The Ring (2002) Poster


Martin Henderson: Noah



  • Noah : I can't imagine being stuck down a well all alone like that. How long could you survive?

    Rachel Keller : Seven days.

  • Rachel Keller : He watched the tape.

    Noah : Who? who watched it?

    Rachel Keller : Our son.

  • Library Clerk : 1978. Man, we're really going back in time, here.

    Noah : Yeah, lady at reception said it should still be here.

    Library Clerk : Should be. You say you're the patient's father, right?

    Noah : Yep, Richard Morgan, that's me.

    Library Clerk : What is your secret?

    Noah : Diet and exercise, man.

    Library Clerk : No shit...

    Noah : Yeah, that's all it takes.

    Library Clerk : You know, I'm not an idiot. You try and walk out of here with my file, and I'll be on you like white on rice, you understand?

  • Noah : [after watching the tape]  I'm sure it's a lot scarier at night.

  • Noah : [Referring to the tape]  Look I'm sorry but I'm not gonna get all hung up on some high schooled rumor.

    [Rachel gives him a weird look] 

    Noah : What are you thinking?

    Rachel Keller : I'm thinking this is the part where I tell you that you're a slug who never finishes anything and then you say I'm an obsessive bitch. Then I storm out all pissed off, kicking myself for ever thinking that you could just GROW UP!

  • Rachel Keller : Hey Noah, can you pretend for a second that I don't read "Video Geek Magazine"?

    Noah : Okay, when you record a tape, the makeup on the track is like a signature for whatever did the recording like a VCR, camcorder, or whatever, so the control track can tell us where it came from. But to not have one, I mean that's like being born without finger prints.

    Rachel Keller : Then how did this get recorded?

    Noah : I don't know.

  • Noah : [after watching the tape]  Very student film.

  • Rachel Keller : Would you say that I'm gullible?

    Noah : No.

    Rachel Keller : Easily rattled?

    Noah : Definitely not. I mean, you're a little highly-strung maybe.

    [gesturing to her clothes] 

    Noah : Not much of a dresser.

  • Rachel Keller : Four people are dead.

    Noah : Not from watching a videotape.

  • Cashier : You're gonna die.

    Noah : Huh?

    Cashier : My cousin was two packs a day. Used the patch - never looked back.

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