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Season 2

22 Sep. 2003
Blood Brothers
The investigation of the murders of 2 young models hit a sudden stop when the two perpetrators have diplomatic immunity from the US government.
29 Sep. 2003
Dead Zone
The body of a man involved in recovering sunken treasure is discovered pinned to the wall of his new cabin cruiser by a spear fired from a spear gun at close range.
6 Oct. 2003
Hard Time
Maggots dropping down to the neighbor below from an apartment being renovated allow discovery of the body of Peg Donovan. Her skull was smashed with lumber, but she survived. Horatio's only logical suspect is Mason Shaw, who was convicted for raping her, and me be planning from jail to prevent her testimony ruining his up-coming parole hearing. The team must find proof beforehand if he orchestrated everything from his Georgia prison somehow manipulating his own son - Chuck Shaw.
13 Oct. 2003
Death Grip
A young girl is kidnapped from her bedroom in the dead of night, and when an arm shows up without the body attached Horatio must determine if it belongs to his victim or a new one.
20 Oct. 2003
The Best Defense
The two young owners of a city bar are gunned down after hours and another man is wounded in the attack, which was allegedly committed by a masked gunman. Calleigh's dad announces he is now a public defender and needs her help with a murder case.
3 Nov. 2003
Hurricane Anthony
Three murder cases are investigated after Hurricane Anthony hit Miami.
10 Nov. 2003
Grand Prix
A fuel man lights up on fire during a race and burns to death despite wearing a fire-proof suit.
17 Nov. 2003
Big Brother
A man is found dead, his throat slit, in his office. Meanwhile, Raymond Caine's case is re-opened and eventually solved when Horatio Caine finds more evidence about the murder.
24 Nov. 2003
In the marina, a shark fatally bites Cindy Castiano, attracted by a bleeding earlier shot wound. She worked for P.I. Bruno Gomez to entrap wealthy men. So the suspects include victimized adulterers Carl Purdue, who as ruined and threatened her life, and Matthew Warner, who believes she loved him. Eric tries to pussyfoot after finding MPD detective Frank Tripp's fingerprints and his name on a client list.
15 Dec. 2003
The body of a young woman is dropped over railing. It appears that she has been dead prior to the fall.
5 Jan. 2004
A plastic surgeon is found dead, hanged in his own apartment. Meanwhile, a husband of his former patient, who died from complications during a routine surgery, is suing the clinic for the death of his wife.
12 Jan. 2004
Witness to Murder
The body of a teenage girl is lost during its transportation to the crime lab. Someone has bought the corpse.
2 Feb. 2004
Blood Moon
An ex-torturer who once worked for the government of Cuba is found dead, bound to a chair, showing signs of gruesome torture.
9 Feb. 2004
Slow Burn
A slow burn in the Everglades that turns on itself yields a body different than the one Eric and Alexx were brought out for, and endangers their lives; Horatio thinks he's found a sexual predator, but now he must prove it.
16 Feb. 2004
A paparazzi's death leads the investigators to another death of a young woman.
23 Feb. 2004
A masked man breaks in and trashes a house before shooting the father. The son is later found by the CSI team in a freezer.
1 Mar. 2004
Money for Nothing
A money van carrying $3.2 million is robbed. One of the two drivers is shot dead. Caine manages to track the stolen money, which turns out to be counterfeit.
22 Mar. 2004
A CSI wannabe steals crucial evidence from a murder scene and compromises the case.
29 Mar. 2004
A journalist witnesses a homicide and leaves the scene uninjured. The detectives, however, believe that there is more to this suspicious man.
19 Apr. 2004
The Oath
A police officer literally drops down dead besides a car he pulled over.
3 May 2004
Not Landing
A plane crashes on a beach because it was out of fuel. The pilot, however, was dead prior to the crash.
10 May 2004
Rap Sheet
A rap concert is unceremoniously ended when a shot is fired by an unseen gunman. A body guard is instantly killed and the singer is wounded in his right arm.
17 May 2004
MIA/NYC Nonstop
Examining the bloody murder of a Miami father and his wife, which the teenage daughter survived, Horatio's team soon finds trails to a car rented by a man who flew in from New York City. There Horatio teams up with his CSI counterpart Mac Taylor, who is examining a cop-killing, possibly by the same murderer. Together they follow him, work out what erroneously drove him to Miami and arrive at an analogous crime scene, where rich Michael Hanover and his wife were killed, badly stabbed adolescent son Mike Jr. The matter of key access suggests some involvement of the ...
24 May 2004
A porn star is strangled to death. Evidence points to the owner of her studio as a primary suspect.

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