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Sex & Nudity

  • A female character is shown wearing a short skirt and top revealing cleavage. Another female character wears modest but snug-fitting dresses for most of the film.
  • A young woman prisoner is searched for weapons by a couple of leering guards. One of them harasses her by grabbing her back thigh, and then attempts to grab her front region while the others look on leering, but she stops him and fights back before they are interrupted.
  • A woman kisses a shrouded figure on an alter who acts as a communication device between her and her husband.

Violence & Gore

  • Riddick stabs a man in the head with a knife and then twists the blade, breaking off the handle.
  • A young woman is killed when she is thrown backward onto a spiked pillar. (No blood)
  • Not very graphic but pretty intense.
  • A man uses a tea cup to stab someone in the chest. Very little blood, but the victim falls down dead.
  • Several men are completely destroyed by extreme temperatures on a fiery planet. The flames erode them down to their skeletons. It is very brief.
  • Riddick stands atop a manhole cover, while the person below lifts it, searching for him. Riddick then stabs the man in the face with an anchor-like chain. The man later falls hunders of feet down a shaft to his (probable) death. Cheesy, not graphic.


  • 1 use of the F word in the PG-13 version and 2 times in the R version. Standard PG-13 otherwise.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Brief drinking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • There are puma like lizard dogs on cremitoria. These may scare younger viewers. Riddick later tames one and pets it, but they are still very frightening and kill a few minor characters (offscreen).
  • Includes violence and frightening images.
  • About as graphic as The Bourne Identity or Mission Impossible.

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