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Riviting performance, suspenseful drama
cromagnet17 December 2005
I really enjoyed this movie. As I reflected back on it I realized that it really kept my attention and interest. It evoked empathy as I was involved in trying to guess what the characters where going to do next and who would get the upper hand. Not bad for a movie that basically takes place in the living room of a house with only two characters. They really worked well together and the director pulled together their large swings in emotion with great skill.

The plot starts out with this gritty guy who puts an ad out to get a new roommate, preferable female. However, much to the his surprise and annoyance a guy comes to check the place out for a co-worker girlfriend but seems to be overly interested in the place for himself. The tension builds and moves throughout the whole film as the characters slowly reveal their story.

It reminds me of Dead Calm only because that movie also took place on a small boat with only three character to carry the whole film. Deranged pulls out more masterful acting performances.

If you decide to get it, don't read the back cover of the DVD, just watch and enjoy.
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Deranged, a quite good taut two-man drama
FieCrier2 June 2005
I saw this on DVD as Deranged; in an extra the director said Anacardium (scientific classification for cashews) was the title of the play it was based on, and the working title for the film.

A man looks at a room-to-let, and is absolutely set on taking it. The slob letting the room really would prefer a female to rent, but the other guy keeps making the deal sweeter with promises of extra rent money, and a short lease. He moves in immediately, and talks quite a bit, at times scaring the other guy, and trying to put him at ease. He's got an ulterior motive (one spoiled by the DVD box, oh well).

The bulk of the movie is two guys talking and interacting. There are only a few other actors, and they have very short scenes towards the end. Obviously, such a movie is going to succeed or fail on the strength of the performances of the leads and the dialog, and it is very strong in that regard.

I confess, the ending confused me a little. I think I get it, but I'm not sure. The DVD also includes some alternate endings, one of which is in the movie but not used as the final scene, and the other a little confusing as well too. There were two unrelated shorts on the DVD as well, Rear View Mirror, and God's Little Helper. Both were OK; I liked the former better.
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Great Little Indie Thriller
GirlwonderReturns20 May 2009
Really enjoyed this film. Simple, tense, twisty, exceptionally acted by both leads (with a slight edge going to Frank John Hughes, who sold his character to me 100%). It's a little talky, which makes sense given its roots as a stage play, but that doesn't detract from its value thanks to the performances. I also found much of the dialogue and discussion between the two leads to be compelling and thought-provoking. Some people might also find its stage roots apparent given that it takes place largely on one set, but that shouldn't be enough to lessen the experience. It's a shame that this film, like so many solid independent films, didn't get a wider audience in the first place, especially since there's so much big-budget Hollywood drivel clogging the theaters. But I personally liked it enough to purchase the DVD.

Highly recommended to anyone who likes a good thriller, an intense character study, or just plain strong acting.
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Great Acting!
cecile19651 November 2005
Thank you CryFi for letting us know of the other name for the movie or I would have been looking for it forever.

Well, once again, I only have raves about Frank John Hughes! Richard Ruccolo was great too but I have a big soft spot for the very talented and dreamy Frank...

Instrumental to make this an outstanding film was the fact that the director let his actors play. He picked them perfectly. They were well suited for each other, great chemistry. Whatever those two guys got paid to do this film, very little I suspect, it was not enough. Anacardium was superbly acted. The control of the conversation went back and forth between the two characters; I loved them both, and never once got boring.

I really like to watch Frank, his face is always so expressive, he can go from a smile to a smirk in one move, and he never looks like he's acting. I bet he's great on stage. I loved his character study, a feisty little thing. And Frank, don't ever loose your accent, it's wonderful! Richard is more subtle yet still effective; he was perfect in his role, very non-threatening. He's also a very talented actor. Where did those two guys come from? I wish they were cast more often, in roles that showcase their acting skills like this film did.

My advice: go out of your way to see this movie. You will not regret it.
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Well directed and very compelling
vpaganini1 August 2003
Very Well directed and well acted. This movie pulls you in and doesn't let you go until it's over. I would like to know when this movie will be available in local theatres.
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keyser_soze432119 June 2007
Fantastic acting and script. Simple one room set (based on stage play - I'd love to see it). Won best independent feature at the New York Film Festival. I can understand why. Best thriller I've seen for a while. Examples of movies I enjoy are 'The Usual Suspects', 'Nature of the Beast', 'The Others', 'Identity', 'Donnie Darko' and 'The Skeleton Key'. If you like most of this list then you'll enjoy Deranged. Same sort of clever writing (plot underneath plot).

This is NOT a spoiler - I only wish they used the alternate ending. Great camera shot on the alternate and would have been better. I still appreciate that the alternate ending was added to the DVD (American Version).

If you like thrillers, despite their slowness, you'll love Deranged. It shows that simple can be great.

Love your work.
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