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What to Watch: The TVLine-Up for Monday

What to Watch: The TVLine-Up for Monday
On TV this final Monday of May sweeps: House scrubs out for good with a two-hour series finale event, Eureka faces a worst-case scenario and more. We’ve found seven programs you might want to check out.

8 pm House (Fox) | Part 1 of tonight’s two-hour series finale is a retrospective featuring interviews with the stars and producers, original content and other surprises. Then, in Part 2, directed by series creator David Shore, House’s treatment of a drug addict (played by James LeGros, Mercy) leads the doc to examine his own life and personal demons. Among other returning faces, Jennifer Morrison,
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7 Ways Larry Page Is Defining Google's Future

Illustrations by Ron Kurniawan

The Boy King: Larry Page served as CEO during Google's startup days. | Photograph by Paul Sakuma/AP

How new CEO Larry Page will lead the company he co-founded into the future.


It's not Helen of Troy or the assassination of an archduke, but this spelling-bee-worthy 10-cent word also launched a war, the Great Search Engine War of 2011, between Google and Microsoft. Over the past few years, one of Google's primary technical goals has been to improve its search engine for misspellings of unusual queries. It's relatively easy for Google to figure out that you mean "Obama" when you type "Onama." But what about something that people rarely search for -- and that they rarely spell correctly when they do? For a search scientist, that's the beautiful challenge of tarsorrhaphy, a gruesome-sounding surgical procedure.

When Google's search team figured out how to offer
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The top 100 things I love about TV

“You don’t like anything.”

I get told I’m negative... a lot... pretty much perpetually. It’s been like this damn near my whole life. I don’t think people understand how that affects me. I’m not some armchair despot of media literacy, spewing bile for no reason other than to do so. I’ve taken the time, and money has been spent to construct an education in stringing words together, a real degree-holding education from an accredited university with big brick buildings and dorms and a football team - the whole nine yards. What I have gone through to get this knowledge is ridiculous, convoluted and could definitely be considered “the hard way,” but it has left me with a much finer understanding of what we are fed and told to be entertained by.

When I have a negative opinion (which is admittedly frequent), it’s because
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