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(I) (1997– )

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The Body Beautiful
At a gym that's at risk of closure, two workers use a magic device to "arouse" interests.
Sexual Dependence Day
Ron Slick is a Washington lobbyist who comes by Dr. Fez's "clicker" invention, which makes women errogeneously ex-tra-cited; Slick uses the clicker on a senator, a reporter, a police officer and two federal agents. This entry may be part of the seven episode TV series, released as a full feature.
In the Heat of the Click
Dr. Fez (John Lazar) loses the device again - this time to two girlfriends, Linda (Gabriella Hall) and Alsacia (Leslie Olivan), who are also searching for a magic necklace.
Erotic Curse of Cairo
After scientist Dr. Fez (John Lazar) finds a powerful sexual artifact in an Egyptian tomb, he loses it and winds up chasing it to Hollywood and Hawaii. Along the way, it creates powerful sexual experiences for everyone it comes in contact with.
Balls of Thunder
Secret Agent Rod Steele 0014 accidentally ends up with a device that increases sex drives and leads to many soft core sex scenes. A James Bond 007 parody.
For the Love of the Click
Popper a sexy detective is in charge of finding out the magic box. For this reason, he goes to Hawai where he meets Jasmine, an exotic painter.
Secrets Revealed
The magic box is finally destroyed, after further softcore scenes.


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