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The Magician
tributarystu8 March 2005
Robbie Williams is, undoubtedly, one of my favorites. He's such an eccentric figure you can but either like him or hate him. In case his music rings some familiar and pleasant tunes to your ears, the deal's probably on.

The most amazing fact about Robbie may not be his music, but his insane ideas. He's done it nearly all what music is concerned and "Swing When You're Winning" is the absolute hit. The mere fact that such a popular pop singer would record an album remaking some true classic songs of some of the greatest years in musical history is even more amazing given this pop singer is Robbie Williams. Not to mention the huge cultural gap, music wise, in which the "new generations" have taken a preposterous leap. Seeing Robbie proved to me that there is still something left of the true musical spirit. It proved, not necessarily beyond any doubt, but convincingly enough for me, that RW isn't just another wacko on the music stage. Guts, nuts and style.

The truly amazing thing is that he's actually good at singing these songs. You can never truly compare the original with the remake, still no one can deny Robbie sounds incredibly good on this album, at this concert. As usually, he proves that he's a natural performer, one of the greatest of all time probably. A real magician.
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A Tribute to the Rat Pack from Robbie
Dan-Bowes9 December 2001
Robbie Williams said he grew up listening to this music and it has always been his dream to perform, and what better place to perform these songs then in the Albert Hall. This is a great tribute to the Rat Pack (Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin) and Robbie shows us is amazing voice along with a style of music which hasn't been seen from him before. I definetly recommend this to anyone (you can buy it on DVD or VHS) even if your not a Sinatra fan, you'll still love it 10/10
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One of the Best!
fnlavida1 July 2002
This is simply one of the best performances ever done by an artist and I highly recommend it. You will be amazed on how great Robbie sings the music that was made popular by the Rat Pack. I just couldn't figure out why he didn't it make big in the U.S. Maybe the American audiences are not just ready yet...
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Robbie gives a very good performance as "Sinatra"
Italy-Wedding16 December 2001
Robbie Williams covered the songs of Frank Sinatra and he did it very well, he had given a fantastic show in Albert Royal Hall and everyone agrees that it was wonderful! This is something else that Robbie does normaly, but what he does it is always good.

Nicole Kidman,... worked also on the CD. It is just great!!

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one night with Robbie (tv)
cherrylipslina27 August 2005
hey folks,

this is the best show Robbie has ever given, his voice as gentle as can be, entertainment at its best.

I've been a Robbie fan since the beginning, even when he was with take that, he was born to be a entertainer, he's got the talent from his dad, who's a well-known comedian in england.Robbie's comedic talent, his gestures, his voice, the whole charisma, has made him to what he is now: THE mega star!

if you aren't a fan of Robbie yet, you will become after watching the show! you need to watch this! it's a kick in the head, as Robbie would say.

kind regards, his no 1 fan
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An Unforgettable, fun night out
FERaptor5 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this on my birthday....and what an experience! It was as if you were in the Royal Albert Hall that night. Robbie Williams sings all the classic songs from the great performers of the 50's such as 'Sammy Davis Jnr', 'Dean Martin' and of course 'Frank Sinatra' in a style which befits their songs. He throws himself completely into their shoes, delivering each song as if he were singing in that era, whilst poking fun at himself and encouraging the audience to have a good time. Robbie also pays homage to those great singers, never attempting to steal any of their thunder, but merely wanting to present these songs to a new generation. Also, the audience isn't a mob of screaming teenagers, but a host of mature adults in tuxedos and elegant evening wear. The music backing Robbie isn't a small band, but a magnificent orchestra, and Robbie himself wears the trademark 50s tux, complete with a lose tie. Though be warned....during the breaks between the songs he reverts to his regular persona and there is some strong language (only 4 or 5 times) which may offend, but don't let that put you off. The singing is what counts and it will get you swinging!!
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Simply The Best
elsterno18 December 2001
This show is simply the best ever given by Robbie Williams. It's even better than Live at Slane Castle. If you didn't seen this show. You should be. Just perfect. As you can hear: I'm glad he made this show. It was my best TV-evening ever!!
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He Came, He Saw, He Swung!
jpcdee22 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This Concert and the subsequent Album is among my favourite possessions. I'll confess I wasn't a true Robbie fan at the time.. but this concert converted me. It is a concert a really wish I could've attended. The Rat Pack tunes are fantastically arranged, the Duets with Jon Lovitz, Jane Horrocks, and his best mate Jonathan Wilkes were sublime! Yes he swore sometimes in-between songs but, that's just in Robbie's nature. Truth be told I think its safe to say that this concert wasn't aimed at his teenage fan-base, but their parents!! And by bringing Swing back to a new generation... it opened the door Michael Bublé a few years later!!
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Gen Y Rat Why
tedg16 January 2009
Sometimes a filmed concert takes on a cinematic quality and can be considered a bona fide film. That happened for me with "Last Waltz" and "Stop making Sense."

This does as well, but for completely different reasons. Superficially it is a concert by an earnest man, an energetic performer, a manufactured personality and a moderately competent singer. He's uninteresting to my eye.

The songs are from the Frank Sinatra era, previously sung by the man and his gang. The arrangements are actually quite brilliant, both referencing the brassy Las Vegas style of the 50s and adding a fuller more modern sound. That's the basis of this whole thing, the arrangements — conducted by the arranger.

Its as if that came first, the girl dancers second and the singer third. Oh, those girls. The dual existence, past and modern is more stark in their case. They have that 50s Sinatra existence of being disposable pleasure toys, but they are stronger sexually than he would have tolerated. There are some skits where they turn down Robbie's invitations for sex.

So, Ted, what makes this cinematic? Its the reference to the rat pack, which is made both implicitly and by huge images of them. In one case, Robbie sings the first half of a song and then Frank on film — transported from the past — finishes it. Its carefully done, all of it, to make the concert not just a concert, but something that inherits the legends and references of that crowd. Since the rat pack defined themselves cinematically, the result is a concert folded into a film world.

Its a clever idea. Too bad he just isn't up to it. In fact that song that has him first and Sinatra second makes him seem pale in comparison, despite his obvious commitment.

I'm going to give this a two because the idea is so clever and the arrangements and girls are folded.

Ted's Evaluation -- 2 of 3: Has some interesting elements.
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Frank must be turning in his grave
annamoir29 March 2005
This is the kind of tribute rat pack fans can do without. I find it insulting that someone with such little talent as RW, feels he can make a record and movie of this nature.

One can only hope that this kind of thing does not reappear when the next lucky, totally over rated boy band member attempts the same thing. Be sure it will happen. God help us.

The thing that really makes this film annoying is, of course that William's' voice is not up to scratch, some would argue the man sounds bad enough when he churns out his usual brand of soulless pop rubbish, let alone try and match the vocal talents of the the original artist. Do your self a favour, bin this and seek out some footage of the real rat pack.
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