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Season 2

1 Dec. 2002
We're All the Same, Only Different
Andy gets his African-American neighbor Ted a job as a technical writer. Then he gets accused off being a racist after commenting on the Irish.
8 Dec. 2002
Andy introduces Jessica to Ben, then tries to prove his theory that Ben and his twin brother are sharing her. Meanwhile, Byron has a festering burn on his back and can't change the bandages on his own.
10 Dec. 2002
Andy and Byron find themselves in a battle to convince Jessica to pick them for a business trip to France, with each promising all manner of both work and non-work related favors.
15 Dec. 2002
Holy Sheep
Byron converts to 'Zumanism' while Jessica goes out with Wendy's unattractive friend, Nick.
17 Dec. 2002
Relationship Ripcord
The co workers are eavesdropping on Jessica's therapist neighbor, who describes her 'cold'. So, Jessica desperately tries to change her ways. Meanwhile Andy hits on Dina, one of the therapist's patients, knowing that she'll begin a relationship with anyone providing he doesn't tell her he loves her.
22 Dec. 2002
The Show Might Go On
When Andy's attempt to help Wendy with her singing career backfires, she decides to give up her dream entirely. Meanwhile Jessica fools herself into thinking office hunk Milo is not only cute, but also smart and witty.
5 Jan. 2003
Crazy in Rio
Freddie Pickering, kooky heir to the Pickering legacy, promotes Andy and has him join his life of wealth and debauchery. As this creates a rift between Andy and his friends, he proposes to take them along on a trip to Rio.
12 Jan. 2003
The Maid Man
Andy falls in love with Jessica's maid Irina even though Jessica warns him it will never work out. Wendy is insecure about Keith having no insecurities.
14 Jun. 2004
Bully the Kid
When Jessica asks/demands Andy to pick up her nephew Jake after soccer practice, he picks up the wrong kid. Soon the real Jake turns out to be a terror and Andy wishes he'd stuck with Fake Jake instead.
23 Jan. 2003
Duh Dog
Byron makes use of Andy's sarcastic suggestion of introducing a cartoon character into their deep fryer manual, which instantly becomes a huge hit. Not only does Andy resent Byron for stealing his idea, the 'Duh Dog' is also obviously modeled on him. Meanwhile, Keith has become addicted to the deep fryer in question, frying everything he can get his hands on before devouring it.
Final Fantasy
Wendy asks Andy to read her short story while Byron tries to give a part time stripper/full time psychology student some good advice.
20 Apr. 2003
Charity Begins in Cellblock D
Inspired by their co workers, Andy and Jessica decide to engage in some charity work, and soon find themselves competing to win a writing competition at a local prison. Meanwhile, Byron owes Wendy $500 on account of a frivolous bet and wonders how he's ever going to pay up.
21 Apr. 2003
Saturday Early Evening Fever
Andy asks his friends to help him move his condescending grandmother. Before he knows it, Byron has become Andy's grandma's lover while Wendy and Keith are addicted to her old medicine. Meanwhile, Andy's neighbors Phil and Teak have fallen for Jessica.

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