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  • Their ages are never stated in the film. Captain Ryan is clearly the oldest. Sergeant Wells is the oldest out of his squad. Bruce the corporal is most likely the second oldest in the rest of Wells' squad. Cooper might have been the oldest of the privates and Joe is likely older than Spoon. Terry is clearly the youngest. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • He gave him the film from the camera. When the werewolves were coming in through the windows earlier, Megan and Cooper blinded them by using the flash from the camera. Wells gave it to him to prove the story. The snapshots are shown during the end credits. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • She was not, as many assume, a member of the werewolf family. Not an original member anyway. She states that she came to the woods to "become one with nature" which is probably when she met the family and became friends with them. Either they decided to make her a werewolf because she was their friend or she was turned by accident. She was ashamed of being a werewolf and hoped the soldiers would be her way out (there is a popular belief in werewolf lore that killing the original werewolf will cure anyone who has been bitten by them) because she figured they were working with Captain Ryan. She had met Captain Ryan before and probably assumed he was there to help administer some sort of cure. But once Ryan confesses the real reason behind his presence was to bring the werewolves back to be used as weapons rather than being cured, she realizes that she will never be able to cease being a werewolf ("There is no out. There never was."). However, she still feels loyal to the family. Once Cooper realizes that the farmers are in fact the werewolves and decides to kill them, she chooses the family. She gets the soldiers to blow up the landrover, their only chance of escape, and only then does she give in to transformation. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The most likely answer is that it was originally meant to establish that the werewolves were not immortal when in human form and were just as susceptible to injuries and death as normal humans (this would also tie in with Cooper's plan to kill the family in the morning). This would've payed off when Sgt. Wells shoots Megan through the eye, and since her wounds would not heal "magically", it would mean that she was truly killed at that moment. It could also be a clue to her identity as whilst she does cut her hand, we don't see the wound at any other point of the film—indicating that it healed quickly. However, this idea must've been changed sometime during shooting, as the werewolf that knocks the lighter out of Wells' hand at the end only has one eye and, according to the DVD Commentary, is indeed supposed to be Megan. But the footage of Megan cutting her hand had already been filmed and the scene was not re-shot, probably due to the constrained budget, so Megan cutting her hand remained in the final cut of the film. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The squad initially starts out with SA-80s in the early scenes of the film while they are still on an exercise, and then after they liberate equipment from the Special Ops Camp, the weapons are: (1) MP5s - used by Cooper, Sgt. Wells, Bruce and initially Terry; (2) Mossberg 500 shotgun - used by Joe; and (3) Heckler & Koch G3A3 rifle - used initially by Spoon, who later trades with Terry after they are rendered stranded at the farmhouse. All sidearms in the film are 9mm Browning HPs. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Out of the 8 principal characters, (1). Bruce is impaled when he runs into a sharp tree branch while looking back over his shoulder; as he bleeds critically, the werewolves attack him and tear him apart, (2) Terry is grabbed by a werewolf and dragged out of the window after everybody thought the werewolves had ceased their attack on the house; he doesn't actually die until Joe goes into the barn to get the land rover and sees a werewolf bite Terry's head off, (3) Joe is killed while wrestling with a werewolf that was hiding in the back of the land rover, which he had failed to notice both when in the barn and while driving it towards the house, (4) Ryan transforms into a werewolf as a result from previous wounds after Wells slugs him in the head upon hearing Ryan's confession, (5) Megan is shot through the eye by Wells after she lets the werewolves into the house and begins to transform into one herself, (6) Spoon gains the upper hand in a fight against a werewolf in the kitchen, only to be blindsided by a second; he is then eaten alive, (7) Sergeant Wells begins to transform into a werewolf as a result of wounds sustained earlier, so he cuts a gas line and blows himself up along with the remaining werewolves (including "Megan", whom was the one-eyed werewolf that knocked the lighter out of his hand. This is confirmed on the DVD commentary.), and (8) the sole survivor is Pvt. Cooper. The "Ryan" werewolf survives the explosion because he was hiding down in the cellar with Cooper. Cooper stabs him with the silver letter opener, which disables the werewolf's immortality. Cooper then shoots "Ryan" through the head. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • A sequel to Dog Soldiers was planned with the title Dog Soldiers 2: Fresh Meat, and filming was set to begin in April 2006 with Rob Green directing. Due to casting and filming location issues, such as filming under the full moon, it never finished its pre-production stage and was left in development hell. In August 2008, it was realized that Rob Green had lost interest in the sequel and removed the film from his list of upcoming projects. On top of that, IMDb has deleted the film's page off its website. A sequel is now looking very unlikely. Edit (Coming Soon)


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