Highlander: The Source (TV Movie 2007) Poster

(2007 TV Movie)

Stephen Wight: Reggie Weller



  • Duncan MacLeod : [after burying Joe Dawson]  I'm done.

    Methos : Why are you upset MacLeod? Is it because Joe's dead or because you, the great Highlander, couldn't save him?

    Duncan MacLeod : Go to hell!

    Methos : So this is the new MacLeod? A man who turns his back on the memory of his friend, his clan? The quiter?

    Duncan MacLeod : [Duncan punches Methos, draws Reggie's sword]  Get up!

    Cardinal Giovanni : This is Holy Ground!

    Duncan MacLeod : I don't care!

    Reggie Weller : [restraining Anna]  No. This is what we do.

    Methos : You know why Joe interfered?

    Duncan MacLeod : Why?

    Methos : It wasn't for me. It was for *you*. So you might be the one. And now, you're just gonna piss all over his grave. Well, come on!

    Duncan MacLeod : Don't hide behind that bullshit, Methos. You wanna blame somebody, blame *yourself*! You got him involved!

  • Anna : How old are you?

    Reggie Weller : I'll be 314 3 weeks from next Tuesday, I'm only a wee lad compared to Giovanni and Methos.

  • Anna : You're a smart guy, Reggie. How come you make believe you're not?

    Reggie Weller : Now what makes you say that, love?

    [Anna playfully slaps him on the shoulder] 

    Reggie Weller : [more serious]  When people think you're a bit of a cabbage, they tend to underestimate you. That's good for keeping a head on one's shoulders when you're immortal.

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