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A film that tells a story
drew-1217 July 2003
I sat down to watch this film because I like golf and I thought it would be an easy way to pass 90 mins. What surprised me is that I enjoyed the film greatly. The cast of well known supporting stars took the chance to create a wonderful piece of work. The story was easy to follow and actually made sense, the feelings expressed about friendship and renewal were sentimental but not overplayed - it was just a nice piece of film making. As a fully paid up member of the "men don't cry in public" club - this was only one of very few occasions when a film moved me to tears. More films like this and I will be forced to resign from the club!
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Cant believe it actually meant something...
stamper_uk19 November 2003
I started watching this film with average hopes of it filling my morning but ended up incredibly effected by it. The first things that led me to this film was the three sopranos stars it boasted and of course the game of golf. I admit I missed the begining of this film but the jist of it became very obvious, three boys who make a pact that they will sneek onto the same golfcourse at the same time every year and the entertainment follows. There were several points in the film where I thought the humour was a little slapstick but when you look past that you see a passionate story that realy has something to say.

Before this film I was not a fan of watching films I had never heard of but now im fully open minded about anything i start to watch. I will probably never see this film again which is unfortunate but it only take once to realise that this gem will have some effect on whoever cares to pay attention.

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Excuse me while I puke blood!
wayofthecass7 April 2006
One of this sickeningly sweet , "seems like old times" , friends forever nostalgic films that's tells a story you've seen a million times before. I mean for a start John Heard is not, by any stretch of the imagination anywhere near as old as Pat Morrita or Ronny Cox so that requires a lot of suspension of disbelief. It is pretty much standard fair until the old man section at the end where our principal characters have all entered the twilight of their lives and become "The Golden Boys". That requires the acting heavyweights (Heard, Young, Cox and Morrita) of the cast to enter the setup and that's where it also starts to think its important. Full of Heard narrating everything and the characters , one by one, fading out on the golf course, indicating that they are all dead. Its all so damn generic. The way they all become successful as well. It has to tie up every loose end so damn perfectly. Like as soon as the Young character makes his money he dies in a car crash just after being told "life just wasn't a challenge for him after he became rich." And just before the Morrita character dies we are told that he had just retired from teaching and then become some mega successful writer. The actual end to the film is what led me to use my chosen title. It involves the central character's grand kids spreading Heard's ashes and talking some clichéd garbage about friendship. Please. We get the point already. Stop frickin underlining everything. To sum the film up put it this way.....its the kind of thing Alan Alda usually shows up in. He must have been sick that week or something.
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