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22 Sep. 2001
Umi yo kyo mo arigato
Ikki, Erika and METABEE head out for a fun-filled day at the beach. But after METABEE loses a Robattle to a Shark-Type Medabot, he and Ikki must train under an old sea master if they want to regain their honour and METABEEs legs!
The Gimme Ghost
Theres been a rash of thefts by the Phantom Renegade, but our heroes are more interested by the Gimme Ghost a mysterious ghost thats stolen Kojis Medabot Medal. The kids head into the woods after dark to hunt down the ghost. But before long, the hunters will become the haunted!
The Cyandog Bites Back
Spykes CYANDOG hasnt won a Robattle for weeks. Fed up with having to win back CYANDOGs parts, Samantha fires Spyke from the Screws gang. Spyke tries to redeem himself by Robattling against the Ankle Biters, a group of kindergarten kids. Hes trounced yet again, bringing even further shame to the Screws. METABEE steps in to coach CYANDOG, but to no avail. As it turns out, CYANDOGs Medal is incompatible with his Dog-Type body, and Spyke refuses to change the Medal. Ikki and METABEE have their work cut out for them as they try to help Spyke win an all-important rematch ...
Mystery Medabot
Ikki, Erika and Metabee are amazed by an unknown Medabot that appears from out of nowhere to save a drowning puppy. But strangely, this Medabot appears to act on his own, without a Medafighter! Metabee is deeply affected by his meeting with the mystery Medabot, and vows to track him down. Meanwhile, the Rubberobo Gang has hatched their most insidious plot yet. Their plan is to renovate every house in town into bizarre shapes, turning the entire city into Rubberoboland, their evil theme-park capital. And to make matters worse, Ikki's houseis next in line to be ...
Phantom Renegade: Unmasked
After making a daring robbery at the Medabot Museum, Phantom Renegade is pursued by Max Macraker, a tabloid journalist. Phantom Renegade escapes, but he bumps his head in the process, knocking his mask off. Muckraker picks up the mask. The next day, Henry and Ikki both have mysterious bandages on their foreheads. The reporter suspects Ikki, thinking hes the Phantom Renegade. He and his Chameleon-type medabot Multikolor trail Ikki everywhere, trying to catch his as the Phantom. Unable to dig up any dirt on Ikki, Muckraker resorts to posing as the Phantom Renegade. He ...
Ban All Medabots
While trying to become rock 'n' roll outlaws, the Rubberobo Gang and their LANDMOTOR Medabots buzz by a woman, then run over her shopping bags full of anti-aging wrinkle cream. The woman, a local concerned parent named Mrs. Upstart, vows revenge on all medabots. At Riverview elementary, Ikki, METABEE and Erika play dodgeball with the Screws, Mr. Principal and his Medabot, SAMURAI. Metabee and Samurai share a mutual admiration, although they hide it by taking harmless jabs at each other. The dodgeball game is interrupted by the arrival of Mrs. Upstart and the ladies of...
Meet Your Meda Maker
Tired of the harebrained antics of the other Rubberobos, Shrimplips assumes control of the gang. He calls in the supreme Rubberobo leader, as shadowy character who communicates to the gang via television broadcast. The leader gives the Rubberobos a new goal: seek out rare medals. Meanwhile, Ikki and Metabee encounter a strange old man who offers to make them his apprentices. Ikki and Metabee are weirded-out, until they realize that this man is none other than Doctor Aki, the head of the Medabot Corporation and the inventor of Medabots. (The fact that hes Karins uncle ...
I Dream of Hushi
Rokusho has strange dreams of his past while sleeping in a large oak tree. The tree belongs to a woman named Ainsley, who discovers Rokusho and drives him off her property. Rumor has it she has a sizable collection of rare medals. Rokusho is shaken by his recollection of the past. He returns to the tree, and is again reprimanded by Ainsley. She believes Rokusho is the intruder she has spotted near her tree on several occasions. As Rokusho is about to leave, he overhears a rustle in the bushes and takes off in hot pursuit after the real intruders. Rokusho loses sight ...
Metabee vs. Rokusho
After the Rubberobo Gang are foiled yet again by Rokusho, their leader realizes that he possesses a rare medal. Ikki and Metabee, meanwhile, robattle the entire Screws Gang and win. The Screws are no longer strong enough to compete with Metabee. Searching for a sparring partner, Metabee invites Rokusho to have a friendly robattle. Rokusho declines he doesnt see the point of robattles. Karin discovers a badly injured robot parrot. Rokusho immediately recognizes the parrot as Baton, an old friend from his days with Professor Hushi. Rokusho had believed until now that ...
Fifteen Minutes of Shame
The national Robattle Rankings are announced on television. These rankings are based on winning percentages of robattles. To his amazement, Ikki and Metabee are ranked third place in Japan! They're less impressed to discover that Koji and Sumilidon are ranked second. In first place is a mysterious contender known as Space Medafighter X./n/nIn two months, the top three teams will represent Japan at the World Robattle Tournament. But until then, Medafighters from around the country will challenge thetop-ranked teams to robattles, hoping to gain points and secure a spot ...
Enter Rintaro
While practicing with his new Medabot Krosserdog, Spyke encounters a mysterious, powerful-looking Medabot. Moments later, they are hit by a tremendous energy blast./n/nIkki, Metabee and Erika discover Spyke, still stunned from the blast. Samantha arrives and accuses Metabee of beating up Peppercat. Metabee has been identified as the culprit in several attacks on Medabots around town./n/nIkki and Metabee flee and are chased by an angry mob of the defeated. They manage to escape, but are troubled by the accusations. They conclude that Metabee has been cloned./n/...
The Ace from Outer Space
A flashback showing Ikki, Koji and Rintaro losing a three-on-three Robattle against Shrimpy Lipowitz (Shrimpy of the Rubberobo Gang) and his Medabots leads to Ikkis surrender of Metabees rare medal. A timely arrival by the mysterious Space Medafighter X, the number one ranked Medafighter in Japan, foils Shrimpys plans. X returns the rare medal to Ikki, with a warning that ownership of medals should never be Robattled over. Theyre too precious a commodity. This disastrous Robattle causes Ikki to drop to number four in the national Medafighter rankings. Only the top ...
Me and My Shadow Sword
After Ikki and Metabee defeat Shrimplips by using the Medaforce, Koji realizes he is at a disadvantage. Because Sumilidon cannot summon the Medaforce, Koji will never be able to defeat Ikki unless he finds a way to counter it. He convinces Space Medafighter X to teach him the only known Medaforce-neutralizing technique; The Shadow Sword. But Xs motivation for showing Koji this special move is unclear. Ikki, Metabee, Erika, Karin and Rintaro track down Koji to a secluded area in the woods where Space Medafighter X is putting Koji through training exercises. Once Ikki ...
22 Apr. 2002
Beetle Mania
Rokusho easily defeats the Belzelgas. He then explains to Ikki what the leader of the Rubberobo Gang wants with Metabee. Metabee's rare medal is the product of an ancient civilization. Professor Hushi had perfected a way of duplicating these rare medals. Metabee's medal is, in fact, the parent medal for countless Hercules beetle medal clones made by the Medabot Corporation. By using Metabee's medal, the Rubberobos can take control of all beetle medals around the world./n/nThe shadowy Rubberobo leader activates Metabee's medal, taking control of beetle medal Medabots ...
27 Apr. 2002
The Mother of All Robattles
Ikki and Metabee team up with Rokusho, Phantom Medafighter and Arcbeetle to fight Giganko. But even a triple-pronged Medaforce attack from the three Medabots isn't enough to stop him. His crawling leg parts transform into legs, and he continues on his rampage toward the city. Meanwhile, Ikki's dad receives a call. He's needed at work. After a pep-talk from the philosophic Peddler, Ikki and Metabee decide not to back down. They fly off after Giganko, using aerial leg Medaparts to continue the robattle. The Select Corps, a UN peacekeeping force, organized to prevent ...

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