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Season 1

9 Jul. 1998
Yami wo kuru mono
With Shido and Yayoi on the tail of a night breed causing car accidents, young Riho decides to investigate on her own - which has disastrous results, and ends up with her discovering Shido's secret.
Jyoyuu no jyouken
Yoko wants to become the greatest actress in the world. There is a short cut, but if you plan to sell your soul for fame and glory, it's best to find out all the details of the deal first.
Nigeru otoko
While hunting an acid-spitting breed possessing the body of an injured policeman, Shido is haunted by his creator warning about the coming 'golden dawn'.
Ougon no yoake
While Shido is distracted by a potential cross-breed's birth, Cain abducts Riho. Will Shido take the drastic action needed to save her life?
Shisha no kusuri
"What price eternal life?" While Shido hunts a vindictive breed, Riho comes to terms with her new form of existence, and says goodbye to her friends.
Ido no soko
With Shido trapped in a well on a building site with the breed he was pursuing and the breed's hostage, Riho and Yayoi make a startling discovery in their search for him.
Haha to musuko
Shido very reluctantly takes on the case of a breed feeding on small animals and pets, only to reveal the tragedy of a mother's love.
Yo aruku mono
When an attempt to gain access to an old man's money goes badly wrong, Shido and Yayoi have to clear up the subsequent breed-related mess.
Tanin no kao
In which we discover how Shido first came to the city, acquired Guni, and met Yayoi.
Tenshi no namida
Life changes dramatically for the better when lonely, awkward Yuki finds a pendant containing the angel of happiness. But the angel is both more, and less, than he seems.
Mori no majyo
Two cases, one old, one new, of love and obsession and their terrible consequences, nevertheless reveal the potential of the human heart to overcome evil - and show Shido he is doing the right thing.
Eien no yami
Plagued by nightmares and horrifying visions sent by Cain, and acknowledging that nothing is truly forever, Shido finally resolves his relationship with Riho.

 Season 1 

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