Ghost Ship (2002) Poster


Ron Eldard: Dodge



  • Munder : I just think I shit my pants.

    Dodge : No, you always smell that way.

  • Dodge : You smell that? I smell bullshit!

  • Greer : Earlier, when I was doing my recon, I could swear I heard a women's voice singing to me. It was like she was, like she was coming on to me or something.

    Munder : Oh, no.

    Greer : It was the sexiest voice I ever heard, man.

    Santos : She got any backup singers?

    Munder : Brother, whatever you're on, get me some!

    Dodge : I think maybe you're not quite ready to get married, Greer.

  • Dodge : You want to build a raft?

    Greer : I wanna build a raft!

  • Dodge : Hey, check this out.

    Munder : Hey, it's a watch. Congratulations, buddy.

    Dodge : No... look again, you moron! It's a digital watch. Do the math. They didn't have digital watches in 1962.

  • Munder : Where's your empathy?

    Dodge : Winners do not empathize with losers.

  • Dodge : Can I tell you something else? When we get back, I'm gonna take my money and I'm gonna buy you a bathtub.

  • Dodge : I shot Ferriman; he's dead.

    Epps : Yeah, don't be so sure, Dodge!

  • Munder : What's with the heart?

    Epps : Found it. Belonged to this little girl.

    Dodge : What girl?

    Epps : She told me to get off this boat.

    Ferriman : You mean she's talking to you now?

    Munder : What the hell are you guys talking about?

  • Epps : Call me if you need anything.

    Dodge : How about a pizza?

    Epps : You're *so* funny!

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