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MPAA Rated PG-13 for language including sexual references, and some rear nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • A man in a shower is shown soaping his buttocks (although he is nearly completely covered with foam, his bare buttocks are evident), and we also see his bare chest and back.
  • We see a brief shot of a man and woman dancing seductively together.
  • A woman touches her breasts as a man watches (she is trying to adjust a hidden camera).
  • A TV broadcast shows a man and woman lying on the street (the man is on top of the woman and her legs are in the air), and the scene makes it appear that there is something sexual going on.
  • A man and woman talk about having been roommates and she says something like, "we tried that until I woke up and found you standing over my bed breathing heavily."
  • A man sniffs a hidden camera that had been hidden on a woman's chest, and a man seems to have a foot fetish because he keeps insisting to change people's socks.
  • A man says that he runs a pornographic website, a woman says that she wanted to be a man, and a man says that he would like to tie himself naked to a chair and burn himself with lit cigarettes.
  • A man attempts to rape a woman but is stopped. Not graphic at all.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman falls through ice and is trapped; a man slams his frostbitten foot through the ice and pulls her out.
  • A man chases a man thinking he is mugging a woman, throws him into a garbage can, throws a garbage can on him, kicks him and then punches him repeatedly while he lies on the ground (we see him lying on the ground and moaning later).
  • A man punches a man and he goes down hard (we see his bloody lip), a man punches another man, shoves another man back into a table, and slams another man's head onto a table.
  • Two women fight: one is clotheslined and falls to the floor, the other is kicked in the crotch three times, one is spun in the air and thrown into a table, and one has her face covered by a pizza crust and is shoved back into a table.
  • A man opens a casket at a funeral, the corpse springs up and when he tries to shove the body back in we hear bones cracking (the man says later that, "...snapped my uncle's hand off").
  • A man climbs up a light pole, goes into a burning building and tosses seven cats out the window; they land on the fire department's trampoline, and bounce in various directions: one lands on a man's head, one is caught in a dog's mouth, one is on fire and lands in a bucket of water, and so on.
  • A man and woman jump from the window of a burning building, they bounce on a trampoline, then tear through it and land hard on the ground.
  • A man is shown frozen to the top of a peak (presumably Mt. Everest), stiff and dead and he is taken away on a rope by a helicopter.
  • There is an extended gag about a man who suffered frost-bite in his foot (we see it blackened) and he invites a man to stomp on it (which he does) and whack it with a fireplace poker (which he does repeatedly) and then the man pokes it with the pointed part of the poker (it apparently gets stuck to the floor because the injured man asks him to pull it out and we hear a squish).
  • A man yanks on his kneecap and it appears to be loose (the skin stretches and snaps back into place and we hear squishing and sloshing).
  • A boy begins choking and a woman slams his head into a railing to free what was stuck in his throat (we see the boy then missing a tooth).
  • A man is hit in the head by a tennis ball, and another man is hit in the head, chest, throat, crotch, and nose with a tennis ball.
  • A man is nearly hit by a taxi.
  • A photographer takes a picture and jumps off a roof: we see a quick glimpse of a parachute.
  • A man removes his belt preparing to hit his son -- the son is a grown-up, and we don't see him being hit but we hear him begging his father not to.
  • A man jumps over garbage cans, but trips and crashes into them.
  • A cat scratches or bites a man on the hand.
  • Two men throw eggs at cars as they drive by.
  • A woman dumps two drinks on a man in a bar.
  • A man slides down a railing and lands on a table crushing it.
  • A man drives his car into a dirt ridge (he calls out that he's ok).
  • A man is shown in a neck brace and with bandages around his head.
  • A man has eyes that point in opposite directions.
  • There is a reference to a man having a spastic colon.


  • 1 F-word (bleeped, on a TV broadcast)
  • 1 hand gesture, a man gives a woman the middle finger.
  • Many uses of hell
  • A man says how about you just suck my...

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A man carries a pipe through the entire movie, but he never lights it.
  • People drink alcohol in a couple of scenes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • +
  • The fire scene might be intense for some viewers.

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