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Season 3

18 Jun. 2004
Mr. Monk Takes Manhattan
Monk and his colleagues travel to New York City to interview someone connected to Trudy's murder. While they are waiting, Monk helps solve the murder of the Latvian ambassador.
25 Jun. 2004
Mr. Monk and the Panic Room
Monk is called to a crime scene where a pet seems to be the killer: Ian Blackburn is found in his the panic room, shot four times and his pet chimp holding the weapon. Did the chimp do it?
9 Jul. 2004
Mr. Monk and the Blackout
A blackout puts half of San Francisco in the dark for a few minutes. When the police discover it wasn't an accident, Monk gets involved to try and figure out why.
16 Jul. 2004
Mr. Monk Gets Fired
Karen Stottlemeyer films a documentary of Captain Stottlemeyer's division. Despite the Commissioner's objections, Monk helps solve the case of a headless corpse, a fatal fire at a wig factory, and a hat thief all in one fell swoop.
23 Jul. 2004
Mr. Monk Meets the Godfather
A mob boss needs Monk's help to figure out who murdered some members of the family. Monk reluctantly takes the case when the FBI offers to help get him reinstated in exchange for the information he gathers.
30 Jul. 2004
Mr. Monk and the Girl Who Cried Wolf
Sharona takes a break from Monk so that she can concentrate on her creative writing class, but gets caught up in a twisted murder plot that causes her to question her sanity. Meanwhile, Monk is distracted by Sharona's replacement, who is determined to fix him.
6 Aug. 2004
Mr. Monk and the Employee of the Month
Monk goes undercover at a department store to investigate the mysterious death of a popular store employee. In the process he also gains valuable insights into the life of his former partner, who happens to be the store's head of security.
13 Aug. 2004
Mr. Monk and the Game Show
Trudy's father, a game show producer, invites Monk to Hollywood to determine if the host is helping a contestant cheat. Monk has to become a contestant himself in order to clinch the case, as well as to confirm his suspicions about the death of the host's assistant.
20 Aug. 2004
Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine
A woman commits suicide and minutes later Captain Stottlemeyer is shot nearby. Monk needs to determine if the two events are related, but his new medication has turned him into an obnoxious jerk who can't concentrate on the case.
21 Jan. 2005
Mr. Monk and the Red Herring
Monk is having a hard time finding a new assistant, and Natalie might be just what he is looking for. But first he has to take her case and solve the mystery of the intruder who seems inordinately interested in her daughter's pet fish.
28 Jan. 2005
Mr. Monk vs. the Cobra
When an author of a book debunking the career of a popular martial-arts movie star is killed, the evidence points to the star himself, despite the fact that he has been dead for years! Monk takes the case and also gets a chance to prove to Natalie that he is not as selfish as he seems.
4 Feb. 2005
Mr. Monk Gets Cabin Fever
As sole witness to a murder, Monk is shuffled off to a safe location until he can give a deposition. When a man is killed by lightning while fishing on the lake outside his cabin, however, Monk believes there's more to the man's death than meets the eye.
11 Feb. 2005
Mr. Monk Gets Stuck in Traffic
A motley assortment of commuters, including Monk and the gang, are stuck on the highway after a fatal car accident brings traffic to a dead halt. But Monk doesn't think it was any accident and his impromptu investigation irritates authorities at the scene.
18 Feb. 2005
Mr. Monk Goes to Vegas
While in Sin City for a bachelor party, Stottlemeyer enlists Monk to prove a casino mogul's wife death wasn't accidental.
25 Feb. 2005
Mr. Monk and the Election
Natalie's campaign to be elected to the school board is interrupted by a sniper. Monk's life is endangered as well when he begins to investigate.
4 Mar. 2005
Mr. Monk and the Kid
A severed finger turns up in the park, and Monk's only source of information is the two-year-old boy who found the finger.

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