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Dreamy eroticism from the Nicks
lor_24 September 2018
Nick Orleans and Nicholas Steele teamed up (with composer Saint a key contributor) for this typical turn-of-this century Adam & Eve exploration of beautiful eroticism, devoid of story or characters. It's an acquired taste in Adult Cinema history, and sadly this sort of feature, often associated with the likes of Andrew Blake and fellow A & E helmer Cameron Grant, has been abandoned in recent years in favor of gonzo.

Ashton Moore is terrific in two sex vignettes, in which I would contend she is more beautiful and stimulating than her obvious target celebrity Jenna Jameson. She also hosts the show, introducing each vignette with a comparison with flowers, ranging from African Violets to Orchids.

The six scenes unfold slowly, almost in a natural type of slow motion, as couples intertwine and Orleans superimposes via lap dissolves outdoor vistas of flowers and nature. One reflecting pool setting with smoke rising from the water is a good example of the artistry here, far removed from pornography yet constantly explicit in its depiction of sex.

Besides Moore, other beauties ranging from Elizabeth X to Temptress are easy on the eye, humping away with the era's usual gang of studs. This type of film that was so common to A & E at the time (plus many a spectacular XXX travelogue shot on exotic locations) represents the pinnacle of Adult Cinema artistic achievement, though clearly I'm in the minority in this sentiment.
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