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a beautiful and gripping behind the scene
marcoruffatti15 January 2003
beautiful, a gripping behind-the-scene, very well filmed and cut. The documentary gives a fantastic insight on the making of the "sleepy hollow" with interviews and glimpses to the special effects department. Very good interviews and beautifully lit.
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Tim, first and foremost, is an artist
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews16 August 2010
This is the sole featurette on the DVD of Sleepy Hollow. It consists of interviews with actors(not Ray Park, however) and crew, behind the scenes footage, concept drawings, narration and clips of the film. Everyone has something to say, be it compelling, explanatory or just plain fun(or all of the above). The FX are gone over, and it is immensely interesting. Mechanical horse, subtle CGI, duplicate heads and the spinning decapitation... thingie. They talk about the sets and look, of the town, The Western Woods, etc. This does spoil portions of the movie, though not the whole of the mystery nor the conclusion(if parts of the climax). Watch it after the picture itself. It goes over all aspects of the production, so not the script, casting and editing; shooting, effects, tone, comedy, music, and more are covered, nicely and concisely, and it keeps to a solid pace, it is never boring. This has plenty of information for anyone who enjoyed the flick itself to keep your attention. There is disturbing content, blood and violence in this. I recommend this to anyone into the subject matter. 7/10
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