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Season 1

30 Dec. 2000
Bannon Custody Case
Race Bannon ends his longtime association with Dr. Benton Quest and sues for custody of Jonny and Hadji. Harvey, as always, takes the case. Â
23 Sep. 2001
Very Personal Injury
Ex-Superfriend Apache Chief spills coffee on his lap and loses his superpower, the ability to "grow large at will". Harvey represents the fallen superhero in his fight against the negligent coffee conglomerate.
7 Jul. 2002
Shaggy Busted
When the weaving Mystery Machine is pulled over, a giggling Shaggy and Scooby are held for possession. The gang enlists Harvey to defend the two in the entirely circumstantial case.
14 Jul. 2002
Death by Chocolate
The ATF surround Yogi Bear's cave and charge his sidekick, the cute, innocent Boo Boo, with eco-terrorism.  The high profile case is assigned to Harvey who devotes himself to Boo Boo's defense-and to Boo Boo.
21 Jul. 2002
Shoyu Weenie
'Shoyu Weenie', a Japanese pop band, discovers that Jabberjaw and the Neptunes have stolen their hit single and decide to take their case to a higher power. When he's not available, they settle for Harvey.
28 Jul. 2002
The Dabba Don
Fred Flintstone is a family man - he works hard and provides a very good living for his wife, Wilma, and daughter, Pebbles. Looking to expand beyond 'construction' with a couple of small, side businesses, Fred seeks legal advice from Harvey. The case is seemingly a simple matter until the Feds start questioning the legitimacy of Fred's business dealings and his possible ties to the Mob.

Harvey, oblivious as always, refuses to see Fred as anything but an honest working stiff, struggling to provide for his family. That is, until he's made consigliere.
25 May 2003
Deadomutt: Part 1
A hot new lawyer, Blue Falcone, joins Harvey's law firm. Everyone's excited to have, for the first time, an ex-superhero on the firm. Harvey does nothing to conceal his jealousy-or his hatred for the annoying Dynomutt. When Dynomutt is then found jammed and mangled beyond recognition in a copier machine, Harvey is the prime suspect. Harvey is arrested, tried, found guilty and sentenced to the electric chair.
1 Jun. 2003
Deadomutt: Part 2
Harvey's fate is decided in this conclusion to the Dynomutt murder trial.
8 Jun. 2003
X, the Exterminator
The assassin "X the Eliminator" is sitting at home, mostly having forgotten that he was paid a million bucks to kill Birdman in 1968, when he sees Harvey in an ad for his law practice. X launches right back in his quest and, now posing as "X the Exterminator," confronts Harvey. And is devastated to discover that Harvey just doesn't remember him.

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