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A big surprize
Leafsman_6918 September 2004
i didn't expect much coming into this movie, i didn't hear much about it and Van wilder was one of the national lampoon movies without Chevy Chase. however this movie surpassed all my expectations. Van Wilder defines the slapstick teen comedy of the new millennium. loaded with sexual humor and innuendo, Van Wilder keep the laughs coming. i believe Tara Reid was at her hottest in this movie, and believe it or not, there are a ton of quotable lines to live by in this film. as for the plot, its just about some guy who doesn't wanna leave the college he calls his home until he meets a girl that makes him realize his own potential. this film was much better then the last 2 American pies put together. this is a true popcorn movie to watch with your friends.
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One hilarious movie
kidhasaces28 February 2004
This was one heck of an hilarious movie. I can watch it over and over. Reynolds did a spectacular job in the movie, but I must say that without the character Taj the movie wouldn't have been as funny.

This is more of a guy comedy type movie but my gf loved it also.

The donuts scene I must say was a little gross but still the movie was amazing. Laughed from start to finish..... This is the kind of guy everyone would like to be or know in College.

I don't think they could of taken anyone else then Reynolds to do this role maybe I m just saying that because he is one of my favorite actors but he did do a great job. 9/10
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Brainless, Makes 'American Pie' Looks Like an Art Movie… But Also Very Hilarious. I Do not Recall the Last Time I Laughed This Way
claudio_carvalho30 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Van Wilder (Ryan Reynolds) is a very popular student, who organizes big parties and raises funds for the most different causes in his college. After spending seven years in the college without graduation, his father Vance Wilder Sr. (Tim Matheson) decides to stop paying his tuition. He applies for a loan to continue in the college, and becomes a professional promoter of parties to pay the installments. Meanwhile, Gwen Pearson (Tara Reid), a student of journalism who writes for the college newspaper and is the girlfriend of an ambitious and brilliant student of medicine Richard, is assigned to write about Van Wilder. Her boyfriend becomes jealous and begins a personal fight against Van Wilder. In the end, of course Van Wilder and Gwen Pearson stay together. This movie is brainless, making 'American Pie' looks like an art movie… but it is also very hilarious. Yesterday I laughed a lot and repeated many scenes, such as when Van Wilder applies for a loan; or with the strip dancer farting in the nightclub; or preparing the sandwiches for the fraternity of Richard; or when Gwen prepares a milk shake with colon-blow for Richard; or the examination of Richard for the medicine university. I agree that the jokes are scatological and of very low level, but I do not recall the last movie I laughed the way I did with 'Van Wilder'. Stop thinking and prepare to have 90 minutes of very funny situations. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): 'O Dono da Festa' ('The Owner of the Party')
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Likable, familiar college comedy gets an appealing performance from the lead actor.
hu67512 October 2005
Van Wilder (Ryan Reynolds) is one of the coolest, nicest, likable and most popular guy at the Coolidge College. He's also has an personal assistant (Kal Penn). Wilder is great at throwing parties and helping students with their courses at their most outrageous moments but since Wilder is at his seventh year as senior and he never takes his future seriously. Graduation for Wilder is the furthest thing is his mind. Things are about to change, when an young attractive reporter (Tara Reid) try to figure out Wilder's wild life. Wilder's father (Tim Matheson) threatens to stop paying his tuition for the seventh time. Wilder, His Personal Assistant and His Buddy (Teck Holmes) will try find ways to keep Wilder in college. But there's a slimly college student (Daniel Cosgrove), who is the boyfriend of the reporter. This jerk will do anything to get Wilder out of college.

Directed by Walt Becker (Buying the Cow, Wild Hogs) made an smoothly surprisingly well done outrageous comedy with a couple of very funny scenes (With also one hilarious gross-out scene is actually disgustingly memorable, if you like it or not). Reynolds' appealing performance makes this college comedy film fun to watch. It is also better than most of these silly college movies and this one offers something fresh. This film was an modest hit at the box office. It was also one of the top selling DVD's of 2002.

This unrated DVD has an clean anamorphic Widescreen (1.85:1) transfer an good-Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. DVD menus have an censored and uncensored options. The second disc is packed with extras, including:Deleted Scenes, Outtakes, Behind the Scenes featurettes and more. This film is a lot of fun, if you don't think about it too much. Written by the writers of "The Girl Next Door":Brent Goldberg and David T. Wagner. Deon Richmond, Erik Estrada and Chris Owen appears in cameos. Paul Gleason (From "The Breakfest Club" fame), Curtis Armstrong ("Bugger" from "Revenge of the Nerds" films) and Unbilled:Tom Everett Scott appears in small supporting roles. (*** ½/*****).
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Hilariously funny!
wolfybl14 April 2004
This movie is hilariously funny! I've seen it more than 4 times and it gets funnier every time! Ryan Reynolds is hilarious as Van Wilder, the lead role. Being that this is a National Lampoon movie, one would expect it to be funny. It definitely lives up to expectations of the previous National Lampoon movies. The script is ingenious and is extremely well-written. Many parts of the movie are unexpected, which makes it all the more enjoyable. This movie is so much fun to watch over and over again. The part with the dog and the "eclairs" is hilarious in itself. Although this is one of Reynolds' first movies, it is a big hit. Surely, we can look for more hilarious movies like this one in the future.
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Terribly Tasteless but Hilariously Funny
dingo8655 December 2005
This movie is exactly what you expect from the genre: mindless fluff with adolescent jokes, nudity, and lots of gross-out stuff. It is, however, unapologetic about it, and invests a lot to carry things to the extreme, which is what gives it its charm. If you cannot take any of the above and find enjoyment in them, don't waste your time with Van Wilder.

If, on the other hand, you like vomit-inducing pranks, beautiful young girls flashing their boobies, and hilarious one-liners galore peppered by a huge dose of stereotypes (but without hatred), you will have one of the most entertaining 2 hours of your life. Every time it plays on TV I find myself watching it again and again. The two leading male actors, Ryan Reynolds and Kal Penn, are exceptional as usual, and Tara Reid, while she offers her customary wooden non-performance, fills out her role enough not to be painful. A surprise find is the actor playing Tara's boyfriend: he plays so well, you will LOVE to hate him.

All I can say is, with college for 20 years behind me, I wish I had a Van Wilder when I was attending school. And the movie even has a message!
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Don't believe the critics (this is a great movie)
silentbobus24 August 2002
This is a great movie, don't believe the critics on this one. If you get this on DVD you can safely fast-forward through the two over-the-top gross out scenes that virtually assured this movie would get terrible reviews. The rest is pure comic genius in the often amusing, but rarely outstanding, field of teen/college comedy. This is my new favorite movie!

ps. The best jokes in this movie rely on sex or sexual inuendo. If you don't like either you can safely count this movie out, but then again, you probably knew that already.
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Ok, nothing new, but sill light and funny
RIK-2217 April 2004
Now that I am into my thirties I find most movies cliché and uninteresting, especially the action genre, SWAT, Face Off, Swordfish, XXX, Shaft, do I need to continue. Yet people for some reason actually pay money to see these films. I've started to enter my pompous intellectual phase, yet I still have a big weakness for teen movies.

Animal house, Ferris, Weird Science, Bachelor Party and more recently a resurgence with American Pie, Road Trip, Have the Cow and Van Wilder.

All of these films are great, IMO. Sure they are predictable, a bit cliché, sometimes gross and certainly a bit childish, but they are bloody funny. The only rule for a comedy is to be funny. I guess that if we are honest that period of our lives should be best. At least you have the innocence and optimism to know your life is all in front of you and getting laid and having fun, is pretty much the only thing on your mind (that hasn't changed if we are honest).

I am disappointed that so many people criticise a film that clearly wasn't meant to be taken too seriously and is genuinely funny. Great stuff please may it continue.
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National Lampoon's Van Wilder is an aggressively funny movie,unashamed by its bad taste.
chrisbrown645324 June 2002
What this movie has and other movies lack are characters you admire and care about. The movie never succumbs to sentimentality, thankfully, and it keeps a high level of cheerfulness and humor through the entire running time. This is a movie that wants to party and have fun, where characters are in high spirits and at times a little inebriated. This is the movie that will put the National Lampoon franchise back into respectability. Not only is this movie gut-bustingly funny – if you can get past the crude visual puns like a pit-bull with what looks like a ten-pound scrotum attachment, and a crotch-enhancer pump that is mistaken for a bong – this transcendent comedy of gross manners is most affecting because it's incredibly well-made. Most college campus comedies are cheap in production value and clumsily structured. Van Wilder is exceedingly well-paced and smartly written, by writers Brent Goldberg and David T. Wagner (their love for Ferris Bueller is apparent) who know how to set up not only a joke but sequences of offhand slapstick that are irrepressibly absurd. Director Walter Becker (creator of the ingenious short-film Saving Ryan's Privates) handles the irreverent and random acts of background physical comedy with ease and panache.

The campus wild man is fittingly known as Van Wilder (played by Ryan Reynolds). Van Wilder is a guy that has friends from everywhere, from the jocks to the nerds. Reynolds finds a precarious balance between recklessness and cheerful insanity, which is crucial because he turns acts of humanitarian philanthropy into casual and spontaneous gestures without giving second thought. No job is ever too big for the man, whether it is becoming the de-facto basketball coach that inspires the school's team to win or setting up a rockin' party for the geekiest fraternity on campus. Van Wilder has enthusiastic support from everyone but his burned-out workaholic father (played by Tim Matheson, once the wild man in National Lampoon's Animal House) who decides after seven years of his son's enrollment to stop tuition payment.

Van Wilder becomes the subject of a school newspaper editorial and Tara Reid plays the snobby, uptight reporter Gwen whose ties belong to frat boy Richard Bagg (Daniel Cosgrove), who conducts hazing rituals that are crueler than anything since Animal House. When Gwen tries to get the naked truth from Van Wilder, she mostly just finds Van Wilder naked. But it's the smart rapport that develops between them that allows Van Wilder to strip Gwen's inhibitions, to let her walk on the wild side. In the background, a turf war erupts between Van Wilder and Richard.

The plotting is shameless in its methods of revenge. There are innocent people involved in the mayhem, including a scene where pre-pubescent boys raid one of Van Wilder's parties and end up barfing out of a school bus (but hey, these young boys had the time of their life until then). Richard's fraternity brothers are sent a basket full of éclairs stuffed with juices from a particular dormitory pet. In a knock-off homage to Dumb and Dumber, a character digests a bottle of colon blow right before he is to take a final exam.

The movie rarely takes a breath. It does settle for easy chuckles but goes for the comic gold, pushing past the ribbon of where comedy usually wears out in exhaust. Not every joke works, but you admire the efforts that the filmmakers went to in order to make you laugh. A virgin's first encounter with a girl that culminates in a massage oil rubdown gets more than messy and squanders too much, thus not earning any laughs. A scene where Van Wilder has to charm a raggedy and prunish administrator gets frighteningly explicit and goes on maybe one shot too many. But Van Wilder is always the man of the moment. One of the dorky characters goes to Van Wilder to ask him how to `muff dive.' Ultimately, Van Wilder is king and his rebel-bent philosophy is trippingly funny. At the end, you won't be able to remember all the funny scenes because there are just too many of them.
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I will never eat a creamstick again!
BuffySoprano2 August 2004
I am not a fan of gross out humor, but there was something about this movie that cracked me up. I absolutely LOVE Ryan Reynolds. I think he is a gifted comedian, and this was a great forum for him to get himself "out there."

I thought the dog jokes were extremely gross, especially the eclair scene, and I will NEVER be able to eat another one again! (Also, custard now makes me gag. :))

I enjoyed Taj, and thought the actor did a great job with that role. I imagine it was difficult to do with a straight face.

The one thing I did not like about the movie was TARA REID. How in God's green earth did this girl EVER get into movies. The ONLY thing I have ever liked her in was "Scrubs", and I think it's because she seems truer to that character.

The outtakes at the end are good, so don't turn it off too soon.
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I can't believe I sat through this - spoilers
rustajb31 August 2003
Warning: Spoilers
I had the displeasure of watching Van Wilder for the first and last time last night. Oh how it still burns in my head. This poor film suffers from some odd sort of cinematic schizophrenia: sometimes it thinks it wants to be animal house as it's stereotypical "frat-boy-cum-slave-driver" uses unidentified and nameless students as croquet posts and tunnels, and sometimes it wants to be a sentimental love story. This movie feels like a string of barely related pranks and humor that was patch-worked together with something akin to a plot. Our hero, the amiable and misguided but otherwise kind hearted Van Wilder is every college boys wet dream of a self-image: Intelligent but not too intelligent, clever with comebacks, interested in finer things like love and friends and disinterested in having a life revolving around work, living off his fathers bank account, campus celebrity, blah blah blah.... I'm sure you've probably seen this before and it was much better as a high school movie called "Fast Times at Ridgemont High", or was it "Animal House", or maybe this film just tries to lamely take concepts from these better films and update them for a newer audience. Whatever it is it's pure crap.

I've never seen such sick humor outside of a Troma Studios movie. At least with a Troma release you expect lots of feces, vomit, sick humor involving children and a plot as absurd as the premise. But in Van Wilder you get all the vomit, sperm and abuse with a plot they think you might care about. Boy has it good, boy gets told by father that he will not receive more easy money, boy has roaring good time as he crunches many business opportunities to raise money so he can continue with his chosen looserly lifestyle, boy meets overtly-cute pseudo-intelligent girl who wants an interview for the school paper, and wait for the supprise... Boy falls in love with girl who has boyfriend in the snottiest frat on campus. Bet you didn't see that coming. Bet you don't see the friction, pranks and insults that go on between Frat boy and Van Wilder. But then again, I am sure you do.

The shining moments of the movie are only so because they will stay burned in your brain for days afterwards. Take for instance the continual shots of Van's bulldog's obviously fake, over-sized testicles which will fill your screen on occasion. You will get endlessly entertained by swaying testicles, floating hot-tub testicles, Van kissing dog testicles in an early morning supprise. As if the large testicles weren't enough we get one of the most disturbing scenes in movie history when Van plots revenge against his rival, the boyfriend of the main love interest of course, by removing the cream filling of eclairs using gynecological instruments only to be refilled by having his friend masturbate the dog to create a new and exciting filling. But wait! There's more! Once the many eclairs are full and the dogs testicles are now down to a normal, smaller pair, they are placed casually and suspiciously outside the snotty frat-house. Oh the horror as for quite a while we are treated to many frat boys voraciously enjoying every gooey, warm, drippy, clear drop of the dog sperm from the eclair as they make obvious comments like "Wow, they're still warm" and "I think I have had these before". Trust me, much time is dedicated to this scene and.... Damn. I used to love eclairs.

There is a lot of really easy and simple humor in this movie. Let's have an Indian student talk about dirty sex as it will be funny just for that accent. Or maybe we can get elementary school kids drunk and have them projectile vomit. Let's have strippers who fart smoke, that's cool.?? This movie has none of the charm of Beavis and Butthead, none of the stylistic unapologetic crassness of a Troma Film, And the plot is soooooo predictable and merely a rehash of almost every bad college film in history. It's the same plot as One Crazy Summer but not even close to funny and that film used Curtis Armstrong in a way that we all laughed at. In this film he has been degraded to a momentary laugh and no character at all. No body in this film gets fleshed out, the only thing remote to character development is the exchange student gets laid and Van Wilder comes to understand why he hasn't left college in 7 years and trust me that part is about as deep as a dog-bowl.

I wish I had something nice to say about this movie. Even Showgirls is enjoyable for it's embarrassing attempt at seriousness, but this piece of work has no redeeming qualities. The only truly funny moment is as the credits roll and we see some of the behind the scenes pranks with several characters playing up homosexual elements that were only hinted at in the film. I'm sorry but I can't even recommend this film. Avoid it all costs.
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Don't expect too much
Filmfan-317 April 2002
This is yet another movie trying to capitalize off the gross-out factor among young adolescent males. The only thing that really surprised me about this movie is Ryan Renolds ability to carry a movie by himself, as Tara Reid has proven herself once again to be a terrible actress. There is maybe one or two really funny parts in this movie, the rest just comes off as immature sexual jokes. Overall, the good parts don't outweigh the bad, and I wouldn't give it more than three or four stars. Wait for it to come out on rental, which shouldn't be too long.
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Unfocused and Gross
keithbrown-901954 October 2016
Van Wilder wants to be the next iconic gross out teen movie. It has all the necessary ingredients, but it takes those ingredients and mixes in a little bodily fluids and serves it to you uncooked on a soggy paper plate.

I don't think this movie delivered one worthy laugh. It has jokes, but they're not funny. It has gross out gags, but they're so gross that they're impossible to enjoy. It has a smarmy leading man who hadn't fully realized his charm. It has a comatose leading lady whose best years were already behind her. And it has supporting characters who are so one dimensional you can't be bothered to pay attention to them.

The story tells of an undergrad who can't be bothered to grow up and graduate. He'd rather be the big man on campus. A reporter is sent to write a piece on him, and they eventually hit it off. Her pre-med boyfriend has other plans. Hi-jinks ensue. If this sounds familiar, it's because it is. It does nothing story-wise that hasn't been done before and better. It has a lame final act where Van must get his life together and prove his worth to his school, to his girl, and to his dad.

Ryan Reynolds is likable, but he's not quite likable enough to make up for everything around him. Tara Reid, who I'm crushing on at the moment due to recently seeing her in Urban Legend, is bad here. She's unable to emote convincingly in her face or voice and she looks much worse for wear than in her late 90s heyday. This discrepancy makes the central romance fall completely flat when it should have been the movie's heart and highlight.
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bad, bad, bad, bad, oh god SO BAAAAAD
anne-freaks18 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I don't even know how to start... I'm fed up with these kind of disgusting, stupid teenage films. I haven't a clue why would somebody find this film funny. It's full off annoying, sickening, insufferable "jokes". After watching this film i thought i won't be able to eat, or look at dogs or masculine human beings again. And not just that. There's a name in the cast that can make you sure of this film's awfulness. Tara Reid... I can't imagine how could this chick get into the movie business. To call her an actress is a big overdrawn, she is just a classic blondie who looks perfectly unintelligent at the first sight.

Anyway... i can't write down this film's story, and the reason is very simple. It hasn't got a story. I have to stop now or i sware i'll go mad. Just PLEASE don't watch it. In behalf of your-self.
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Pitiful rehash of "Animal House"
Bud_Sturguess25 January 2003
The National Lampoon magazine folded during the filming of their "Loaded Weapon 1" movie back in the 90s, and since then they've dished out nothing but weak remakes of earlier classics, and "Van Wilder" proves to be no exception. Ryan Reynolds is typically annoying as the title character who frees his college from studying and the ideal to better oneself and turns it into a party-zone with the help of recycled gags, predictable one-liners, and a slew of bad supporting actors and actresses. You probably liked this better however, when it featured John Belushi and was called "Animal House."
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Worst movie of the century!
bfleury14 April 2002
This is without a doubt, the worst movie I have ever seen. The main character, chosen no doubt for his uncanny resemblance to a young Chevy Chase, is funny but the plot simply does not exist.

The gags (when they're there) are trite, hackneyed, and old as rock. This movie will even die in videoland.

In my 47 years of life, I have seen a lot of movies. I have walked out on better movies than this. I did leave 10 minutes before the end because after I visited the bathroom I just wanted to get back into my car and go home.

Not a good movie!
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Terrible, truly terrible
Spanner-28 April 2002
This "effort" attempts to be the new century's version of "Animal House" and it throws every thing but the kitchen sink into the works in an attempt to create that image.. It fails miserably. Not only does the concept itself feel dated, but the execution is so horrendously bad that one can't help but cringe at every line of dialouge or story point in the film. Featuring some of the worst acting this side of Pauley Shore from newcommer Ryan Reynolds (apparently channeling Chevy Chase) and "veteran" teen film actress Tara Reid (whose acting seems to get worse and worse with each performance, if that is possible). Add in poor production values (everything from the boom being in the shot to continuity errors to bad sound mix) and a gratuitous use of contemporary pop songs in an attempt to sell sound tracks and what do you get? A waste of your money! Avoid this film unless you have a burning desire to watch typical wiseass movie frat boys get their jollies by devouring dog semen. GRADE: F
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has it moments
williamsmckinley111 September 2002
I will say this about National Lampoon's films of late---they are getting funnier--AND maybe someday, the movies they crank out now will be as good as the earlier ones they released. The movie Van Wilder is OKAY, but I'm sure they could have done a bit better in churning up the laughs--everything is too heavily relied on gross humour. The acting needed to be more memorable too. Tara Reid--although looking great--had little acting range--she just seemed to go through the motions of the film. Her character and Ryan Reynolds character had no real chemistry between them and the that made Kal Penn's character steal the majority of the film. Granted we shouldn't laugh at our fellow foreign exchange students, but we also shouldn't be made to pay over $5 for a mediocre film also. If anyone is thinking of purchasing this film---my suggestion is to rent it first. This movie is a "I'm willing to waste a couple of hours of my day" movie.
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Terrible from start to finish
rkjelden6 May 2007
One of the worst movies I have ever seen, and I have seen many many movies. Very predictable plot with no originality. The plot points seem to come straight from the mind of an uneducated 15 year old with no inkling of comedic dialog or situations. Although the lead actor was supposed to appear as a hero to his fellow students, he never supported that in anyway with his behavior on the screen. I guess we are just supposed to assume that he is 'all that'. I felt sorry for the actors having to say these ridiculous lines. Maybe the young teenage crowd would find this entertaining for the crude humor and flowery language, but anyone over the age of 17 should pass on this one.
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Two Words:
ohfreak29 July 2003
Nearly Unwatchable.

Approximately two small laughs and a decent performance by Ryan Reynolds... but the rest is absolute dreck. Took everything I had not to pitch the set out into the parking lot.

Not really even worth the $1.00 for the WEEKLY rental.

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Today's comfort - it doesn't get any worse than this.
monradconrad3 February 2003
I tried to watch this, but had give up after 10 minutes. It was very irritating watching this movie about a spoiled man/boy, who really needed to get some suicide-help. That would be the best thing for him. You have seen it all before, but much better performed - it's like they were aiming at a college-film that contains EVERY possible cliche available. Save your time, money and mind - let it be left alone in the store!
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Staggeringly Awful
Quicksand31 July 2005
This "movie" might be funny if you're twelve, but otherwise, please avoid at all costs. There might be one or two genuinely funny moments scattered amongst the mess, but these are due solely to the charm and charisma of Ryan Reynolds... and the rather bizarre foresight the filmmakers had in casting Kal Penn as Wilder's assistant. These two actors own their characters, and single-handedly save the film from being a 1 out of 10.

Every other actor in the film is simply a talking head, taking up space and bringing nothing to the table, particular Tara Reid who has all the on-screen presence of a wet paper towel. She visibly perks up when she's supposed to be lusting after someone, but other than that, stares blankly and confusedly through the whole movie.

The writers should be slapped and the director should be beaten. The owners of the National Lampoon trademark should track them down and haze them like they've never been hazed. It took me three years to watch this film, because this time it was for free, and I still feel like someone owes me something. Avoid, avoid, avoid.
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A crude and obvious genre movie with few if any laughs
bob the moo12 April 2007
After the better part of a decade in college, Van Wilder's father pulls the plug and leaves Van with little option but to drop out. However when he is offered money to organise a party for a terminally uncool fraternity, Van realises that he maybe has a chance. An unkind expose on Wilder in the college paper by conveniently gorgeous Gwen, actually serves to increase his reputation and soon he has people queuing up to pay him to organise more parties. Meanwhile though, Gwen wants more stories on Van, whereas Van just wants more Gwen.

The film opens with a title sequence that is cheap looking and lacks style and moves straight into a scene where an old Oriental woman appears to be giving oral sex to "our hero". And so it continues in this vein with no obvious or crude joke left undelivered. We have stiff Indians talking dirty (see the clever contrast there?), farting strippers (for no reason other than delivering a rubbish "blow job" joke), sandwiches made with dog ejaculate and so on. We are never in danger of the film being better than this and indeed nobody involved seems concerned with ticking all the basic genre boxes and leaving it at that. The material is uninspired and uninspiring; occasionally bits of it made me laugh but most of it was either boring or just crude to the point of being puerile. I imagine that fans of college comedies may enjoy this but for the casual viewer and most people over the age of 21, there will be very little to justify watching this for.

The cast match the material in absolutely doing the basics. Reynolds mugs his way along but is more annoying than anything else – he learns the hard way that you can't force charm and screen presence, because he gives it all he can here but fails. Of course compared to Reid, watching him is like a masterclass in the art of acting. Reid does the same character that she always does; I know she had had personal issues just before this film but it is hard to excuse her very weak performance. Matheson, Gleason, Armstrong and Estrada (yes, you heard me) all appear in tiny adult roles that add nothing but did make me wonder why they bothered. Penn does what the material requires even though it is rather racially questionable. The performances of the rest of the cast is only noticeable for the very male & teenage depiction of women, which can be summed up by watching the scene in which Van calls Gwen's room but gets her flatmate who, for some reason, was on the PC in a tight vest and pants. The film doesn't explain why she was dressed this way or why this scene was necessary but it is clear that the target audience is teenage boys and that the depiction of women is slanted accordingly.

Overall then a mostly unfunny and obvious genre movie that goes through the motions but does very little else. Calling it crude doesn't really do it justice and generally if there is a simple bodily function or gross out joke that can be delivered, it will be delivered here – even if it means structuring parts of the plot for the sole purpose of getting to that joke. Those that love this sort of thing will already have flocked to it (and the unnecessary sequel) but for the casual viewer I say this – you're better than this.
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I Hate Movies Like This
kylehodgdon18 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I just don't understand why people will never get sick of these types of movies. I just don't see how anyone can think the jokes in this is funny. I do not see one thing in this movie that can be considered as funny. I really cannot say it enough.

I mean, why can't they have some intelligent, well thought out circumstances? Instead they take the easy way out and use a sick-out method like dog ejaculate in pastries. The grosser something is does not make it funny.

The acting was bad, the characters were not interesting, the story was stupid, and movies like this should not be made.

The only reason why I did not give this a lower rating was because the Van Wilder character had good intentions and a good heart. All too often with movies like this you won't even have a redeeming characteristic like that, but instead you are given a jerk frat boy as the hero.

This movie was very bad.
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You'll Never Eat A Pastrie Again!!!
movies2u21 August 2002
Van Wilder was a really funny and great installment in the National Lampoon series. Ryan Reynolds and Tara Reid were really good, and the movie had lots of sick gags and hilarious sequences. I'll give you one piece of advice after you see this movie: never eat a pastrie again!!!!!! When you see the movie, you'll see why. :) And also, never let your girlfriend make you a protien shake! You will also see why after watching this movie. All, in all, Van Wilder was a good and huomorously disgusting movie that you will love. I give it a 10 out of 10! :)
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