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Season 1

1 Jul. 1983
Feather Star no fune
Yuu Morisawa is a 10 year old girl living in her parent's crepe shop in Creamy-ga oka. Toshio, a slightly older boy, introduces his fat friend Midori to you, but she storms out of the house, uninterested: she saw a strange flying Ship and decides to follow it. Two cat-like aliens named Nega and Poji invite her inside the ship where she meets Pino Pino, a friendly alien who says Yuu helped him find his way to Feather Star. He rewards her by offering a magic wand for an entire year after-which Pino Pino will come get the magic back. He makes it clear that she is to keep...
8 Jul. 1983
Star tanjioo
Yuu wakes up early, leaving Nega and Poji behind and runs out of the house, eager to use her magic powers. She hides behind a tree in the park and transforms. She walks around town and is soon noticed by producer Shingo Tashibana, from Parthenon Production Company. He is in desperate need of a last minute replacement for his star singer, Megumi Ayase, who happens to be late for her TV show. Before she knows it, Yuu is pushed in front of the camera and when asked her name, "Creamy Mami" is what first comes to her mind because of her parent's "Creamy Crepe" shop. She is...
15 Jul. 1983
With the help of Toshio, Shingo tricks Creamy Mami to perform once again before the camera. She's making her debut as an Idol.
22 Jul. 1983
Scrumble Top-Ten
Creamy Mami is now a famous new idol. Yuu pretends to be sick so she can avoid helping her parents at the shop and go sing instead as Creamy Mami. Unfortunately, she later loses her magic compact on the playground. Midori finds it and offers to return it. Will Yuu be on time for the evening show ?
29 Jul. 1983
Abunai!? Mami no himitsu
Megumi tricks Yuu to prove she and Creamy Mami are the same person.
5 Aug. 1983
Densetsu no sumashika
Creamy Mami is to shoot a TV commercial in Natsukawa valley. While on the train to go there, Midori tells Yuu and Toshio that in Noppara grotto, a legendary deer is said to be trapped. Nega and ¨Poji think this may be a true legend and the deer would be from Feather Star. Intrigued, Yuu decides to visit that grotto and she frees the deer. The latter, thankful, gives her new powers.
12 Aug. 1983
Ooyabun ni hanataba wo!
Creamy Mami agrees to visit a sick man in the hospital to give him strength. Unfortunately, it turns out the man works for the mafia. Reporter Snake Joe threatens to end Creamy Mami's career with a scandal.
19 Aug. 1983
Nagisa no miracle duet
Yuu's mom wants to take a vacation by the sea. Yuu, who is afraid this would be incompatible with her new secret idol lifestyle tells her parent she won't go. Things change when Shingo organizes a concert in Iso Bay featuring Creamy Mami and her rival Megumi. Yuu must then convince her parents to take her there after all for she can't sing there as Creamy Mami and be home by the evening. Her parents finally accept when they see an opportunity for profit by selling crepes on the beach. Megumi grows more and more suspicious about Yuu always being where Creamy Mami is. ...
26 Aug. 1983
Manatsu no yousei
A female ghost tries to capture Toshio. Yuu is out to protect him.
2 Sep. 1983
Hello Katherine
Nega is lost in the crowd during a party and a little girl named Katherine takes care of him. He'll help her find her secret box she buried years ago.
9 Sep. 1983
Papa wa chunen raider
Yuu's parents have a fight over breakfast and her father leaves the house.
16 Sep. 1983
Studio wa oteiden
Creamy Mami is shooting a commercial while a typhoon hits the town. Megumi and Snake Joe plot to ridicule Creamy Mami. But there is a ghost in the studio and he is very helpful.
23 Sep. 1983
Kagami no mokou no Mami
Yuu transforms in the house of mirrors of a theme park. Her reflections comes alive and causes all sorts of mischiefs.
30 Sep. 1983
Watashi no Mr. Dream
Yuu spends an enchanted evening with legendary character Mr. Dream.
7 Oct. 1983
Nijiiro no tenshi
An evil alien named Bino tries to kill a fairy of happiness. Yuu will protect the fairy.
14 Oct. 1983
Umi kieta memory
An old friend of Yuu's turns up. His name is Ayumi and he is chased by mysterious men.
21 Oct. 1983
Toki no nemuri mori
Yuu wanders into an enchanted forest where it is said that the spirit of a long-disappeared girl helps people become artists.
28 Oct. 1983
Zashiki warashi no boken
Zashiki-Warashi, a child spirit, brings chaos at Parthenon Productions.
23 Dec. 1983
Bye Bye Miracle
Creamy Mami wins the Special Jury Prize at a festival but is shocked to find that Toshio saw her transform from Yuu to Creamy Mami.

 Season 1 

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