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Season 3

14 Sep. 2003
Fighting Temptation
When Nae discovers Metabees new parts are incompatible with his tin-pet, she offers to repair them on the condition that Ikki and Metabee promise not to robattle until she finishes. Our heroes manage to resist the challenges of Kam until he viciously begins to destroy innocent Medabots with his kilobot, Tankbank. Ikki and Metabee robattle Tankbank to a draw, allowing Nae to complete her work. Once the new parts are refitted, Metabee easily destroys Tankbank.
11 Oct. 2003
Dark Alliance: Pt. 1
Even though Metabees battery is dangerously low, Ikki allows him to join everyone for a day at the beach. Samantha takes this information to Ginkai, who ambushes the pair, forcing Metabee to fight until his power is completely depleted. Mystery Medafighter appears but Roks cannot stand up to Ginkais new Kilobot, Unitrix. Unable to face defeat, Mystery Medafighter accepts Kams offer of Exor, the most powerful Kilobot of all. But there are two conditions: Mystery Medafighter must stop using Roks and he must fight Ikki and destroy Metabees rare medal.

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