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It's Judgment Day and it's great!
avi010720 July 2008
Match 1: William Regal vs. Rikishi. Not a brilliant opener. It was certainly not bad but still very average. 4/10

Pinfalls Match: Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit. We didn't get to see the two really go at it cause it was pretty short but sets up well the next falls. 6/10

Submissions Match: Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit Benoit. Intense is what I've got say about it. The two men give it all and delivers a great contest. 7.5/10

Ladder Match: Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit. Angle did great in his first ladder match. The match is great to say the least...Benoit-Angle is never a let down. 8.5/10

WWF Hardcore Championship: Rhyno (c) vs. Test vs. Big Show. Could surely have been better but was still an entertaining match. There has been tons of better match in this division but this certainly was still entertaining. 6/10

WWF Women's Championship: Chyna (c) vs. Lita. I'm actually shocked how much I enjoyed this match other than for the reason there was two hot girls on the ring. Brilliant wrestling performances from both of them. 7.5/10

WWF Intercontinental Championship - Chain Match: HHH (c) (w/Stephanie) vs. Kane. Awesome. the best match of the night. It was brutal, chaotic ,bloody and intense. The ending is great and perfectly executed. 9/10

Tag Team Turmoil Match: The Acolytes vs. The Radicalz vs. The Dudley Boyz vs. X-Factor vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. Chris Jericho and ? vs. Edge and Christian I'm not a fan of no.1 contender ship matches on PPV but his was still pretty entertaining. Great choice for Y2J's tag team partner(pretty predictable tho). 6/10

WWF Heavyweight Championship Match: No Holds Barred: Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) vs. the Undertaker The much anticipated main event. These two have had some great classics in the past. Well is this one their best match? NO. Is it bad or average? Hell no! Taker and Austin deliver a thrilling contest, tho a little too slow at times. The chaotic ending is great, maybe the camera men could have done better. Great match. 8/10
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Average PPV
amanwhorocks10 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
1. Rikishi Vs. William Regal - Rikishi did a stinky face and then heel Regal cleanly won! Nice. 7.5/10

2. Special 3 fall match: Kurt Angle Vs. Chris Benoit - Angle finally won match over Benoit but with a little help by Edge & Christian. 8/10

3. Hardcore Championship: Test Vs. Champ-Rhyno Vs. Big Show - That was average garbage match. 6.5/10

4. Women's Championship: Champ-Chyna Vs. Lita - Fair match, ended with Chynas easy victory 7/10

5. Intercontinental Chain Championship: Champ-HHH Vs. Kane - Austin accidentally caused Kane's victory! 7.5/10

6. A.P.A. Vs. Perry Saturn/Dean Malenko Vs. Dudley Boyz Vs. X-Factor Vs. Hardy Boyz Vs. Chris Jericho/Chris Benoit - Great, great match. Finally four! 8.5/10

7. No Holds Barred WWF Title Match: Champ-Stone Cold Vs. The Undertaker - It was long tough fight. And Austin retained. 7.5/10
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Recap of Judgment Day 2001 (Not Recommended!)
Spawn Devil26 June 2002
Match 1: William Regal vs. Rikishi Before the match, Regal said he would get revenge for Rikishi's "bum attack" on Stephanie a few weeks ago. Rikishi started out with a few fists and a clothesline. Rikishi went for the stinkface, but Regal hit a low blow. Regal hit a sunset flip, and Rikishi went for the butt drop, but Regal moved out of the way. Regal received big heel heat for his customary waves to the crowd. Rikishi retaliated with another clothesline and a legdrop. Rikishi then gave Regal a stinkface to a big pop. Rikishi was about to hit a corner splash, but Regal threw his injured shoulder into the ringpost. Regal then hit his modified neckbreaker for the win. Winner: William Regal by pinfall

Match 2: Pinfalls Match: Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit Before the match, Angle said that Daddy was coming back for his medals. Angle hit a series of German suplexes early. Angle went for a top rope splash, but Benoit moved out of the way. Benoit then hit the Angle Slam on Angle for the first fall. Winner: Chris Benoit

Submissions Match: Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit Benoit went for the crossface early, but Angle escaped. Both then exchanged amateur counters and each applied their submission move, but both escaped on several occassions. Angle then hit a series of belly to belly suplexes. Benoit came back with a clothesline and a snap suplex. Benoit hit a wicked looking Walls of Jericho, but Angle powered his way out of it. Benoit applied the figure four, but Angle made it to the ropes. Benoit then worked over Angle's knee, as he gave Angle a kneebreaker followed by applying a leglock. Benoit hit a DDT, but Angle quickly replied with the Angle Slam. Angle applied the anklelock and Angle tied the match up at 1-1.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Ladder Match: Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit Angle went for the medals early, but Benoit shoved him off the ladder. Benoit brought in a taller ladder, but Angle slammed him down hard from the top rung. Angle then used the ladder as a ramming device on Benoit. On the outside, Benoit then nailed Angle with the ladder to the jaw. Benoit was climbing the ladder, but Angle got a low blow in. Benoit then catapluted Angle into the ladder, and Benoit pulled the ladder back which fell on top of Angle. Benoit propped the ladder in the corner, but Angle whipped Benoit into it. Angle then suplexed Benoit onto the ladder in the corner. Benoit then catapulted the ladder into Angle. Benoit then rammed the ladder into Benoit's head and put the ladder ontop of Angle's throat so he was trapped. Benoit began to climb, but Angle tipped it over and Benoit hit the ring ropes. Benoit came back and applied the crossface, but Edge and Christian came down and attacked Benoit. They held him back so Angle could climb up the ladder and grab his medals for the win. Winner: Kurt Angle

Match 3: WWF Hardcore Championship: Rhyno (c) vs. Test vs. Big Show Test and Rhyno teamed up on Show to begin with, but then turned on each other. The trio then made their way backstage. Test began to choke Show with a hose, and Rhyno rammed a cart into Show's head. Show came back and tossed Test into the security fence. Show pinned Rhyno vertically on a wall, but Test broke it up. Rhyno and Test then slammed Show through some wooden cartons. They then made their way back to ringside. Test punched a trashcan lid into Rhyno's face. Rhyno came back with a DDT on the same lid for a 2 count. Show then hit a huge chokeslam on Rhyno, and Test hit his big boot on Show but only for a 2 count. Rhyno gored Show, and Test hit him with a trashcan lid for a 2 count. Test then sprayed Show with a fire extinguisher and hit him with it as well, but still only got a 2 count. Rhyno then threw a trashcan to Show who caught it, and Rhyno came flying off the ringsteps with a gore for the pin. Winner: Rhyno, to retain the WWF Hardcore Championship

Match 4: WWF Women's Championship: Chyna (c) vs. Lita Before the match, both women hugged. They both tied up and Chyna shoved Lita to the mat. Lita hit a sunset flip for a quick 2 count, and Chyna returned for an inside cradle for a 2 count of her own. Chyna hit a series of very stiff clotheslines for a 2 count. Lita came back with a tornado DDT and followed it up with some right hands. Lita hit a middle rope crossbody block for a near fall. Chyna strung a few power moves together including a powerslam, a neckbreaker and a press slam. Chyna went for the pin, but she pulled Lita up at 2. Lita then quickly rolled Chyna up and applied an armbreaker. Chyna countered with a headscissors. Eddie Guererro then made his way out onto the entrance area. Chyna then hit a big hair biel. Chyna went for a powerbomb, but Lita hit a quick hurricanrana for a near fall. Chyna then came back and hit a big powerbomb for the pin. After the match, the two shook hands. Winner: Chyna, to retain the WWF Women's Championship

Match 5: WWF Intercontinental Championship - Chain Match: HHH (c) (w/Stephanie) vs. Kane HHH jumped Kane before the bell and nailed him with the chain. HHH worked over Kabe's arm by banging it into the ringposts and the steel steps. HHH then hit Kane with a chairshot to his back, and then on his hand. Kane got back into the ring, and pulled HHH into the ringpost and hit his head on a chair in his hand at the same time. HHH was busted open. Kane then grated the chain against HHH's face. Kane then began to hang HHH with the chain over the top rope. Kane went for his top rope clothesline, but HHH yanked him down off the top rope. HHH then hit a facebuster and clotheslined Kane with the chain. HHH then went for the pedigree, but Kane slammed HHH down to the mat, and nailed HHH in the groin area with the chain. Kane then hit a top rope clothesline with the chain. Kane then hit a chokeslam, but Stone Cold came in, but Kane kicked him in the face. Stone Cold got a chair and went to hit Kane, but Austin accidently knocked out HHH. Kane got the pin to a big pop. Winner: Kane, to become the NEW WWF Intercontinental Champion

Match 6: Tag Team Turmoil Match: The Acolytes vs. The Radicalz vs. The Dudley Boyz vs. X-Factor vs. The Hardy Boyz vs. Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit vs. Edge and Christian Two teams begin, and when one team is eliminated, another team enters, and the last team standing becoms the #1 contenders for the WWF Tag Team Championships. The Acolytes and Radicalz started out. Saturn hit a suplex early, but Faarooq came back with a big spinebuster for the quick pin. The Dudley Boyz entered next. The Acolytes hit a double shoulderblock early, and Faarooq hit a powerslam for a near fall on D-Von. Bubba got the tag and hit a sidewalk slam and followed it up with a back elbow. Bradshaw came back and hit a fallaway slam and a big boot for a near fall. The Dudleyz then hit the Dudleyville Device on Bradshaw, and they hit the Wassup drop on Faarooq. The Hollys then came down to the ring, and Hardcore Holly slammed D-Von through a table on the outside, and Bradshaw hit the Clothesline from Hell on Bubba for the pin. X-Factor was next. X-Pac hit a spinning kick on Faarooq, but Faarooq came back with a backbreaker for a 2 count. The action went to the outside where Albert hit the scissors kick on Bradshaw. Faarooq hit a middle rope legdrop for a 2 count. Bradhsaw went for a fallaway slam on X-Pac, but Albert pulled his feet out from under him and held onto them so X-Pac could get the pin. The Hardy Boyz were next. X-Factor double-teamed Jeff on the outside of the ring, and crotched him on the ringpost. X-Pac then hit the Bronco Buster. Matt got the tag and hit a legdrop on X-Pac, and Jeff then hit the Poetry in Motion. Jeff hit the Swanton Bomb but Albert broke up the pin. Credible then hit the X Marks the Spot superkick for the elimination. Chris Jericho and his mystery partner were next. Jericho introduced his partner which was Chris Benoit. Jericho hit a slingshot dropkick on Albert, but when he went for a crossbody block, Albert caught him and rammed him into the ringpost. Back in the ring, Credible hit a powerbomb on Benoit for a near fall. X-Pac went for the Bronco Buster, but Benoit moved out of the way. Jericho got the tag and cleaned house. X-Factor came back with X Marks the Spot, but Jericho kicked out. Jericho and Benoit then tossed Albert out of the ring, and both applied their submissions to X-Pac and Credible, who both tapped out. Edge and Christian were the last team in. Jericho hit a high vertical suplex on Edge to start off. Edge and Christian then double-teamed Jericho for the next few minutes, including a series of sleeper holds. Edge went for a dropkick, but Jericho moved out of the way. Jericho went for the Lionsault, but Edge got his knees up. Jericho then hit a bulldog on Edge, and Benoit got the hot tag. Benoit then hit both a snap and German suplex on Christian for a near fall. Jericho propped Christian on his shoulders, and Benoit came off the top rope with a dropkick for a 2 count. Edge and Christian then got 2 chairs and got set for the conchairto, but Jericho and Benoit hit a double baseball slide into the chairs. Benoit and Jericho went for a conchairto of their own, but Edge speared Jericho and Christian rolled up Benoit for a near fall. Christian was about to hit Benoit with a chair, but he ducked and applied the crossface and Christian tapped out for the final elimination. Winners: Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit, to become the #1 contenders for the WWF Tag Team Championships

Match 7: WWF Heavyweight Championship Match: No Holds Barred: Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) vs. the Undertaker Before the match, Vince McMahon came out for commentary. The Undertaker jumped Austin at the bell and pummelled him on the outside. The Undertaker hit Austin with the Old School forearm off the guardrail on the outside. The Undertaker then nailed Austin with a fire extinguisher. Back in the ring, Austin retaliated with a neckbreaker. The Undertaker came back with a flying clothesline and a big boot for a 2 count. The Undertaker began to stalk Vince on the outside, but Austin jumped the Undertaker from behind. Austin then worked over the Undertaker's knees after a series of chopblocks and leglocks. After the Undertaker escaped from a leglock, he hit Austin with a series of clotheslines and sent him to the outside of the ring. The Undertaker then chokeslammed Austin through the announcers table at ringside. The Undertaker threw Austin back in the ring, where he only got a 2 count. The Undertaker hit a slam and a elbow drop for another near fall. Back outside the ring, Austin hit the Undertaker with a TV monitor, which busted the Undertaker open. Austin then exposed the steel on one of the turnbuckle pads in the corner. Austin then hit a Thesz press with punches, followed up by a low blow. Austin applied a sleeper, but the Undertaker countered with a back suplex. Austin then smashed a chair over the Undertaker's head. The Undertaker flipped off Austin, and Austin hit the Stunner which the Undertaker kicked out of. Austin hit the Undertaker with several chairshots, but the Undertaker gave him a low blow. The Undertaker then hit a chokeslam, and nailed Austin with a chair. HHH came in the ring with a sledgehammer, and the Undertaker nailed him and Austin with a chair several more times. McMahon broke up a pin attempt, and got an accidental chairshot from austin for his troubles. The Undertaker went for a Last Ride, but HHH nailed him with the sledgehammer. Kane came down to make the save, but was held back by HHH as the pin was made. Winner: Stone Cold Steve Austin by pinfall, to retain the WWF Heavyweight Championship

This was a terrible PPV, I give it a C- (Minanim Pass)
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