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5 Mar. 2002
Lolle follows her boyfriend to Berlin but finds that he is cheating on her. Devastated, she crashes at her cousin Sven's apartment. She makes a new friend: Rosalie, a lesbian, who used to date her boyfriend's new girlfriend.
6 Mar. 2002
Wie bekomme ich meinen Freund zurück?
Lolle frames her ex-boyfriend for cheating and his new girlfriend breaks up with him. Newly single, he crawls back. However, Lolle rejects him and decides to start a new life in Berlin, with Sven, Rosalie, and their neighbor, Hart.
7 Mar. 2002
Happy Birthday, Lolle
Today is Lolle's 19th birthday, but there is no time to celebrate. During his divorce, Sven has lost custody of his son. Lolle and Rosalie try to stop him from jumping off a bridge, but they end up kidnapped by a gang of thugs.
8 Mar. 2002
Auf der Flucht
Dimitri, a local cross-dresser, helps Lolle and Rosalie escape from the conservative, bald bullies. Rosalie discovers that Paul, her ex-boyfriend, has joined the bully gang. But there's no time for romance. Sven is still on the bridge.
12 Mar. 2002
Lolle receives bad news: her parents are getting a divorce. She helps her father win back her mother's affections. Rosalie wants to prove that Sandra Bullock has cellulite. She asks Sandra's personal masseuse, Chuckie, for help.
13 Mar. 2002
Ich will Sandra Bullock massieren
Lolle's mother reinstates Lolle's allowance, so Lolle no longer has to work at a restaurant. Sandra Bullock's masseuse, Chuckie, has stolen Bernd's wedding rings. Lolle, Sven, and Rosalie have to sneak through security to get them back.
14 Mar. 2002
Lolle is feeling frustrated. Perhaps a one night stand with her Capoeira teacher will relax her. Sven is strongly against the idea and scolds her. However, Sven himself is also tempted with a one night stand when he meets a new woman.
15 Mar. 2002
All You Need Is Love
Lolle's Capoeira instructor has fallen in love with her, and he plans to publicly and grandly announce his undying affection. Sven has resisted the temptation of his one night stand, but that only makes his new not-girlfriend love him more.
19 Mar. 2002
Lolle gets a job at a restaurant and her boss is arrogant, rude, argumentative, and thoroughly unlikable. Yet, she continues to dream about him, night after night. Sven meets an investment banker, who wants something more sensual.
20 Mar. 2002
Lolle und der Traumprinz
Lolle and her Jewish boss are falling in love. But he's married and has children. Sven wants Rosalie to date an investment banker, so she will approve a seven-figure investment into Sven's start up.
28 Mar. 2002
Lesbe sein dagegen sehr
There are guys who just do not know the word "No!" For example, Antonio, Lolles youth friend, who has a clear goal: Antonio wants to Lolle ..
2 Apr. 2002
Küssen, Küssen, Küssen
Lolle and Rosalie get on very well. Too great, says Lolle, who is slowly wondering why she can not relate to Rosalie.
12 Apr. 2002
Ice age. Lolle and Sven behave coolly since they slept together. And now Sven also wants to go to the class reunion to which Silvia is invited.

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