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A slightly amusing, hammy, mid-teenage girl flick that eschews any real character development in favour of Duff's apparent charm and seminal comedic ability
skottyrock23 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers

STARRING Hilary Duff as Lizzie McGuire, Adam Lamberg, Yani Gellman, Alex Borstein

Let me start by saying that I'm no snob when it comes to watching movies. I'll usually watch (and enjoy) pretty much anything: be it, say, classic Hitchcock; laughable Irwin Allen disaster pics; mindless action flicks; or even cutesy-pie movies aimed at prepubescent girls.

That, dear IMDb surfers, brings me to The Lizzie McGuire Movie, a slightly amusing, hammy, mid-teenage girl flick that eschews any real character development in favour of Duff's apparent charm and seminal comedic ability to fill the ninety or so minutes. I should add that I have never seen (and will probably never see) an episode of Lizzie McGuire, the now-defunct Disney-owned television show that spawned - surprise, surprise - this Disney-owned family release. I suppose this movie was a farewell to the Lizzie McGuire character - but I swear it'll be lost on you if you are one of those who has not seen the television show. Take, for instance, the whole subplot about Lizzie's younger brother and his blonde cohort's reason for trying to show up Lizzie at every turn (which was totally lost on me), and classmate Kate's reason for being such a bitch to Lizzie (??).

But anyhoo, bubbly Lizzie heads to Italy with her classmates to see the sights of Rome, but spends very little actual time with them. (The extras playing her classmates must have felt quite wooden making this movie, having nothing much to say or do.) On the other hand, Lizzie's motormouth teacher (Borstein, a former MAD TV regular) plays (or should I say, overplays) the role of Miss Ungermeyer, and, as a result, comes across as very grating. The scene where teacher and students visit the Trevi Fountain is especially grating (and cringeworthy). Ungermeyer, with an American flag conspicuously in hand, cuts a swath through the local population - and 'mows down' any cultural sensitivities by obnoxiously barking "Scusi" and "Grazie"at the locals.

Without venturing into too much detail about the fairly tame and somewhat lame storyline, Lizzie's transformation from school student to fresh-faced singer is mildly amusing (but an oh-so-obvious marketing ploy by Duff's music label). TIRED is one word to describe this same old 'girl comes out of her shell' storyline that's been done a million time before. Private Benjamin, Protocol, Educating Rita, Romancing the Stone, Legally Blonde, and The Princess Diaries, come to mind as a few (more successful) titles of this particular genre.

So, if you're looking for screen chemistry, you may find some between leads Duff and Gellman. If you're looking for a movie that showcases Rome's beauty, this movie won't disappoint. If you're looking for something above average, with a touch of magic to it, you probably won't find it here.

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Harmless and Enjoyable
christian12313 July 2005
The Lizzie McGuire Movie is a nice film to watch if you have nothing better to do as its harmless entertainment. Lizzie McGuire and her pals Gordo, Kate and Ethan all pack their bags on a class trip to Italy. Once there, Lizzie is mistaken for pop star Isabella and begins to falls for Paolo, who is Isabella's ex-boyfriend. When Lizzie's mom, dad and brother Matt get wind of this, they all jet their way to Italy. While, Lizzie is transformed from a normal teen to a beautiful pop star. The plot follows the last episode of Lizzie McGuire and this film is pretty much just another episode. I do watch the TV series sometimes and its not a great show but it isn't terrible either. Hilary Duff stars as Lizzie and she does a good job of playing her. Many people claim that she is a terrible actress but she does have some charm in the roles she plays. Most of the cast from the show appear in the film except for Lalaine. Adam Lamberg plays Gordo and I think he does a good job, kind of an annoying character though. Robert Carradine and Hallie Todd play Lizzie's parents. They both do a good job but don't really appear in the film very much. Some other characters that appear are Matt, who is Lizzie's brother and Kate, who is Lizzie's ex-best friend. There are a couple of new people in the film as well, like Alex Borstein. She steals the film and gives a funny performance. Yani Gellman plays Lizzie's love interest and I thought he did a poor job but it was his first major role. Jim Fall directs this film the same as if it had been a regular episode so don't expect anything out of the ordinary. While, I did enjoy the movie, at times it felt like it was just made for money purposes and not entertainment value. It does feel sitcom-Ash which isn't surprising. Though that sometimes does get annoying. It was predictable but that was expected. It was kind of cheesy at times but its still good fun. It wasn't made to win Oscars, it was made so its audience could have some fun and I think most people will. It's a short, inoffensive film and just don't expect too much. So if you like the show then you will probably like the film since it's the same. If you hate the show then you should just skip this movie. In the end, this is harmless entertainment that wouldn't hurt you if you watched it. Rating 7/10
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Sick of people cutting down lizz and nice Hillary!
beatles14 May 2004
I am writing this message on all the bad negative bashing on Lizzie Mcguire. First off I want to say I have a pretty good and diverse taste in films. I am into mostly classics of the 60s and 70s such as Chinatown, the Godfather and other movies of the time peroid. But like other genres also like horror, sci fi, good dramas. And every now and then a good old fashioned family film is fun to watch. I had read about Hillary Duff and that her show lizzie Mcguire was a big hit which my little niece watches it so I was like what the hell try it out. I loved it! It was real cute and fun with a little message behind it-what family film doesn't. I think Hill is so much more nice and sweet then all these other sleazy trampy young girl stars out there. Hell I have to admit even the songs weren't that bad, kind of catchy. That girl from Mad TV was great! I laughed my ass off as soon she came into the picture. She rules!

So anyway about all these bad messages posted about this film and Hillary. I know people have the right to their opinions but come on it's a family film! What do you expect Chinatown! Disney makes makes movies for everyones viewing. Can't expect something deep and disturbing. You can't review this film to heavy because it's family oriented. And as far as Hillary goes come on she's only what 16, 17? Can't expect her to do academy award work-esp for Disney! Maybe she will get better when she is older, if not who cares! She seems like a real smart down to earth gal with a good head on her shoulders. She is smart to not stooping low and cutting down Avril like she has been doing to her, saying things like she's such as mommys girl and belittling her. With all the violence and hardcore language in films today sometimes it's nice to watch a nice, feel good light family film which is is what Lizzie Mcguire has to offer.

Hill if you are out there I am behind you 100%! Keep up the good work! Dave from PA. PS just ignore Avril. You are above that
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Ludicrous plotting but sassy enough to be watchable
bob the moo1 September 2003
After graduating from high school, Lizzie is allowed to be part of a group of students that goes to Italy on a tour of historical monuments with the iron willed Ungermeyer. Out on one of their tours a famous singer mistakes Lizzie for his singing partner Isabella. Explaining how Isabella needs help and how Lizzie can help by pretending to be her, Paolo gets her to go along with the mistaken identity (for the resemblance is uncanny). However she begins to fall for him but he may not be all he seems. To make matters worse Lizzie's brother finds out via the web and begins to stir trouble.

I have never seen the TV or even heard of it (or the girl involved) but I was on a 9 hour flight to Atlanta and this was the movie that they were showing to help me pass my time (damn you economy class!) so I gave it a reluctant go. The film sets it's stall out straight away with a lively musical number and the cliché of teenage girl and nosy little brother etc. The animated add ins are not nearly as funny as they think they are but they are all part of the charm and energy that made this film watchable.

While it is clearly aimed at girls younger than McGuire herself, it is quite sassy and energetic. The plot is utter nonsense from start to finish but it bussles along just about well enough to get by. Duff herself is quite nice in the role – she is quite bubbly plus she isn't exactly hard on the eye! Borstein as Ungermeyer is worth a laugh or two but the majority of the teenage cast are average – esp Gellman who is given very little to do outside of talking 'ina da stereotyped Aitalian's accento!'.

Overall I stress that I have no intention of ever actually watching this movie again, but can't pretend that it's sassy, bubbly and energetic style helped me forget my flight for 90 minutes and also just about manage to find the find the fun hidden within the absurd plot.
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A good ending to the Lizzie TV Series
kkurtz623 February 2005
My girls are 8 and 5, are fans of the Lizzie TV show, and they love this movie. It's funny, exciting, inspiring and sweet. I don't know how many times I've had to rewind the last music scene for them to watch and dance to. The soundtrack is very good with a large variety of artists and music styles. This is one "kid" movie I enjoy watching even though I've already seen it again and again. Hilary Duff is very convincing in this roll, and the rest of the cast do a great job, esp. "Miss Ungermyer" and "Matt" are very funny. This is a great ending to the Lizzie TV Series. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes the "Lizzie" series, young girls from five to fifteen and anyone else not too "cool" to watch a fun lighthearted movie. Great "pajama party" movie.
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onurish24 March 2008
Why is the rating for this movie only 4.8/10? Yeah, it's not exactly first-class entertainment, but it definitely deserves at least a 7/10. It's good, clean fun, and very entertaining for children and adults alike. It's Lizzie McGuire (probably the only decent programme on the Disney Channel - oh why did they stop it?) and her pals having an adventure in Italy! But whilst this is just an ordinary Roman history trip for everyone else, Lizzie gets whisked away to stardom when she meets Italian popstar, Paolo Valisari. Full of friendship problems, other catastrophes, Matt and Melina's usual (international) shenanigans and a little bit of (clean) romance, the Lizzie McGuire movie fails not to entertain. It's the perfect film to watch on a rainy day (or whilst driving through hot, remote areas of Turkey in a coach - that's how I watched it).
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Hilary Duff Is So Beautiful!
Darkest_Rose18 May 2003
Lizzie McGuire(Hilary Duff) has finally graduated from middle school and now her class is taking a two week trip to Rome along with her best friend Gordo(Adam Lamberg), the snobby and popular Kate Sanders(Ashlie Brillault) and the airheaded but hilarious Ethan Craft(Clayton Snyder). Once Lizzie arrives in Rome, she meets Paolo(Yani Gellman)who is a famous pop singer and he mistakes Lizzie for Isabella, who is part of his pop duo and looks identical to Lizzie. Now Lizzie starts sneaking out of the hotel where her class is staying just to see Paolo and spend time with him. Paolo convinces her to pretend to be Isabella so that they can perform together at a big music show. But Paolo is not as perfect as Lizzie thinks and he might just not be the right guy for her. In the meantime, Gordo starts falling for Lizzie and tries to warn her about Paolo. I thought this was a very sweet and harmless movie. I didn't think that I would enjoy it as much as I did. I am a big fan of the Lizzie McGuire show and I was also not disappointed with the movie. Sure, it's made for young teenage girls so obviously not everybody will enjoy it. I thought it was a very fun movie, it also had a lot of funny moments, especially thanks to Alex Borstein who played Lizzie's teacher. Hilary Duff is so beautiful, I couldn't keep my eyes away from her. Anyways, I really enjoyed The Lizzie McGuire Movie and I would give it 8/10.
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Surprisingly good
13736513 August 2003
I rented this movie instead of seeing it in the theaters, because I expected a simple little teen romance film. It has romance, but it had a surprisingly better story than I expected. I actually, went back and watched the final sequences over again. The movie appears a straight forward and pleasant film until just before the end when you get hit by a very unexpected twist. I'm old enough to play Lizzie's dad and yet throughly enjoyed this film, it's not just a teen date film.
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Fine for kids, and adults if you ignore the potholes in the story
bluzman5 May 2003
I ended up seeing this show because my daughter is a big fan of the TV show. It was moderately entertaining and amusing. I am certain, if I were a adolescent/pre-teen girl, that I would enjoy it a lot.

My biggest complaints, as an adult viewer, were the fairly obvious potholes in the story.

#1. Paolo sang worse than me, which is truly amazing. In reality, if he was ever to get to the point of being a star with the ability to have all the fancy manipulations used to make his voice sound delightful on the studio cuts he was lip-syncing, he would have to a fairly decent singer to get any kind of break.

#2. The setting was in Italy, but everyone seemed more comfortable using English, except for the hotel clerk, whose language trouble was comic relief and the two girls the boys try to meet.

#3 Lizzie is substituting for is masquerading as an Italian popstar in a scenario full of Italians, but no one seems to notice she can't speak any Italian, except for "ciao" and a couple other words.

#4 At the end, when the family and friends burst through security at the awards ceremony, like that could happen, they end up front and center, like those seat were just sitting there reserved for the first group of gate crashers to coming busting in. And the crows seemed to be predominantly kids and average folks, not the pretentious wannabes and celebrities that surely would have made up the crowd at a real award ceremony.

The one thing I did like about the movie, and the TV show, is the approx. 3 year younger looking little cartoon Lizzie that regularly pops up. It is a really good way to handle inner dialogue and does really add something positive to the show.
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A terrific movie for kids, especially young ladies
extra_email_200425 July 2004
As a parent, it's important to me that my daughter sees only wholesome movies and TV shows. Hilary Duff and her movies fulfill that need, and this movie is very entertaining for the whole family. Hilary Duff, if she gets intelligent representation, could easily be the Annette Funicello of her generation. This movie gets four stars for its content and entertainment value. Hilary's singing is on a par with the best of today's young singers, and her sweetness seems to show in all of her acting works. She is so very much the sweet girl whom you wish your son would bring home; the antithesis of the singer known as Pink.
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Hyperactive teens tour Rome
helpless_dancer16 March 2004
Really fun picture based on the life story of Britney Spears meteoric rise to pop super stardom. Lizzy could do little right in her personal relationships with her fellow students, her little brother[who was a scream as he made Lizzy's life a living hell], but especially in her dealings with a charismatic, charming Roman singer she meets soon after arriving in the City of Seven Hills. Wanting more than a bus ride to all the hot spots, Lizzy takes off on her own but must constantly stay on her toes to avoid having her hyjinks being discovered by a shrewd, worldly chaperon. While all this is going on Lizzy has far deeper problems from a source she trusts completely and is headed for a fall which will have a negative effect on another innocent person. Way cool movie - Lizzy rules!
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Academy, take notice.
oarch14 September 2003
The emotional depth of characters portrayed was immense. I cried like a baby at the end. Mindblowing acting of most of the protagonists. A script that makes Citizen Kane green with envy. All in all, if this movie doesn't win 8 Oscars, there's no justice in this world.
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This is what dreams are made of
Realrockerhalloween11 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers below

Lizzie McGuire was the IT girl back in the early 2000s and Disney's up and coming star. The mixing of music, comedy and drama helped launch the careers of many kid stars and made Duff a house hold name.

A movie was inevitable. Lizzie, Gordo, Kate, Ethan and the rest of the gang are graduating. They set off to Rome for their class trip and all are looking for love and adventure.

Lizzie is mistaken for an Italian pop star and before you know it she will have to take her identity for an upcoming music awards ceremony.

Paolo was acting parroting songs, when he was teamed up with Isabella who is the real talent threatens to go public, he decides to set her up.

Gordo not only has to save his best friend from embarrassment, but get over his fears of telling her how he really feels.

The music was wonderful and set the movie from a generic blend coming of age story into a master piece.

Join the gang as they mature and go on a journey no one will ever forget.
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An average teen flick starring Hilary Duff
lisafordeay6 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Remember Hilary Duff. She was like the bubbly blonde that was like a cross between Britney Spears and a hint of Mandy Moore. Now she's no where to be seen and I wonder why?.

The Lizzie Maguire movie is based off of the Lizzie Maguire show and tells the story of a girl called Lizzie who has an animated version of her when she's thinking about stuff..weird right. So she is finally graduating and with her best male friend Gordo falling for her she goes along with her classmates to the city of Rome. But faith changes for Lizzie where she meets a cute Italian pop star named Paolo played by Yenti Gellman and gets mistaken for his former partner in crime Isabella who is also played by Hilary Duff with a brunette wig....oh JEEZ Hannah Montana anyone?? But is Paolo the greatest singer in the world or not??

The story is cutesy and cheesy,the cast is pretty OK I only watch it for Hilary Duff whom I used to be a fan of back when she was in A Cinderella Story,Cheaper By The Dozen and now this movie that's based on the TV series. The plot has been DONE TO DEATH already I mean we've seen this a million times before in The Parent Trap with the twins looking alike,Maid In Manhattan where J-Lo had to pretend to be a guest just to impress some dude,and Monte Carlo where Selena Gomez had to pretend to be a heiress who is ALSO played by Gomez. Do you see what I mean its like that Micheal Buble song Hollywood is OFFICIALLY DEAD.

Bottom line if your looking for a cute teen flick to just sit back and enjoy Hilary Duff and seeing Rome then be my guest. For those who hate brainwashing teen flicks then avoid this one. Not the best Disney movie ever but still its pretty average.

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All depends on your age
rockclimbergrl1310 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
OK so I feel the need to defend this movie a bit. When I saw it i think i was about 8 or 9 or something like that. Maybe 7. I don't know. But whatever it was I was in LOVE with Lizzie McGuire. To me she was this amazing girl who i could look up to, who was always put together well, who had 2 amazing friends, who never had any problems that didn't get resolved in 30 minutes. (I WAS A KID.) So when i heard the series was ending I was heart-broken. And then I see a preview. A MOVIE?!?!? One more chance to see my favorite real TV star in action? THANK YOU GOD! So i went and i absolutely, totally LOVES this movie.

A couple of nights ago I'm flipping through channels and I happen to come across Disney channel. They're showing this movie. I decide "What the heck? I loved it years ago." And I realized something. My mom must have unending patience considering how many times i made her sit through this movie with me.

I couldn't believed I ever liked this movie. Its so cheesy its scary, Lizzie looks like an idiot, that one guy everyone has a crush on (name?) looks ugly as sin, and Gordo... don't even get me started. Plus the entire time, this figure as a little girl i had LOVED is acting like a total idiot. Why did i never notice? Lizzie is such a bimbo! Christ! I mean Gordo OBVIOUSLY likes her, and the Spanish singer OBVIOUSLY is a lying bastard. And the ending? Just... wow...

So I guess it all depends on your age. If your a little girl you're going to love this film, more than likely. Older person? You will either hate it or laugh your ass off at the cheesy-ness of it.

I'm rating a 6 purely for my old love.
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KristenM9024 September 2005
This movie isn't exactly what I would call a "blockbuster". Although it has it's moments, there's just too much bad that takes away from the good. Alex Borstein is a little much for her character. A lady with the name of "Ungermeyer" would be expected to be a little more conservative and a different type of strict. Alex is just all in your face, and it's hard to focus on her dialogue. Hilary Duff is better as Isabella than she is as Lizzie, which is weird considering the title is "The Lizzie McGuire Movie". Hilary just ends up putting too much of the "poor me, i'm in Rome, and I have everything!" act on. She doesn't keep her mentality of the normal teenager like she did in the series. She was disappointing to me in this movie. Yani Gellman in the role of Paulo was totally off base. He tried too hard to be one of those guys who are like "My English, she is not so good", and yet it was perfect. Two good points I have is the soundtrack, which complimented the teeny-bopper atmosphere, and that they didn't have Lalaine in this movie.
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Pure lighthearted fun.....but then again what else would it be?
ThankGodImCute17 May 2003
Lizzie McGuire is exactly what you go to see. Corny fun that you don't want anyone else to know you enjoy. If you have kids then you have an excuse to go and if you're a woman you can get away with it. All men over fifteen attending will be labeled perverts! :P Lizzie is a very fun movie for the whole family. It was made doubly enjoyable by the fact that the little girls behind me cheered when Lizzie shared her final kiss of the movie (I won't give away who she kissed). If you're excpecting a masterpiece you're delusional. Lizze is exactly what its supposed to be....Fun Fluff. 10/10 because it did what it set out to do!
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More drivel from Hilary
trillian_300027 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I watched the Lizzie show with my Seven-Year-Old sister once, and was immediately appalled. When the movie came out, I had to take her to see it, and I nearly vomited. The entire plot is lacking in development, and it is purely Hilary walking around with a boy toy and singing poorly. The scene with 'hair bleached by the sun' is extremely insulting to the fashion industry, which is hypocritical of Ms. Duff and her little girl clothes line. I mean, the singer Macguire is supposed to resemble is represented with black hair, and as a brunette, I know that dark hair doesn't get lighter. Obviously the pop star theme went to her head, 'cause this is almost certainly the beginning of her screeching career.
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a dreadful film!
vincentw28 August 2004
I got trapped on a bus in Mexico watching this trash. I could shut my eyes but could not shut out the sound. What's wrong with the Lizzie McGuire movie? The awful title, the songs completely unmemorable except for the lousy lyrics, annoying performances by American actors badly feigning foreign accents, a script as predictable and unbelievable as a cure-all medicine label, a star drowning in CUTE. Disney spent a lot of money on this hokum and they deserved to be laughed off the planet. I realize that this film was not made for people in my age bracket, but if 14-year-old kids really liked it, I despair for the aesthetic future of the human race.
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Excellent little movie !
poem30 November 2003
This is a really charming little movie about a girl who travels with her class to Rome, and becomes a rockstar there because she looks so much like another rockstar there (who is played by the same actress). The main story is mostly harmless, but it contains a lot of funny characters. I absolutely loved it and in fact already watched it twice, and if it stays in cinema a little bit, I might even watch it another time.
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How Dare They Insult Such a Beautiful City With an Awful Movie - Spoilers
Saturns_Illusionist9 November 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, to start things off, this is the worst film I've seen in months. Years, maybe. Not often you find a movie as awful as this. I rented it in August, hoping it wouldn't be a cheesefest and it wasn't. It was much worse. I can't believe you people gave this film a 4.9. It deserves a 0! The film has a cheesy, lame, Cinderella story plot which resembles earlier this year's "What a Girl Wants" and 2001's "The Princess Diaries" and awful acting. Sadly, being young and good-looking is a good substitution for talent. The opening scene, in which Lizzie is trying to find a graduation outfit while singing and dancing like a geek to "The Tide is High" while her little brother,Matt, tapes her with a remote control car, is very weak and cheesy, so I figured it could get better. I mean, how many films have bad and boring beginnings and turn out to be a masterpiece? The film now moves on from here to Lizzie's graduation. The graduation goes smoothly, with the character, Kate, bullying Lizzie about being an "outift repeater" whatever that is. Next thing you know it, Lizzie trips and the backdrop falls down. It only gets worse from here. Lizzie goes to Rome on a summer trip (which school do they do that in?) with her class. Mrs. Ungermeyer is the extremely annoying chaperone. Lizzie makes a wish in a fountain and soon appears one half of a lame international pop duo. A woman gives Lizzie cheese and the Italian popstar claims Lizzie looks exactly like the other half of the duo and convinces Lizzie to pose as her for the VMA's or whatever. Lizzie skips all of the tours with her class to sneak out with this greasy Italian slimeball. Kate, who Lizzie shares a resort room with, becomes suspicious and soon figures out what Lizzie's doing. Hilary Duff's acting and singing as the movie, yet she has made a career out of both. The weird thing is, Kate decides to cover for Lizzie. The other odd thing in the movie is that all the people hardly have accents or their accents are over-accented. Lizzie and the guy now have to find something to wear to the VMA's, so they try and find something to wear by giving Lizzie a makeover. The fashions in the fashion show are cheesy, ugly haute couture rip-offs. Lizzie and Paolo rehearse the song that they are supposed to sing for the VMAs, Paolo convinces Lizzie to lipsynch to the song. Next, Lizzie and Gordo get a hold of Isabella, who tells her that Paolo is a poser. Meanwhile, Matt tells his parents that he misses his sister after discovering Lizzie is famous. The family jets off to Rome. The ending is very gay and idiotic. Lizzie and Paolo go to the VMAs, Gordo some how messes with the sound system, turning off Paolo (he's the one who lipsynchs!) mic off, Paolo walks off the stage embarrassed, then Lizzie and Isabella take the stage, singing their renedition of the song, while Lizzie's family and friends are cheering her on in the crowd. Next, Lizzie gets grounded for the rest of the summer, that's the worst thing that happens to her. Typical, awful Disney film. I can't believe I had to give this a one because there was no 0.

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Terrible, terrible, terrible. Stay away for your own sake.
K_Molen3 May 2003
I tend to be pretty forgiving when it comes to movies. I feel that worst-of-the-year lists and other such things are usually not reasonable. Quite often I find that movies which certainly are bad, but not direct-to-video bad or home-movie bad, end up on such lists unfairly. I find that anything with high production values usually have some saving graces, be it good acting, good directing, nice sets, or something else, that saves it from ending up on my "worst" list.

None of the above applies to "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" however. This movie is one of the most vapid pieces of trash I've ever had the misfortune of watching. I can accept a corny and implausable plot just fine if everything else gels together. Here it doesn't.

The movie is littered with montages of Lizzie being escorted around Rome with a huge goofy grin on her face, giggling every half-second. No human being would actually react like that. Not even a 14 year old girl on her first trip abroad. And add to that the fact that these montages did nothing to further the story. They were just mere fluff to lengthen the movie and therefore also lengthened my misery. For which I hate them even more.

Add to that one of the most predictable "plot twists" of recent memory, so the audience wasn't even permitted the slight thrill of being surprised at what was happening on screen.

And then there's obviously all the glaring plot holes, such as Lizzie's version of Isabella not knowing how to speak Italian and all other Italians accepting that at face value and responding in English. Or the completely un-rehearsed but obviously over coreographed dance number. As I said above, I could accept these things if the rest of the movie had some merit to it. Sadly, here it just adds to further dragging it down.

In conclusion I'd like to say that this was the first movie in a really long time were I was p***ed off at how bad it was and how much time I wasted. "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" is not worth seeing in the theatre, on video or TV. It's not worth seeing, period.

Terrible, terrible, terrible. Stay away for your own sake.

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The Best Review for this Movie You'll read
Spokaliman9 June 2003
I'm writing on behalf of every sane person in the universe...*clears throat*...THIS MOVIE WAS THE MOST PATHETIC WORTHLESS HOPELESS SELLOUT PIECE OF UNORIGINAL DISNEY MONKEY POO I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! First of all i know the show, i have a sister and she watches the show and won't talk about anything else except it and the next pop music "sensation." (GASP! She's 14!) I saw the movie on a free ticket and with a deal with my sister that right after it we would clense ourselves and go to the Matrix Reloaded, which ruled. Back to the movie though...everything was MTV cliches, I couldn't stand it, i had to MST3K this movie and yelled out a few good ones mind you. I hade the entire plot set out in my mind before the movie started and i was 100% right. Girl goes somewhere (I don't care where, because the culture in that place is always misrepresented, and surprise, surprise, the Itlalians aren't realistically shown at all), girl has problem (99% of the time its that she isn't cool enough, or doesn't have the right friends or her boobs aren't big enough, and Disney does a disgusting job of getting rid of that problem, and that sure is setting the good old example of being yourself and beauty from within to our already media brainwashed kids), girl meets stereotypical pretty boy (nuff said) girl has stereotypical happy ending set to some Brittany Spears song. This movie does throw me a curveball for all of .02 seconds in the fact that she doesn't even "discover" happiness by not having her dreams fulfilled, but to my utter disgust, she becomes a big flashy, fake, talentless, brainless, MTV driven, fan brainwashing freak of a "singer" (even though it was painfully obvious her voice was altered to sound good by computer, i was the only one in the audience that noticed. Why do i know this? I stood up after the movie and asked!). This movie was 90 minutes of unoriginal, unimaginative, cliched, brain cell killing CRAP! (note: my night was salvaged when i went to Reloaded, Agent Smith rules!)..."Don't work so hard, don't worry so much, get more sleep and relax. Cause in the end, everything tastes like chicken, and chicken...tastes good."-Anonymous
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Bad movie overall
MisterBondPT26 August 2003
It was a very bad movie, the kind only kids MIGHT like. The acting was also very bad... what shall I say...? The only thing not so bad about it was the idea of that "Lizzie cartoon", and the chance of seeing a beautiful city, Rome.
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Amateurish, stupid and boring. I have seen some pretty bad movies but this. . .(Possible very very minor spoilers for those who don't know the plot)
frostedpinkcupcake5 April 2004
Warning: Spoilers
. . .takes the cake. I just finished watching a copy of this film and I must say. This movie is horrendous, awful and without a doubt the worst movie I have seen in my whole life! Aside from Hilary Duff's extremely mediocre performance with hints of horrid acting ability. Do not believe the high user ratings - they have clearly been corrupted by insider voting! When I saw this movie there were very few people in the audience, some walked out during the movie, and several of the rest made very negative comments when the movie was over. This movie is artificial, stupid, pretentious, and boring. It's not really worth my time to write about, but when I saw the voting results here I felt compelled to insert a strong warning to discerning viewers. To clarify, there is nothing particularly offensive about this movie, it's just very, very bad. And aside from Ms. Duff's unconvincing Italian accent and acting ability, this movie is atrocious. Worst movie ever made. There was more potential in this movie, but we're left behind with the results of bad acting, no creative twists but twists nonetheless or story layers and weak dialogs. The musical score does lift some scenes up though and the overall look from The Lizzie McGuire Movie has a certain flaw to it due to the stereotypical character of Lizzie. I've seen worse, but it's not worth your time unless you're a real fan of wholesome family/teenage movies and the likes.Very horrible film not even worth the price of a video rental. Very confusing film has little logic and just gets more tiresome as it goes along.Stay away from this movie at all costs. I was suckered into watching this movie in a bet to see which one of us knew the "worst movie of all time". Needless to say this one won hands down. It is long and drawn out, and has no purpose or plot from what I can gather. A movie about a girl who travels to Rome and meets an Italian pop star. The twist is anything BUT creative. If you are extremely bored and have no life watch this movie. But if you rather keep your sanity, stay AWAY. This movie was crap. The script is so full of holes; I can't see how the producers agreed to finance it.We are never given an explanation of ANYTHING. The acting is horrible. The plot sucks. This movie was obviously written for those 8 and under.I have to say this: who goes to Rome for an end of school graduation? And wouldn't the people who were feeding food to Lizzie notice she has no cheesy fake accent??Oh, the dialog. Do we really need the lines, "Wow, evil and smart." "Fear it. Embrace it." Thanks for the tip; I could never put that together myself. It never gets any better.Why does Lizzie talk the way she does, even in the beginning?This movie is a very, very bad rip off of all the other wholesome teen movies. It's a really awful What a Girl Wants/ The Princess Diaries/Sabrina Goes to Rome slopped together by a 10-year old writer. It's not cheesy enough to laugh at, it's just an incredibly frustrating bore. This is easily one of the worst films I've seen in many years. I started viewing the film not expecting much and that is exactly what it delivered....not much! In fact, it ended up delivering even less than I expected. My first reaction when I saw the opening portions of the film was that I would probably end up rating it a "4". I thought that it seemed to have reasonably good photography and a cheery atmosphere.As the film progressed however, the rating kept going down and down in my mind mainly due to pedestrian acting and a plot that went from being just plain silly and tasteless at the beginning to being both silly and repugnant near the end. By the time the movie was over, I was willing to rate it no more than a "1". Hilary Duff is the world's worst actress. Her facial expressions were cringe-making, her delivery was horrendous and she was so over-the-top it's unbelievable. I cannot believe there's people out there who think she's a good actress. And while there may be people who find this film funny, delightful, charming and great, GET OUT MORE!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention get your head examined. This seems like a BAD student film. Just like too many TV shows now, it has the characters addressing the camera, and saying things that are not interesting or funny. In fact, it sometimes seemed much like a bad sitcom, but without the fast pace and professional craftsmanship of a bad sitcom. Every scene was both fake and unfunny. It's too bad, because I have liked both the stars in the past. It's amazing how a horrible script and a bad director can make even the most appealing actors look bad. I see 5 movies a week, and this is the worst one I've seen in over a year.This film seems to have fallen out of a cookie cutter for even wholesome teen romantic comedies. Everything that happens in this film is cliched and predictable. The acting is bad(especially Hilary, who has two expressions, one and only emotion displayed and a very hollow sounding voice) but the script is worse. It creates boring and stereotypical characters.The dialog is hokey and irksome. You can almost predict what the characters will say before they say it. A horrible,horrible film. Hilary Duff was terrible in her role as Lizzie. Every single scene she's in, she's horrendous, atrocious and amazingly horrible."The Lizzie McGuire Movie" is a terrible movie. I had heard terrible things about it, as have many others. I wanted to see it for those reason. It's just one of those have information leading to the fact that it will be bad, but you have to see just HOW bad. I cannot believe I wasted my time and money on it. Teens traveling to a foreign place has been grounds for a a lot of movies. However, most of those movies to it in a more tasteful and watchable fashion. I felt nothing from this movie except anger, for the better things I could have put my money towards. The shock value of this movie is not enough to watch it. Pure garbage. In a nutshell, I am an embarrassed watcher of one of the worst movies I have ever seen. The Lizzie McGuire Movie is one of THOSE filmes. You know, the kind that goes out of it's way to be as unfunny, nonsensical and stupid as possible so the creators can tell everyone that doesn't fall over worshipping it because of hype they've heard from the creators (look at most of the people commenting here. "Academy, take notice" ""Hilary is AWESOME""Great Family Film" "Sweet movie" Excellent little movie" "Delightful magic"? PLEASE.) that they have no sense of good film, or that they can't truly understand the work. That's like saying Future War was a revolutionary masterpiece; you just don't get it. The Lizzie McGuire Movie, in short is one of the worst films ever made (possibly the worst film ever made). . The ending is incredibly stupid. The worst I've ever seen. A nonsensical, random romp through Hell. To reiterate, one of the worst ever made. And no, I am not a 30 year old man/woman. I am an 18 year old. My parents rented it thinking it would be a cute family movie, I'm an 18 year old female who suffered so much because I decided to watch this incredibly pointless movie. I left halfway, even my little preteen cousin thought it sucked. My parents regretted getting this movie. And really, don't waste your time on this piece of nothingness. Don't listen to the other positive comments. Its a trick to get you to suffer as well. I'm serious ........ what a waste of time and money ......... I have really no complaints about this movie except for how badly it sucked! I rented this movie and was sorely disappointed. That girl from the TV show of this was horrendous and the boy (Gordo) has like no depth in his voice. The other actors in the movie were not convincing at all, and times when the movie tried to be dramatic it was not. In fact, dramatic scenes I found were the most humorous! My sister is a singer, and had several complaints on how unconvincing her singing was. Seriously, fix the movie and maybe I'll be satisfied. Horrible casting - that's all I have to say. Don't waste your time, brain or money on this one.
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