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Very Underrated Movie
cjsteltz15 May 2005
I am not sure why this movie caught to much bad press. It is a very very solid sci-fi/action movie. Its completely different from the first one but in a good way. Pitch Black was sci-fi/horror not action. The action sequences in this are amazing as well as the fight sequences. Vin Diesel was born to play this character like Arnold to the Terminator. The special effects, fights and action make this movie a balls to the wall fun flick. If you have not seen it because of all the nay sayers, I say hogwash, wow never thought i would use hogwash in a sentence. I've seen this one three times now with different people and everyone who sees it ends up really liking it and asking themselves why they haven't seen it before this. Check this one out for certain.
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Great Scifi action flick
mjohnston10-17 March 2005
I would also like to comment on the fact that TCOR received bad reviews. Personally, I think that Vin Diesel should continue making the movies from the other screenplays that have already been written. The plot in these films (TCOR and Pitch Black) is actually quite original. From an action standpoint, the films do not lack anything. Riddick is the bad ass anti-hero that we would all like to be sometimes and they couldn't have cast the parts any better. There are some similarities between the Necros in TCOR and the Borg in the latter Star Trek movies, but who cares? David Twohy put a great spin on the Necro collective and I am eagerly awaiting another sequel. Anyone who likes Scifi and enjoys fantastic visuals will love this movie.
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Why compare when you can enjoy?
kamyk20007 December 2004
I thought this movie was riveting. It did start a little slow, but soon thereafter caught my full attention. I had to change mental gears from expecting a Pitch Black sequel/clone, but not in a bad way at all. And there ARE tie-ins with Pitch Black plainly evident unless you aren't particularly observant or haven't seen Pitch Black. I thought the special effects were some of the best I have seen in a very long time, and after I began to become adjusted to the more involved background story, I found it engrossing. I felt that the characters had some depth to them. Enough for me to care a little about a few of them anyway, and Riddick became a little less of a cardboard cut-out, and a little more intricate in this movie. Some of the action sequences are also pretty impressive. I find it quite disappointing that this did not do better in theaters, and intend my rental to become a purchase. I hope that they continue the series with the next one? or two? movies that have been rumored to be following.

Those who found the movie itself disappointing, I would guess would be: 1) Hardcore sci-fi, or action movie fans who spent way too much time making mental comparisons to their favorite storyline/universe, or acting star during a movie to actually just enjoy the movie. 2) People who just wanted straight up action without all of the intricate details of a sci-fi storyline. 3) People expecting a sequel to Pitch black that didn't grow or expand on the storyline or character, who couldn't switch gears.

I took this film as THIS film, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I did not spend the entire movie making mental comparisons to other sci-fi or action movies or stars. Yes some of it's ideas have been used before. So what? Plumbing was an idea used by the ancient Greek and roman civilizations. Should we not use plumbing, because someone else used it before? If you spend all of the time during the movie making comparisons, then you might not give the movie the full attention it deserves.

For any who enjoy a good sci-fi action movie with a little thought behind it, and don't have some holy grail to compare it with, I would highly recommend this one.
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Good action, great visuals, good story depth
klaus_rubba8 December 2004
I only saw the directors cut, but apparently that makes all the difference, and so i think the 6.1 rating may not be representative. I never felt like i was lost or something could be better explained.

I was surprised at the depth of the story line, almost inspiring me to go read the books (except I don't have the time :) Sure, some of the one-liners were corny, but Vin Diesels usually similar style actually fits the role of Riddick quite well.

One caveat, I went in with low expectations which may have boosted my overall impression. And while there are a few references to Pitch Black, I wouldn't call it required viewing to see this movie. They carried over a few relationships but at least gave a bit of background.
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6.1 is a strange result
don_hunter19 April 2005
This is one weird rating from all the fine subscribers to IMDb. For the first time in, my albeit limited experience, the previously flawless rating system has, in my opinion, got it way wrong.

This movie is almost superb. Kind of LOTR meets Star Wars, with more humour (intentional British spelling by the way).

The direction, special effects, plot, music, screenplay, cast performance, and entertainment value are all truly fabulous! I suspect that those who went to see it had decided beforehand that it would be rubbish in the way of a self-fulfilling prophecy. That does sound a bit smug, but this film is way, way better than 6.1! It will be something of a travesty if Riddick and Pitch Black before it, are not built on with the other, previously planned, releases.

If you haven't seen it, please do so - enter uncommitted and leave smiling knowing that you spent a good $ or £ or whatever! Don H.
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A matter of taste
sonofnob9 April 2005
Just had fun watching TCOR and am pretty happy about it. Good action, great visual stuff. A worthy successor to Pitch Black, though the two films are hardly related. Vin Diesel does a good and convincing job at playing an action antihero. As usual, Judy Dench adds to the film, even though her role is small here. The story is pure pulp SF and is short and predictable but is refreshingly dark and (mostly) unsentimental. It actually also has some interesting bits and nice side stories as a (smallish) bonus. Bits and pieces have been copied from Dune, without the film being a Dune copy. Compared to Dune, TCOR has more action and fewer Lynch oddities & boring bits. In my book, both films are good, about equally so.

Reading some of the other reviews, it seems that people are fairly polarized in their opinions of this film. Like most pulp science fiction, it takes a different sort of suspension of belief from that which makes usual films work. However, the action makes it a fair bit easier, and I found it a lot more engrossing and convincing than any of the five (ridiculous but entertaining) Star Wars films, the uniformly unwatchable Star Trek stuff, or, for that matter, most blockbusting light entertainments. But that is just me. If you hate Dune, exaggerated action scenes, or (minor) plot inconsistencies, then you probably won't like this film. Otherwise, chances are good that you will.
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Surprisingly Good.
starskyhutch698 May 2005
WOW! What a surprise! A very well thought-out plot, excellent character development, immersive sets, and special effects that melt into the fabric of the movie so well, they all but disappear. I was not expecting to be absolutely glued to the screen when I first sat down to watch this movie, but I was. It pulls you in like a roller coaster ride, and doesn't let you off, until the ride is over. A performance from Vin Disel, that is arguably his best ever, not to mention he was also a producer of this movie. My compliments to your ability to recognize a good story, and to bring it to such life.

This one is on my library list. My only regret was that I did not see it in a theatre. I hesitate to call this art, but it has been a long time since a movie has entertained me so much.
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Once again Vin Diesel brings to life the vicious, calculating anti-hero Riddick
fredericksmith195219 March 2012
Once again Vin Diesel brings to life the vicious, calculating anti-hero Riddick, the convict who prefers to kill instead of negotiate. Riddick is living a life of arduous survival, preferring the isolation of the frozen planet to the company of humans. When he learns the Imam is the man who has set the bounty for him, he journeys to discover why. Keith David recreates the Imam from Pitch Black as if he had never left the role, and introduces us to Aereon, the elemental being in the form of Judi Dench, whose powerful acting and presence adds both drama and authenticity to the film. Nick Chinlund excels in a role custom made for him, and Colm Feore is magnificent as the Lord Marshal, the holy half-dead who has seen the Underverse. Linus Roache, in one of two films he has worked on with Diesel (the other, Find Me Guilty, perhaps led to his role as the Assistant DA on Law and Order), and while his role is not as big as I would have liked, his presence and eloquence as the Purifier adds significantly to the film. Karl Urban, who has appeared in other fantasy roles (Priest, Star Trek), presents a more powerful, controlled soldier of the faith, while Thandie Newton as his ambitious wife provides the right balance to the struggle for power within any authoritarian regime. Alexa Davalos is excellent as Kyra, defiant and deadly to the last. Even the extended version is rated PG-13 for language and violence, but little sexual content. Since Vin will be recreating Riddick in a third film next year, I would say this is a collectible if you are a fan of the first two, or just a fan of good science fiction.
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An excellent and much needed film.
c-cathrine4 September 2004
'The Chronicles of Riddick' seems to be receiving unfair flak. I can understand why in most cases, but I question whether some of the critics have seen the film. After all, it can hardly be considered a 'nominal sequel', as one critic stated. There is nothing nominal about it, when compared with 'Pitch Black'. A 'nominal' sequel to this film would no doubt take some people back to the planet it was set on, and face the same monsters again - and more of them. Most likely, the people would not be at all related to the first film. That is the suit that most sequels follow - more of the same. Chronicles is certainly not this. In fact, it is hardly a sequel at all - which is perhaps why it has never once been pegged as one.

Many have complained about the lack of character development. Fair enough. However, it's not needed, and if you would like, there is an entire film dedicated quite separately to the character development of Riddick - 'Pitch Black'. Still, I would contend that Riddick's character develops a fair bit during the film - for crying out loud the guy is crying at the end of the film! I had hardly imagined that possible even having seen 'Pitch Black', yet I did not question it at all by the end of Chronicles.

As to the weak plot, does Star Wars have a strong one? If you say Chronicles doesn't, then I would argue that few if any sci-fi operas, or epic fantasy films have. I actually found it quite absorbing, and felt the story was very full. Many have complained about the place names, but lets be honest, those are exactly the sorts of names our society would give! Just look at the American West if you want proof! This alone makes the universe in this movie seem more connected to ours.

Admittedly the talent is not taken full advantage of, but as this film was intended as part of a trilogy (as yet unmade), with 'Pitch Black' as a separate but connected tale (like 'the Hobbit' is to 'Lord of the Rings', according to Vin Diesel), it would be expected that more would be seen of these characters in later installments. When taken in this context, the film serves as an excellent introduction to a larger story and some of its principle players. Certainly, Star Wars IV was no better - and perhaps a damn sight worse (acting and direction were not the greatest, lets be fair).

Considering the current state of mind bogglingly unoriginal and empty fantasy and comic book films which seem to have dominated the market for the last few years, it is a breath of fresh air to find a space opera with beautiful art direction and imagery. It's also nice to find a film on such a scale that is not childish, and is wonderfully dark. No doubt this will affect its box-office takes, especially in countries such as the UK where the rating will not allow all ages entry. Still, I hope it passes the fabled sequel money boundary, and we see the other two films made. The story looks to be epic, and I very much look forward to see where its going. It is certainly less predictable than the Matrix trilogy.
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I liked this movie and so did most of the rest of the audience!!
betut-112 June 2004
I just saw this film and I really enjoyed it. Sure, it is not the same a "Pitch Black" which I think was also a good film in its own right. "Chronicles of Riddick" is a big budget summer blockbuster film and on that level it succeeds. Sure it is silly in parts but we are not discussing a project based upon a Pulitzer Prize winning novel. It is action packed science fiction. I think Riddick DID stay true to the character he played in "Pitch Black". While the Riddick in that film was a brutal, self-centered opportunist, I think we see by the end of that film that he had good characteristics as well. The Riddick in this film is still brutal, self-centered and opportunistic (see the full size statue of Riddick shown during the end credits) but we see more of the decent aspects of his character as well. The action scenes in this film were great! I especially enjoyed the "topside" chase scene on Cremetoria. And Thandie Newton was a really good "baddie"!

The thing that pleased me the most was that there were people of color in central key roles who were not stereotypes. The main hero was not the buff blue-eyed white man out to save humanity that we have been feed by Hollywood. And the female characters seemed to have more sense at times than the male characters. Thandie Newton's character had a much better grasp of court politics than her husband and Dame Judith's character wasn't just the stereotypical "wise mystical being", she was politically savvy as well.

The only problem I had with the film was the lack of development for Linus Roche's character. I just did not believe his actions toward the end of the film. But, that is trivial.

All in all, it was a good way to spend about an hour forty five on a Saturday evening!
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" You should 've taken the Money Toombs "
thinker16917 October 2007
Once you're a convicted character in the movies, your life span can continue far longer than it would be allowed in reality. In the film " The Chronicles of Reddick" we have such a warrior who for lack of better luck, is forever re-earning the title, hero. Richard Reddick (Vin Diesel) is the last Furian from his planet. We accept that, then we stumble over another Furian. Nevertheless, his race of people have been singled out for total genocide, by a war-driven nation called the Necromongers. Their leader is called The Lord Marshal (Colm Feore) who perceives himself a doomed man, due to the prophesy which warns, a Furian will take his life. To protect himself, he employs powerful people like his second in command. Lord Vaako (Karl Urban) and Dame Vaako (Thandie Newton) both swear allegiance to the Lord Marshal, but secretly scheme to take his place. Judi Dench plays Aereon, an 'Elemental.' She like 'The Purifier' (Linus Roache) are rare individuals who are necessary for security but cause concern to the Lord Marshal. If these were not enough to complicate Reddick's life, he must try and stay ahead of the band of Mercs, who vow to collect the high price on his head. The best of the Mercs is an old friend, soldier/warrior and experienced Mercenary named Toombs. (Nick Chinlund). The line of enemies is bad enough, but there's more like a special Universal religion called 'Under-verse' which promises utopia to the converted. Reddic and his friends are targeted for this and if they do not submit, then death. With all the special effects and grand art sets in this film, the movie should make itself very interesting if not down-right memorable. It's a great story, but pay close attention. ****
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An underrated Sci Fi movie
Cian-Faal28 December 2004
This film has gotten terrible reviews, and I feel as if its bad press is undeserving. It's a good film, and it frustrates me that people hate this movie. So what if it doesn't have a good, original plot? What movie does have a good original plot? Look at Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. That movie didn't have an original plot, but yet people praised that movie to high heaven.

Why do people insult the Chronicles of Riddick for its plot? Sure, it doesn't have the best plot in the world, but it's half decent. Besides, the Chronicles of Riddick is an action film. What kind of moron goes into an action movie, like the Chronicles of Riddick, expecting an Oscar winning performance? When I go into a movie, I don't care whether the plot is good! I watch a movie to be entertained! Why bother comparing the Chronicles of Riddick to the Manchurian Candidate (Or what have you)? Would you go into a movie for kids and say the movie is crap because the story is cliché? Of course not. So then, why are people dissing the Chronicles of Riddick for its story? Kids movies and action movies don't require plot for them to be entertaining. Drama films, mystery films and romance films all require plot, sure, but why expect an amazing drama out of a film when the trailers clearly show that the movie is going to be a sci fi film? That doesn't make any sense! This movie isn't the best of all time. Far from it. With that said, it is a good sci fi film, and one that is very enjoyable. Don't let the critics fool you. The Chronicles of Riddick is an enjoyable film, that I recommend.
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Great action, great story, great effects
ebf28 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Great film. I really liked it, being a great fan of Pitch Black (2000). The universe of Riddick is really impressive and way different from the (boring and predictable) other sci-fi titles nowadays (except, maybe Firefly).

Vin Diesel's character is very well explored in this movie and I guess this is the only Vin Diesel performance that I enjoyed at all. The Necromongers are a very curious and interesting "race" (they have an evil charm, something like the Borgs) and I would like to see more of them and more about Riddick's past.

And I really liked the twist at the ending. I can't wait to see the third movie of the franchise (if it ever gets released, I hope so).
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You need to read this....
pablo_87ca15 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
First off, I'm going to say this: I loved this movie, but this movie was slugged by the press, and for whatever reason, people were listening to the critics, and not going to see it, or for that matter, giving this movie a fair chance at the box-office. I think people listen to the critics too much these days, and that's really sad, because so many good movies have never gotten their fair share of recognition over the years. Anyways, this movie had many things that Sci-Fi movies are lacking these days....originality. The Crematoria concept was brilliant, Helion-Prime, all that stuff was great. The back story was also very thorough and entertaining, so what's the problem? Also, I heard a lot of people were bitching about the ending....IT'S MEANT TO BE A TRILOGY PEOPLE!!!! Of course they won't spill everything right away, it's meant to be told over two more films. And the DVD tied up ant lose ends that we needed to know. I heard of the concept for the next two, and the possibility of a prequel, and it's sounds incredible. I hope they fund the next two, because this story needs to be told. It seems that ever since Vin Diesel became a Hollywood commodity, every critic and their best friend has been trying to down everything he does lately, I don't get it....he's got the talent, appreciate it. Anyways, I think this movie is a great beginning to an epic story, check it out for yourselves, don't listen to the critics....they didn't even like Star Wars, until it got so popular that they had no choice but to praise it. Anyways, like I said go see it for yourselves, make up your own mind, 8 or 9 times out of 10, you'll be surprised at what the outcome is when individuality reigns over listening to critic's vendettas on originality.
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Great Science Fiction!
bozo110 December 2004
It was very refreshing to watch a science fiction movie with a great story and fantastic acting. I enjoyed Vin Diesel's performance as Riddick. He made the movie with his one-liners. Casting was very good. Special effects were incredible. I would give it 9 out of 10 stars. I hope there is a sequel to follow this movie. There appeared to be a time span between Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick but they bridged the gap quite well. A prequel to Pitch Black would help to establish who Riddick is and where he came from. This movie definitely took me to a place few science fiction movies do now days. I predict that Riddick will be entertaining us with more movies in the future.
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My favorite summer movie!
nixar5513 August 2004
Riddick might not have been the *best*-made movie this summer, but it was my favorite. It had more action than Spider-Man 2, and was darker than Harry Potter 3. I also think it had more interesting ideas and a greater visual flair than both of these films. Riddick was total escapist fun, with lots of funny one-liners and Vin Diesel playing his best character, Riddick. Other great performances were given by Karl Urban (looking very anti-Eomer in his black mohawk) and especially, the bounty hunter Tooms (?).

Sure, there were some plot holes, and some hammy acting (mostly Thandie Newton), but it was so refreshing to see an original "hero", one that wasn't a 100% pure teenage boy with magical powers. Sure, Harry Potter and Peter Parker may get tempted by evil, like all proper heroes, but audiences *know* they'll turn good again. Not so with Riddick; he lives in the dark side, making it actually surprising when he does something compassionate.

Also refreshing was a science fiction/fantasy story that didn't involve hobbits, computers, and massive swarms of CGI Agent Smith/orc armies. This movie was more like Dune, with an H.R. Giger edge. My only real complaint was that the movie was PG-13, when it should've been R, like "Pitch Black." And maybe that's why some of the violent scenes seemed choppy and confusing - to show enough to keep it PG-13. But the unrated DVD comes out in November.

Also, the ending of this movie was awesome: just really funny and cool. It left me smiling for awhile afterward.
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Nice special effects, humorous dialogues, action... in a word - enjoyable.
rebel-paul15 August 2005
I liked this movie. Nice special effects, humorous dialogues, action... in a word - enjoyable. But is this really Sci-Fi? The unexplained "half alive and half... something else" attribute of Lord Marshal reduces a little bit the scientific aspect of the movie, but this can be forgiven.

A week after watching "The Chronicles of Riddick" I also watched Solaris (2002). I am a big fan of science fiction and I also read Stanislav Lem's novel. After watching both movies I asked myself which of them is "more Sci-Fi" and which of them I liked more. I admit that from a point of view "Solaris" is a more "scientific" Sci-Fi (it even features a dialogue mentioning "subatomic particles") and also is psychologically more complex, but I really liked "The Chronicles of Riddick" more. Because watching this movie made me really feel like watching a Sci-Fi movie, while Solaris looked to me more like a psychological drama and almost not at all Sci-Fi.

Some of you could think I'm too kind and nice in judging this movie. O.K, Vin Diesel is maybe not the most expressive actor but it is kind of "cool" and is suited for playing Riddick. And maybe Jack/Kyra character is superficially built. And I'm sure there are a lot other things to be said against this movie. But what really counts is if you enjoyed watching the movie. And I did, So it's a 10 of 10 from me.
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Don't think too much and you might actually find yourself enjoying this box office bomb.
carbuff10 May 2015
With regard to the negative reviews, what were you expecting?

Come on guys, lighten up. This film delivers pretty much exactly on its promises, nothing more, nothing less. It is basically a live action Sci-Fi comic book, which is pretty much how it sold itself. The special effects are very good and the acting and plot are appropriate for a graphic novel.

Sure, if you really think about this movie's storyline, or, even worse, well-understood laws of physics, it's total nonsense, but that's not the point. Just approach it as a B-grade Sci-Fi action flick, and it's very good slick entertainment which never slows down, making the 2- hour runtime no ordeal.

Grab some popcorn, turn down the lights, turn-off your brain, you might actually enjoy this.
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A warning!
luismanuelbatista8 September 2010
When I saw this movie I wasn't expecting a thing. Which was a good thing because it turned to be a great film.

I read some opinions here at IMDb and I find out some people didn't like it because there should be something, a film, a book, a cartoon, something as an argument between Pitch Black and Chronicles.

Actually there's a cartoon called "Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury" between those two movies and it explains all the lines in this movie.

For those who never heard of it check it out, maybe you'll change your mind, because it's rare these days a very consistent story has this chronicles.
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A really enjoyable sci-fi action movie
wmhogg11 June 2004
I just returned from seeing Chronicles of Riddick, and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I can't wait to see it again. It was great fun.

I really appreciate the depth of the universe that David Twohy and the Wheat brothers create. They show us glimpses of wondrous things and people that I am dying to know more about. There is so much back-story here, that it just screams for a sequel.

Admittedly, I am a fan of Pitch Black, so I came to the theater prepared to like the movie. I had the same reaction to this movie that I had when seeing the first Star Wars movie, Dune, and the Matrix. I was totally captivated by worlds I had not seen on the screen before.

Vin Diesel is more overtly the hero in this movie than in Pitch Black. However, he still has his quiet-spoken, menacing moments that remind us that he is a killer, and is lethal when crossed.

I had not seen Alexa Davalos before, but thought she did a great job, and handled the action scenes and the drama well. Karl Urban (Eomer from LOTR) is very good as the brooding, troubled warrior. I also enjoyed Thandie Newton as the almost Shakespearean character who urges her reluctant mate to take action, and seize the destiny that she believes is rightfully his.
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Another Kind of Evil
jon.h.ochiai18 June 2004
Warning: Spoilers
In the prologue of "The Chronicles of Riddick", Dame Judi Dench as Aereon, leader of the Elemental race, declares that to battle great evil sometimes requires "another kind of evil". That "evil" she speaks of would be Riddick, played by Vin Diesel. Perhaps Riddick (Diesel) is another kind of evil. Although he seems more the classic rogue warrior, beholding to none, who eventually transcends to an avatar. He becomes the chosen one in a battle between good and evil-- a battle that initially was never his nor did have any stake in it. David Towhy's "Chronicles of Riddick", which follows the main character of his "Pitch Black", is very unwieldy, needlessly convoluted, and ambitious in scale and scope. That being said, I enjoyed the movie largely because of Vin Diesel, and the appeal of the character Riddick. Here is the deal. The Elementals are some kind of ethereal guardian race, who follow some sort of doctrine of non-intervention. Ultimately, they are part of the storyline. The great evil are the Necromongers, a ruthless fascist military race, bent on the genocide of all humans throughout the galaxy. Their leader is the omnipotent, Lord Marshall (Colm Feore). The dark Lord is hinted to be "half living and..." Aereon (Dench) prophesies that the powerful Lord will die by the hand of a Furion, member of the extinct elite warrior race. In the prophesy, Riddick is that Furion. Hence, the mythology is in place. Unlike the very poorly done messiah tale of "The Matrix Revolutions", Twohy's "Riddick" does not really take itself so seriously. This is a good thing.

"Chronicles" is set five years after the prisoner, Riddick, and survivors escaped the deadly planet in "Pitch Black". Bounty hunters tracking Riddick, bring him out of seclusion and back to civilization on Helion II. There he seeks out his old friend, Iman (Keith David). Riddick thinks that Iman had betrayed him to bounty hunters. He does so, but discovers that the young boy, Jack, with whom they escaped was really a girl, Kyra. Kyra (Alexa Davalos) has the story that Riddick abandoned her, when he had intended to protect her from harm by leaving her and Iman. Kyra in turn has become like Riddick, now a murderous inmate on a planetary penitentiary. This is a rather forced plot twist which works in this story. Having Jack be Kyra lends compassion to Riddick which is a cool character paradox. One of the endearing aspects of Diesel as Riddick is that he does not care about anyone, including himself. Kyra gives him something worth fighting for.

While on Helion Riddick, witnesses the sheer brutality and ruthlessness of the Necromongers. He also demonstrates his fearlessness and awesome warrior prowess. The battle lines are drawn, and Riddick must surrender to his destiny... or not.

Twohy's story is very kluged, though his direction has effective pace and energy. Some of the action is sharply edited in a quick cut style which makes details difficult to discern. "The Chronicles of Riddick" really relies on the powerful presence and intensity of Vin Diesel. Diesel is at his best playing bad boy, loner heroes, and muting the hero's compassion. Really, he is great at underplaying this. John Riddick is just more of an updated gangsta version of John Rambo. Diesel has a great voice, and is in awesome shape to perform the fighting sequences. Colm Feore is a formidable adversary as Lord Marshall. Judi Dench, who is great in whatever role she plays, must have been well compensated for Aereon, because she does not have much to do in this movie. The only other standout is Alexa Davalos as Kyra. She is beautiful, strong, athletic, and full of rage. Her Kyra is a great foil to Riddick; thus, serving to humanize his character.

I enjoyed "The Chronicles of Riddick" and admire the star power of Vin Diesel. "Riddick" looks to be a movie franchise. It would be great if Twohy in the sequel expands and deepens the character, instead of just amping up the action. Vin Diesel is suited for these kinds of movies (I really would not like see him in a romantic comedy); however, he might select more challenging roles and movies that capitalize on his charisma, and develop his range and power. He is already a movie star. I also think he can be a powerful actor.
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A nice and nail-biting sequel that will keep you on the edge of your seat , being well starred and splendily directed
ma-cortes22 October 2018
Intriguing as well as intelligent Sci-fi movie , being compellingly directed by a good filmmaker , David Twohy . It stars an awesome cast : Colm Feore , Thandie Newton , Judi Dench , Alexa Davalos , Karl Urban , Linus Roache and Keith David . Exciting film packs intrigue , intense scenes , noisy action , chills and astonishing suspense . In this is a science fiction thriller Riddick (breakthrough film role of actor Vin Diesel) is at an unknown planet with various suns and apparently no life and where mysterious events spread across the land , he is a survivor who is marooned on a strange location and an aircraft piloted by a bounty hunter called Toombs (Nick Chinlund) goes after him . Then Riddick arrives on a planet called Helion Prime, and finds himself up against an invading empire called the Necromongers, whose leader is a warrior priest who is the chief of a sect with a powerful army commanded by Lord Marshal (Colm Feore) , his ominous deputy (Karl Urban) and commander-in-chief (Linus Roache) , that plan to convert or kill all humans by using freak deadly storm over the planets . This is a decent sequel titled ¨The chronicles of Riddick¨ (2004) in which the wanted criminal Riddick arrives on a planet called Helion Prime full of bloodthirsty creatures and finds himself up against an invading empire . But then , they learn that a merciless enemy is about to appear .The greatest danger facing our starring has been the planet's best kept secret...until now . Later on , the ominous Necromongers to be aware the Riddick's arrival at night . There Riddick meets an ethereal being , Aereon (Judi Dench) , an ambassador from the Elemental race who helps him to vanquish the nasty Necromangers .

Fast-moving , creepy , and gory Sci-Fi with thrills , chills , suspense and some familiar elements from the previous outing . This is a pretty good as well as scary movie with violent events ,thrills , intriguing incidents , starked outdoors , and chilling scenes . Interesting screenplay from Jim Wheat , Ken Wheat and David Twohy , dealing with Riddick battling the hideous invaders called the Necromongers, with an army that schemes to murder the population in the world , though the character of Riddick was a woman in an early rough draft of the script. The Pitch Black (2000) original film was supposed to be a standalone film. But, during production, Vin Diesel, and the cast and crew had become intrigued by the character of Riddick, and the ending, in which Riddick was supposed to die, was changed, so a possible sequel with Vin Diesel returning as Riddick could happen. The film spawned three sequels, Dark fury (animated) , Chronicles of Riddick (2004) and Riddick (2013). Vin Diesel gives a hard-ass acting , as usual , as an escaped convict with a bounty on his head who has nothing to lose .The contact lenses Vin Diesel wore in the movie, while a prototype during production, were briefly available to the public from Lens Quest following the release of the film . Diesel said that while shooting the scenes where his character was in a suspended animation , he had a claustrophobia attack at one point during shooting and had to be taken out of the chamber. Nice support cast such as Colm Feore , Karl Urban ,Thandie Newton, Judi Dench , Chistina Cox ,Yorick van Wageningen , Linus Roache and again the beautiful Alexa Davalos . It was given a "PG-13¨ for intense sequences of violent action , profanity and some bad language. An unrated version, with more violence and language was later released. The fantastic creatures and various monsters were perfectly designed by Patrick Tatopoulos and excellent production design , as the Necromonger statues are based on the sculptures of Adolfo Wildt. Besides , hundreds of extras went through basic military training and drills for added uniformity and realism. Thrilling and stirring musical score by Graeme Revell . Colorful cinematography by Hugh Johnson , replacing David Eggby, he shows splendidly the bizarre landscapes from Burnaby , Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and New Deal studios , Los Angeles

The motion picture was well written and directed by David Twohy , it had a 60 days shooting schedule. David is an expert writer and director of competent Sci-Fi movies . As his first picture was the acceptable ¨Timescape¨ . He also wrote ¨Warlock¨, ¨Waterworld ¨, a script for ¨Alien 3¨ in 1988, but it was rejected . Back in May of 2000 , Fox Studios once inquired for his availability to write and direct "AVP: Alien vs. Predator" , but turned down the offer due to scheduling conflicts . David subsequently directed ¨Below¨, the successful ¨Pitch Black¨ with Radha Mitchell , Cole Hauser , Claudia Black , Lewis Fitzgerald , Simon Burke , John Moore and Keith David . Furthermore , a third installment : ¨Riddick¨ (2013) in which left for dead on a sun-scorched planet, Riddick finds himself up against an alien race of predators , it stars : Jordi Mollà , Katee Sackhoff , Dave Bautista , Matt Nable , Bokeem Woodbine , Raoul Trujillo , Conrad Pla , and , of course , Vin Diesel .
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One of my favourite movies
rowanberry-462616 June 2018
What can i say? badass character, plenty of content, a whole universe to explore. As a vin diesel movie this has got to be one of the best. No need to compare it to 'Pitch Black', Like Frasier in 'Cheers', Pitch black introduces the character and is a completely different movie in it's own right. (Although i do prefer chronicles)

If you are looking for plenty of sci-fi, some cheesy lines, action and a pretty good watch, look no further you have found your movie.

The only thing i wish was different was that the sequal 'Riddick' was more like the chronicles of riddick and continued to explore his universe rather than going back to a pitch black esque cinematic. Characters are meant to move forward and develop, not to go back a few steps because it was great the first time
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AMAZING .. so underrated
dave_industries22 December 2011
I fail too see why there is a lot of hate for this film & its star Vin Diesel, the movie itself is an amazing in both story & performance.

For years this has been one of my top movies as no other movie takes you to so many different locations or offers so many clever action set pieces, the scene on cremetoria is nothing short of breath taking.

As for Vin Diesel's performance i don't know how people can have a negative response when he's on the screen he IS Riddick he takes to the character so well, say what you want about his other film performances but he really does pull of this role very well.

To sum up i really do think this movie needs more recognition for what it is.... One of the best science fiction movies of the past 10 years.
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DoNotTrustImdb16 December 2010
I don't get the score on IMDb, I understand sci fi is not every once cup of tea, but this film has no real flaws. Great cast, fantastic decor, story line, lots of action and so on. So where did the score of 6.4 come from? I tend to give most films of any type a go, based on the points pointed out why this film is great, no matter if it is action, drama, horror and so on. I gave this film a 10 as I just can't fault it, and after not seeing it for some time, and to be captured again by this master piece, is not something I come across that often in the world of crap films. If I would watch a type of film thats not something I would go for, but it is directed well, great cast as points made before, would I score the film so low as with this film? No give credit where its due! If you like sci fi than try this, watch it in Blue Ray, as this film is eye candy just on the decor alone. Best film Vin has made so far, and lets hope they do a decent follow up on this. 10 out of 10 for me, and I am sure I will watch this film many more times in years to come.
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