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22 Apr. 2002
Beetle Mania
Rokusho easily defeats the Belzelgas. He then explains to Ikki what the leader of the Rubberobo Gang wants with Metabee. Metabee's rare medal is the product of an ancient civilization. Professor Hushi had perfected a way of duplicating these rare medals. Metabee's medal is, in fact, the parent medal for countless Hercules beetle medal clones made by the Medabot Corporation. By using Metabee's medal, the Rubberobos can take control of all beetle medals around the world./n/nThe shadowy Rubberobo leader activates Metabee's medal, taking control of beetle medal Medabots ...
27 Apr. 2002
The Mother of All Robattles
Ikki and Metabee team up with Rokusho, Phantom Medafighter and Arcbeetle to fight Giganko. But even a triple-pronged Medaforce attack from the three Medabots isn't enough to stop him. His crawling leg parts transform into legs, and he continues on his rampage toward the city. Meanwhile, Ikki's dad receives a call. He's needed at work. After a pep-talk from the philosophic Peddler, Ikki and Metabee decide not to back down. They fly off after Giganko, using aerial leg Medaparts to continue the robattle. The Select Corps, a UN peacekeeping force, organized to prevent ...
22 Sep. 2002
Space Medaballerina X
Samantha is so sure of her abilities filling in for Space Medafighter X at the Championship, she insists on being made leader of Team Japan. The team trains hard for their next match with Team Mexico but Samantha is also preparing for her upcoming ballet recital, which is happening on the same day! Torn between her mother's dreams of seeing her daughter become a prima ballerina and the needs of her friends, Samantha slowly unravels. Skipping the championship for her recital, she is stunned to discover Sloan has taken her place as Space Medafighter X. But Sloan's ...

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