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Heavy Levity
ferguson-627 May 2003
Greetings again from the darkness. Simple story made interesting by the characters and environment. Billy Bob Thornton is our unconventional lead character. Very understated performance accurately captures the emotions of this repulsed, repentant killer. Sparkling Kirsten Dunst is unusually gritty in her sad portrayal of the pop star daughter putting up a false front. Morgan Freeman is effective as the community "reverend" with a secret. Best performance comes from Holly Hunter as frustrated mom/sister just trying to make sense of her world. Director Ed Solomon, known mostly for light weight writing, does a respectable job of capturing the pain of all the characters. Bleak world where each individual must furnish their own reason to keep going.
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Billy Bob Thornton In Another Redemption Drama...
cariart23 August 2003
If there is a common theme running through Billy Bob Thornton's dramatic roles, it would have to be a man's search for redemption. It can be found in SLING BLADE, A SIMPLE PLAN, THE MAN WHO WASN'T THERE, MONSTER'S BALL, THE BADGE, and again in LEVITY, the film directorial debut of screenwriter Ed Solomon. Unlike more 'commercial' actors, who would prefer playing innocent victims framed for crimes (or would be 'heroic' in committing 'justifiable' deeds), Thornton's characters are guilty of their trespasses, and accept their punishment as deserved. This gives his performances a sense of reality that is always interesting to watch.

In LEVITY, Thornton is Manual Jordan, a 'lifer' who has spent over twenty years in prison for shooting and killing a kid during a convenience store robbery, as a youth. The act was not a crime of passion, it was simply an involuntary reaction to a quizzical 'look' the kid gave him, an expression that would bond the two of them for years to come.

When a parole board decides to commute Jordan's sentence ("Why?" he asks, stunned by the decision after saying he was content to remain in prison), the middle-aged man finds himself alone in an alien, indifferent world, with only the kid's 'ghost' as company.

Jordan decides to try and help the victim's sister, Adele (the ageless Holly Hunter), without revealing his identity ("If you're trying to 'hit' on me," she quips, "I have to warn you, over the years, my standards have lowered..."). She has her hands full with a wild teenaged son, and can't quite figure out this taciturn, long-haired vagrant!

Answering a ringing pay phone, Jordan finds his way to a jaded lay minister (Morgan Freeman, excellent, as always), who, recognizing him as an ex-con, provides him with a place to stay, and a job, cleaning and directing teens from a dance club into the broken-down mission he runs, next door. When Jordan tells the old preacher that he doesn't believe in God, the old man snaps, "I'm not asking you to! I'm asking you to work!" One of the rowdy 'club' teens (Kirsten Dunst), the daughter of a 'one-hit wonder' singer on the skids, finds herself drawn to Jordan, despite his obvious disapproval of her lifestyle.

As with all the best 'indies', there is a richness of character in LEVITY, with each actor in top form. Subtly building to a surprising revelation and an emotional climax, the film may not appeal to audiences who prefer pyrotechnics to plot, but if you like movies with believable characters, and an involving story that unfolds at it's own pace, you may find it to be a very rewarding experience!
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Fantastic Film
moviewizguy28 July 2007
Thorton stars as a man who is free after serving 23 years for killing a teenager during an attempted robbery. After nearly two decades of staring at his victim's face on a newspaper clipping in his cell, the paroled man attempts to find redemption, in the form of a mysterious minister (Freeman) and two needy women (Dunst and Hunter).

I saw this film in the 99 cents store. I looked at the cast, which are great. I looked at the price, which was also great. And I read the plot in the back of the VHS, which got me to buy this film. It looked interesting. So there I watched the movie and I loved it! It's one of the best films ever made.

It was well crafted, beautifully cast, with a great script. I was moved and gripped. For me, this is Billy Bob Thornton's best performance, yet, although I haven't watched Monster's Ball, yet. His performance was superb, like everyone else in the cast, including Morgan Freeman, Holly Hunter, and Kirsten Dunst.

This film is subtle on everything. It keeps your attention and it is a good moral film. I never have much to say about great films, and it's no different here. If you see this film on the shelf, I suggest you to go buy it because it is your money's worth, although I bought it for 99 cents.
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Day of atonement
jotix10024 June 2004
This first time director, Ed Solomon, makes an incredible change over from writing films for the masses, by writing and directing this introspective and moody look into the troubled souls of the fallen. I just caught up to it on cable. At any rate, it was well worth watching. This is an Indie that makes a statement without punching us in the head with it.

Manuel, the lifer that is released at the beginning of the film, ends up looking for a connection with the family of the convenient store clerk he shot and killed during his wild youth. Now, Manuel is older and wiser and knows that he has been spared from the mean streets. It doesn't seem logical for him to do so, but in a way, is his way to express his sorrow at the horror he caused by being reckless.

The encounter with Adele, and her acceptance of this odd man is a bit hard to understand. This woman reacts with caution at first, but realizes Manuel is harmless; thus begins the friendship between them, without a hint of the actual identity of Manuel.

The thing that didn't make sense is the presence of Sofia, a child of privilege in the seedy club that is near the soup kitchen that Miles, another mysterious character runs. Once we overcome those hurdles, it is easy to see where the director is taking us.

Billy Bob Thornton plays Manuel as a man on auto pilot. The world he encounters when he is released is a world so different from what he knew. Mr. Thornton gives another phenomenal performance. Holly Hunter makes an understated Adele. She approaches the character with an economy that is amazing, yet we know at all times what this woman is feeling.

Although Sofia, the young woman appears to be confused and out of place, Kirsten Dunst is quite effective as she plays her. The only one that does not convince us is Miles, perhaps because of Morgan Freeman's approach to this man. Dorian Harewood has a small, but intense moment in the story.
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Ten for the title alone!
uds38 December 2004
I can well understand why this misses the mark for so many people. A lack of the dramatics, no "twist" like "The Life of David Gale," retro dialog almost and Kirsten Dunst at her most irritating.

What you have is Billy Bob on another 'one man's redemption' kick, that he does just so well. The film is in the dialog, the gestures, the mannerisms. Holly Hunter's self deprecating comment early in the film when she admits to Billy Bob her expectation of the standards of her sexual partners had been lowered over the years , was one of cinemas greatest ever lines. (You'll know it when you hear it)

Freeman's flaky preacher is a stand-out despite variations to his voice modulation. Again, it all depends what you are expecting out of this film. best you expect nothing my friend - just let it unravel. It is both thought-provoking and emotionally strident.

I enjoyed it very much and would consider a rating of 8 reasonable.
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Who rated this movie?
Leszek526 June 2009
It is definitely one of the best American movies, I saw during last year. I was watching it with eyes wide open. What a masterpiece, I was thinking. Let's check the review on IMDb. Surprisingly, I realized that average vote is only 6,5. Astonishing. Why so underrated? To European, too sad, no special effects, to slow? Sorry, not every movie should look like 'Dark Knight'. Some moves are made for people, who like to think and to feel. Main idea of this movie is inevitable truth. There is no redemption for conscience. One cannot turn back time. One will regret one's sins forever. Perfect Billy Bob Thornton, good Morgan Freeman, touching Holly Hunter. Even Kirsten Dunst (who is not my favorite actress) is reliable.
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A Quiet Ten!
arion11 January 2004
One of the greatest problems in Hollywood today is the misperception that for a movie to be a winner, you need gunfights, women in tight clothes, sexual innuendoes, and few dozen explosions. Levity has none of these, and it shines.

Billy Bob Thornton play Emmanuel Jordan, a man released from prison for killing a convenience store clerk. Jordan appears genuinely humbled by his experience, a man deeply in need of redemption: his eyes are sunken, his hair grown long, and one cannot help but think that all he needs to complete the look is a sackcloth and ashes on his forehead. Too many ex-convicts in films are leering madman, already planning their next caper. Even the character's name speaks of a spiritual role: Jordan means, "Descending"; Emmanuel means, "God is with us".

Pulled from the street by Miles Evans (Morgan Freeman), a tired preacher running a mission, Jordan begins his duties as a custodian, working with quiet efficiency. He also begins working on his redemption, following the steps laid out in a medieval manuscript. One of the steps involves giving back to the ones you've hurt. He seeks out Adele Easley, the sister of the teenager he killed and begins adding to her life. She is a single mother, struggling to correct the life of her son, whom she has named Abner, after her dead brother. Jordan also finds time to work with Sofia Mellinger (Kirsten Dunst), a teenager who seems to be self-destructing in front of his very eyes.

It's been said that when one takes a life, you remain one step removed from the rest of the humanity. That is the way Jordan looks and moves. Early in the film he is standing in an underground passage, and everyone else is moving around him. His eyes--which look convincingly haunted--stare at the jostling crowds with a numbness that leaves you chilled. Though the troubled youths he works with mock his sallow face, they themselves are living close to death themselves (gunshots and drive-bys riddle their conversations) but are unaware of its power or consequences. Jordan, sadder and wiser, struggles to make them aware the fragility of their lives; like the prophet he is named after, he has much wisdom to offer, but knows not how to give voice to it.

One of the great messages of this film is that appearances are deceiving. Sofia seems to be the happy-go-lucky teenager, but Jordan learns she is living in a soon-to-be foreclosed house, and has virtually nothing to her name. Adele, though beautiful, has more demons than her dead brother. Even Preacher Miles is hiding a wounded soul, and his final secret leaves you stunned. The cityscape itself (Montreal, Canada) seems shiny, but their is a cold texture beneath which deals mercilessly with its inhabitants.

Levity is a keeper, and should be seen by all. Like its message, the quiet cast hides much beneath its quiet exterior.
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The unpredictable results of needing forgiveness...
moonspinner5516 April 2006
A recently paroled convict, who as a teenager shot and killed a young convenience store worker, is left to find his way in society; he's offered a custodial job from a hot-tempered, streetwise pastor, and hopes to connect with the sister of his victim in order to complete the cycle of redemption--but he finds it isn't that easy. Billy Bob Thornton gives a controlled, emotional performance that comes from deep within. The film isn't quite in balance--and has some quirky, uncertain moments near the beginning that either don't ring true or just don't feel natural--but stick with it and you might find resonance in the extraordinary acting and the way the story arcs in just the right way. Terrific casting and performances, atmospheric production and locales, several amazing, emotional moments. *** from ****
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pjasz29 December 2010
"Levity" (2003) Artfully melancholic. Real, perhaps even surreal as this story quietly, yet gracefully plumbs the depths between reality & perception, introspection, fate and (mis)fortune. Heart-wrenching in its sincerity.

The story revolves about a man freed from concrete walls and bars, but not of his conscious. What follows is a remarkable journey into the thought and life of a man seeking redemption. As his journey begins, he encounters the beginnings of a new life. Laid bare & unpretentious, the mood is set within the confines of what one may encounter upon re-entering society. The cinematography is excellent, appropriate and chillingly in-line with the theme of this movie. Top-notch actors in supporting roles make this film a "must see". This is, a great film.
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One of those films i couldn't help but watch
sebiche_fever22 July 2006
I don't care what anybody says. I thought these was one of the only films so beautiful in form and attractive in style worth commenting on (besides i comment pure 10s). It is a beautiful story about a man that looks at life after having regretfully sined and figures that in his life, the sin he committed is so wrong, he will never be redeemed, no matter how sorry, or sad or repented he is upon his sin. the beauty of the movie is that it slips behind you and leaves him with the path to ascension before his eyes, proving that no matter the sin, repent and redemption is possible if the soul asks for it and that is what makes this movie oh so beautiful.

With superb acting and directing and an amazingly extremist, harsh yet true look at life that acts as a dagger to the heart of the watcher who knows what he's looking for. Unexplainably good, just lets say tears fell out of my eyes, but not because it was sad, more around its excellence which i believe deserves a room besides those humanistic movies that simply explain just how people are deep down: not quite so bad.
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Redemption can be a long road
alohahome12 August 2010
How does one make things right? Seek forgiveness? Where does redemption reside and how do you get there? How does a wounded soul reconcile guilt? This is a slow and thoughtful character study set during a grim and dreary winter in an urban town. This is not a Hollywood movie. It's raw with real life. It's apparent ugliness is its sheer inescapable beauty. Morality does exist no matter how we try to hide. Thornton, after spending over 20 years in prison for the murder of a young convenience store clerk during a robbery gone haywire in his youth, is drawn to return to his old neighborhood to visit the older sister of the young man he killed, played by Holly Hunter. She doesn't quite know who he really is since so many years have gone by. Thornton was content to live out his remaining years behind bars but must now face his past because his sentence was suddenly commuted. Bleak with melancholy, this type of film gets shunned by audiences and it's a shame. Morgan Freeman plays a mysterious soup kitchen minister who has his own issues, whom Thornton comes to work for. Freeman is a natural actor and believable in any role. The story unfolds slowly without gimmicks. At times, Thornton happens to find himself visited by the ghostly apparition of the young man whom he killed, while he is in the process of seeking resolution and atonement. His simple desire is to somehow make amends. He wants to be forgiven but, strangely, he is unable and unwilling to forgive himself. Unfortunately, unresolved redemption seems to be too deep a theme for contemporary audiences who are hooked on chills and thrills and pyrotechnics. This is an independent film, the kind that many people just don't get. A movie for your quiet time or a rainy night. Something different and refreshing. And no silly happy ending to mar the proceedings.
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You know, you could get lucky. God might decide to grade you on the curve.
Spikeopath18 July 2009
After serving over twenty years in jail for the murder of a young cashier during a bungled robbery, Manual Jordan returns to the town of his crime. Hooking up with the strange minister Miles Evans, and befriending two ladies who themselves are searching for something, Manual may find redemption comes in many guises.

Well well, yet another film dealing in that tried and tested thematic called redemption. But please don't let any sort of familiarity stop you from catching this film, for on atmospherics alone this deserves to be watched, that it also boasts a cast on prime form should also be enough to tempt you in. It's an odd film any many ways, its serious nature is covered in a quirky sort of haze, the zippy soundtrack blending in with the moody ambiance created by the characters within the piece. It's with the characters, each afforded excellent fleshing by writer director Ed Solomon, that Levity rises above its simplicity. This is no film for anyone searching for histrionics and blood letting, and paced as slowly as it is, you will need to have that virtue known as patience. But for those inclined towards a philosophical approach with redemption, your patience will most assuredly be rewarded.

Billy Bob Thornton is Manual, the centre of the story, scraggy grey haired after years in prison, this is yet another Thornton performance full of emotional depth. With just one pained silent expression, Thornton has the knack of saying so much about his characters being, and here he gets to do it often. Kirsten Dunst arguably gives the best performance of her career as troubled Sofia Mellinger. The daughter of a has been singer, Sofia is missing guidance in her life, content to get stoned and amble aimlessly thru life, Dunst gives her a believability that shines during the interplay with the laconic like Thornton. Top honours go to Holly Hunter as Adele Easley, who is the main focus for Jordan's attentions {the reasons are obvious from the outset}. Adele is trying to make all the points in her life connect, a goal that appears unlikely to be achieved, with Hunter {something of an indie darling this decade} giving gravitas to Adele's confusion and state of mind. Fairing less better is Morgan Freeman as Miles Evans, not bad per se, but his fluctuating gravel voice detracts from the dark mystery lurking within the character's make up.

Nicely shot in Montréal, Québec, Canada by Roger Deakins, Levity is an interesting and smartly scripted piece. It's a given that it will not be for everyone, but it's hoped that just like it did me, it will creep up on you and stay on your mind for a few days afterwards. 8/10
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"An Interesting Cinematic Experience."
jeff-wells19 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
In the featurette for "Levity," writer/director Ed Solomon said he hoped that the audience would find his motion picture "an interesting cinematic experience." I found myself involved with the story from the very beginning.

The tale took me in especially at the thirty-five minute mark: Manuel Jordan (Billy Bob Thornton) is just plodding along, almost painfully scrubbing dirty windows at the community center run by Miles Evans (Morgan Freeman). Jordan, released from prison for murder after 23 years, is a lost, humorless soul. He's taken in by Evans, a storefront preacher, who spends his days feeding the down-and-out; Jordan assists in various janitorial duties as well as parking cars for the services that Evans conducts for the neighborhood's wayward youth. When Evans notices how intense the window scrubbing is going on those filthy panes, the preacher tells the lost soul, "Well, bring your rebar-reinforced, concrete-filled head inside." Filmed entirely in Canada's colorful Quebec, "Levity" is a thoughtful drama; an interesting investigation into the instabilities of life. Holly Hunter and Kirsten Dunst star as well; the entire cast is just wonderful; a delightfully thoughtful movie, highly recommended.
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Beautiful and worth seeing
chrisjmaes18 April 2006
A clearly-written, thoughtfully-directed movie about a convicted murderer who seeks redemption for his crime. Writer/director Ed Solomon has a great knack for writing pointed, meaningful dialogue between his characters. I was impressed by the unity of his direction: the camera-work, lighting, production design, and music all work to create an engaging world.

Billy Bob Thornton gives a wonderfully wistful performance, using subtle changes in expression to show us what his character is feeling. Morgan Freeman's character (the preacher) is very direct and no-nonsense – a perfect foil for Thornton. And Holly Hunter and Thornton's relationship is handled with a delicate touch. The inner-city kids, primarily background characters, also seem realistic, and the movie makes some fairly insightful observations about the roots of violence.

I found myself thinking about the story and characters for several days afterwards. I highly recommend this movie.
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Views of Redemption
arlev-118 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I've seen this three times now and it gets better each time I see it. It's a bit strange for me to give *any* film '10' but I do so because the strength of the film is in the viewer's participation in the analysis of the film - that is, it's something that you have to take away and think through.

The film displays different characters living out the reality of the way they understand the concept of 'Redemption' and 'Forgiveness'. Without adding spoilers here, let me try and define the characters and their own concepts: To Holly Hunter's character, there's no absolute redemption or forgiveness. To Thornton's character, redemption is something that has to be worked at. To Freeman's character, redemption is almost meaningless because 'what's done's done'. To Holly Hunter's son, redemption is 'an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth'. To the kids that Freeman knows and looks after, there's no forgiveness for a wrong, only retribution.

These differing ideas of redemption intermingle throughout the film and reach a climax where pasts catch up with the characters. Although a bitter-sweet, happy/sad ending, the film gives more hope than despair.

The film could be criticised for being slow - as judged by other films. But the slowness adds to the complexity of Thornton's character and adds space for the viewer to think about what's going on.

There! I hope I haven't given the plot away - or the conclusion. The film is most definitely for the person who wants to be challenged to 'think'.
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Really great.
moovyfellow13 October 2003
I found this to be a very good and worthwhile movie for several reasons. The cast is top notch and does very well. The story is a somber story which personally I found to be very interesting. In the extra features on the DVD the writer/director says he is not trying to convey a specific message but to present an absorbing story and give one something to think about. While it is true that all these lead actors are among my favorites I still think it is a great movie. It is a drama so you should be prepared to reflect a bit on it as you watch it, there isn't a lot of things blowing up and people getting killed, it's the type of movie that requires good writing and acting rather than special effects, altho, the cinematography is really great and by a notable expert in the field. If you have respect for any of these actors, or good acting, or an absorbing story that gives you something to think about, or good filming, you should like this story.
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This is how people really are...
Giac12 October 2003
This was simply a very good movie. It was moving, emotive, and most important to me, *real.* I usually don't like "artsy" movies with their "special" characters, so much deeper than the rest of us, punctuated by some truly bizarre behaviour. This movie was not like that. Jordan is no hero. He's not smarter than the rest of us, nor is he "deeper." He is just an ordinary person who has made a horrible mistake and has become obsessed with finding forgiveness for his mistake. And there is no Hollywood ending here. He is not granted this forgiveness at the end. (That part was so real.) What he does find is an acceptance. "Yes, we want you to live and can accept that, but, no, don't ever try to see us again."

This is what I enjoyed about the movie, that most of the characters could engage me so much, and yet be totally believable in their reactions. (The one exception was the Kirsten Dunst character. I've known people like this and believe me, they don't turn around as easily as she did.) A much better reaction (and humourous too) was the way the neighbourhood kids solved their money problem in the end - so different from what Morgan Freeman/minister had done, and so real for these character types.

Which brings me to one final thing: the Morgan Freeman character. Call me old-fashioned but I love it when the author throws in enough foreshadowing to make a "surprise" at the end believable. Freeman's character (even his voice) gives you enough clues throughout, that this guy is no minister.

Anyway, you'll enjoy the movie if you're not into the "rock 'em, sock 'em" Hollywood action style, or not into interpreting overly bizarre behaviour as "art." This movie falls somewhere in between these 2 extremes and is "just right."

  • Jack
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gigi778116 February 2003
I was fortunate enough to have been invited by a friend to preview this film at a press screening. Included in the press kit given to me at the screening was background information about the film which enhanced my viewing experience. What I found intriguing was the fact that the film was inspired by such a compelling personal experience. While attending UCLA (Writer-Director) Ed Solomon was tutoring a teenager in a maximum security juvenile prison. One of his students was a boy serving a life sentence for murder who carried around a photo of his victim, often holding and touching it. This experience was the catalyst for "LEVITY".

Written and directed by Ed Solomon who is best known for writing such comedies as "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures" and "Men in Black". This is an impressive directing debut.

The film stars Billy Bob Thornton, Morgan Freeman, Kirsten Dunst and Holly Hunter. This is a story of an ex con (Thornton) who is unexpectedly released early from prison for killing a teenager during an attempted robbery. He tries to find some kind of personal redemption with the help of minister (Freeman) and two woman (Hunter) and (Dunst).

I was immersed in the story almost immediately. The interaction between Freeman and Dunst is dynamic and authentic. The cast is exceptional and the perfomances outstanding. I found this film to be not only insightful,inspiring and thought provoking but it also had several FUNNY moments.

It is shot by four time Oscar nominated Director of Photography Roger Deakins who added pleasing imagery. Worth mentioning is the music of Mark Oliver Everett.

This film leaves a lasting impression and I found myself reflecting on it a few days after I saw it. I highly recommend this film and plan on seeing it again in April when it opens.
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This film is great. Period.
jerryaldini30 January 2003
I went up to Sundance and caught this film, and I absolutely loved it. Beautifully and thoughtfully written by Ed Solomon, this movie offers some of the best performances you will see in 2003. Holly Hunter is (once again) amazing. Morgan Freeman rocks! And> Billy Bob is a fascinating study in the power of stillness. (Less can absolutely be more!) Shot by one of the greatest living cinematographers (Roger Deakins), this is a film that successfully walks the line between reality and a dream-like state (for the main character and the audience). Ed Solomon is normally known for his big action comedies (Bill and Ted, Men In Black) and I love that he had this story in him- a film that is both complex and reserved in it's telling. I notice some have criticized the title "Levity." However, I have to say love the title. While it may not spoon feed the audience with a description of the events in the story, it speaks of what is missing. And it is what is missing that is central to the characters' individual journeys. This is a story about searching (internally and externally) for forgiveness, joy, and levity. I found it a> challenging story as well a challenging title.
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Absolutely great
PeterGamble30 January 2003
I've seen this film twice already, and it was even better the second time. Billy Bob, Morgan Freeman, the beautiful Kirsten Dunst, and Holly Hunter - I don't know how Solomon managed to get such a talented cast for such a small, independent film. (But I'm glad he did.)

There's a lot of subtlety going on in this story, and if you don't pay attention, you won't be able to appreciate how well crafted it is. Each and every person is flawed, haunted by their past, but that's not always apparent at first. There's a real beauty to how these stories and "lost souls" come together.

The storytelling is complemented by the very talented skills of Roger Deakins. As you might guess, the cinematography is just stunning. This is a great, great movie.

Incidentally, for those puzzled by the title "Levity", it refers to lightness, not comic lightness, but lightness, as if to escape gravity. A really intelligent, beautiful, and touching film - I hope they distribute this properly because it's a film people should see.
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Best Movie I've seen in a long time!
sloyd18 January 2003
I just wanted to be the first to comment on this outstanding film. Ed Solomon had a vision for this movie, and it looks like that vision came to life in this touching story. If you are looking for a movie that may actually entertain you, as well as touch you this year, you need not look any further. Not only is the cast incredible, their performances are some of the best I have ever seen. Holly Hunter plays an excellent supporting role and Billy Bob Thornton gives his best performance yet. I loved the movie and would reccomend it to anyone.
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Don't Believe the Title
baho222 January 2003
An Ed Solomon film starring Billy Bob Thornton, Morgan Freeman, Holly Hunter and Kirsten Dunst. This is a very personal film by the writer of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and Men in Black. Too slow-moving for mainstream acceptance, this is nevertheless a movie of depth and compassion. It grapples with the issue of redemption, and leaves the audience with uncertainty that is nonetheless remarkably calming-hope without moralism. Thornton was . Thornton. He has the range of a tetherball. I don't think Morgan Freeman is at his best in this film. And we don't see enough of Holly Hunter to appreciate her. The film had some very funny moments, but I can't think of a less appropriate title. Having said all that, this movie is worth the trip because it is thought-provoking, subtle and oddly inspiring.
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A good movie.
SILENCEikillyou28 October 2003
I like this film. It has shadows in it's plot that seem to come from other film plots, but does them in a different way; and very well executed. Though not GREAT (i tend to lean toward films with lots of action) this one holds it's own.

Kirsten Dunst is awesome. She plays a mixed up (formerly) rich girl who's addicted to partying. I think to forget her problems at home and let loose. She's not depicted too often in the partying state, but mostly seen 'the morning after' in whatever state she happens to be in. Nevertheless, I like the way she seems to just brighten up a scene; even if she is out of it sometimes (her character, not acting).

Bill Thorton! What can I say? Does he ever NOT give a commanding performance! He's just damn good. Even when he's supposed to be a subdued character (like this one and Bandits, maybe even Slingblade) he seems to steal the show. Well, he did have the lead role. But still, he's versatile and just fun to watch.

All I can say about Holly Hunter is, "Why isn't she in more films these days???" She's adorable and talented, but there's more. She brings a certain depth to her art that just wouldn't be there with anyone else.

I'd like to see this same cast in many films. A wide variety of plots and locations and genres. Good entertainment and great moral story.

7/10 thank you
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If that's alright with you...
jpschapira8 July 2006
"Levity" is about redemption; it is about a lot of things inside something ironically simple, about philosophy and the human mind, about thoughts, second chances and about many other things if I want to say them. It's also one of those pictures with a cast of terrific actors who got interested in the project for some reason and did it.

It is worth it, if you like slow and detailed stories that are easy to understand f you don't think much; kind of like "The Constant Gardener". But "Levity" is different from 'Gardener' in the way that things are more difficult to understand; the film is truly philosophic. The music, a mix of powerful songs, is a key element in the development of the story, which maintains a mood of depression and sadness.

The story was written by Ed Solomon, who also directed. What is interesting and discussable about Solomon is that he seems to have saved his best lines and ideas for his first movie as a director, because he has written nothing like this in the past. His movie credits as a writer include: "Men in Black", "Charlie's Angels" and "Super Mario Bros", among other films that are not better than this one, which isn't great itself.

You like the movie because of its honesty; the honesty of its story, of its characters, of its images. The frames and sceneries are so beautiful and so clear that you are not able to take your eyes off the screen; maybe Roger Deakins (director of photography: "The man who wasn't there", "A Beautiful Mind") has something to do with it.

Then you've got the terrific cast, which makes the movie even more watchable. I was surprised that Morgan Freeman's voice is recognizable over a phone. Freeman plays a role in the film, which he also produced. At the top of his game and in the platform of a calm man; he speaks his lines as if they weren't Ed Solomon's but his own.

Billy Bob Thornton stars as Manuel, the main point of the movie. Thornton, an actor who can go from peaceful ("The man who wasn't there") to totally crazy ("Bad Santa"), finds himself closer to the side of the movie in black and white than to the one in color, if you know what I mean; and he does it perfectly well; I still wonder how he studies a role, how he constructs it.

Holly Hunter is the female element. Hunter is the kind of actress who can pass totally unnoticeable in a film, but however leaving you a big impression. I admire that quality in a performer; and Hunter portrays her role so normally, that she comes as the closest to a human being in the picture. Then we have the talented Kirsten Dunst, over the edge as most of the time, and creating another good character with a lot of authority and commitment.

As it looks like, "Levity" can't fail; but it's not going to blow your mind off. If that pleases you…
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Very good film
srf110 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Very good film, I have and always will love Holly Hunter. Once again she is excellent and lovely in her role. She is an outstanding actress . I am not really a Billy Bob fan, but he does a very nice job as a killer seeking redemption (Hollywood style). I'm not really sure why Kirsten Dunst's character is even in this movie, but hey she's always good and nice to look at too. That leaves Morgan Freeman and he too needed a little more fleshing out. In all it needed more just more. But I really liked it, it's a pleasant if somewhat odd film. Billy Bob wants to make amends for killing Holly's brother, Holly doesn't recognize him? Holly's son wants to kill someone who tried to kill him. Billy Bob plays the "Scared Straight" ex con who is a do what I say not what I do kind of guy. Lusting after Holly, working with street kids. Morgan Freeman has a secret past and nobody recognizes him?,no matter how many times they see his picture. But it all ends OK per Movieland script.Happily ever after,(indy style) so I'm not sure why I liked it, but it held my interest and I enjoyed it and will watch it again.
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