worth a purchase. Let.s take a look at the one non-double set, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, first. Who Framed Roger Rabbit: The 25th
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