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A romantic comedy so smart and sweetly mature, it's liberating.
Funny but not a comedy, serious but never overbearing, emotional in an engaging and bittersweet way, Good Bye, Lenin! is a wonderful film unto itself about a world unto itself.
Wolfgang Becker's premise is absurdist and makes great sense as political satire.
Film Threat
Relies heavily on strong performances from Brühl and Sass to make the illusion believable.
This triumph of historical verisimilitude in the service of solid storytelling requires no detailed knowledge of the period to be appreciated as the moving story of a son's unconditional love for his mother.
The A.V. Club
Surprisingly successful blend of goofy political farce and sober family drama.
L.A. Weekly
Director Becker and his sharp screenwriter, Bernd Lichtenberg, come less to bury communism than to hurl darts at the Western commodity culture that floods East Berlin.
Village Voice
Overlong and a bit tiresome but it's actually about something.
Will richly award locals with sly in-jokes and a wonderful comic performance by Bruhl. Non-Germans will certainly get the essence of the humor but may find the movie long and repetitive.
Much too long. It starts to feel like a flabby, dramatic version of the first "Austin Powers" movie, another exercise in living anachronism as a storytelling device. By the time the picture's final note about German reunification is struck, "Lenin!" has raised a wall of indifference for the audience.

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