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Season 2

14 Apr. 2002
Death of a Doxy: Part 1
When Archie does a private eye associate a favor and tries to recover his P.I. license from a blackmailing girlfriend, he finds the ex-showgirl bludgeoned to death.
14 Apr. 2002
Death of a Doxy: Part 2
With associate Orrie Cather on the hook for the murder of an ex-showgirl, Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin must ally themselves with an eccentric showgirl to quash a blackmail plot and reveal the real killer.
21 Apr. 2002
The Next Witness
Wolfe defies a summons to testify against a man he believes innocent and incurs a contempt of court charge hunting for evidence to cast reasonable doubt on the case against him.
28 Apr. 2002
Die Like a Dog
A murdered man's dog, who has attached himself to Archie and been accepted at the Wolfe brownstone, provides a vital clue to solving his master's murder.
5 May 2002
Murder Is Corny
Archie stands accused in the murder of a man delivering corn because both of them were rivals for the affections of the farmer's daughter.
12 May 2002
Motherhunt: Part 1
When a baby, allegedly fathered by her late husband, is abandoned on the doorstep of his rich, beautiful widow, she hires Nero Wolfe to locate the mother.
19 May 2002
Motherhunt: Part 2
Two murders seem to be linked to the efforts put forth by Wolfe and Goodwin to find the mother of a baby left abandoned on the doorstep of a wealthy female socialite.
26 May 2002
Poison à la Carte
At the annual meeting of Wolfe's gourmet society, Ten for Aristology, one of the members is poisoned, and Wolfe suspects one of the beautiful servers of the crime.
2 Jun. 2002
Too Many Clients: Part 1
When a philandering womanizer with a lavish secret love nest penthouse is found murdered, Wolfe finds he has almost as many clients as suspects.
9 Jun. 2002
Too Many Clients: Part 2
Clients and suspects come out of the woodwork, after a womanizing business man, who kept a full time love nest, is found murdered.
16 Jun. 2002
Before I Die
A notorious gangster hires Wolfe to protect his real daughter, who is unaware of who her father is, and stop the woman impersonating his daughter from blackmailing him.
23 Jun. 2002
Help Wanted, Male
Wolfe hires a look-alike double to stand in for him after he receives a death threat, the exact same threat that was carried out earlier against a potential Wolfe client.
14 Jul. 2002
The Silent Speaker: Part 1
In post-War America, where shortages are common, the Bureau of Price Regulations is a very controversial organization, and when its leader is murdered, Wolfe takes the case.
21 Jul. 2002
The Silent Speaker: Part 2
Suspects abound during post WWII America, as Wolfe and Goodwin are busy sifting through the mess known as The Bureau of Price Regulations because its leader was found murdered. No one, not even the FBI, nor the NIA, is above suspicion.
11 Aug. 2002
Cop Killer
Two illegal immigrant barbershop workers, fearful of a police detective investigating a hit-and-run, flee to seek refuge with Wolfe and Goodwin. When Goodwin investigates on their behalf, he discovers the detective has been murdered.
18 Aug. 2002
Immune to Murder
Arriving at a remote lodge at the request of the State Department and a South American diplomat, a reluctant Wolfe prepares to cook trout for an oil tycoon's fishing party when Archie discovers one of the men dead in the river.

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