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Depeche in top mode
anthonycwhittle2 September 2002
This is simply terrific.Who said Depeche Mode were a band of the 80's. It took 1hr 45 minutes into the concert before the first track of the

80's was played. Come on people, what do you expect Mr Gahan to come out in those white jeans to sing people are people. Depeche Mode have grown up just like us fans who have followed them through their stupendous journey.I had the pleasure to witness this brilliant concert at three venues most notable the Gorge in George, Washington. Dave has never had this much energy and Martin came out of the shadows to deliver his most powerful performance yet. Most of the concert captures the mellifluous ambience of Exciter, which is a very tight sounding album. This is a must see for all Depeche Mode fans..
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Simply the best live concert DVD.
FortAwesome24 September 2002
This is a great "package."

First of all, you have Depeche Mode at their live-est ever, performing in front of 30,000 screaming Frenchmen on October 10, 2001.

Second, you get Anton Corbijn's photographic sensibilities, both during the terrific concert film, and during the DVD's literally groundbreaking extras.

The plentiful extras include the visually stunning concert projection films made by Corbijn, candid pre-concert interviews with the band, Martin Gore singing "Surrender" to his dressing room mirror (classic!), and a "choose-your-own angle" version of "Never Let Me Down Again."
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Very disappointing.
hobbes6 February 2003
I was really disappointed with this DVD. The sound quality is awful and the mixing made me laugh in disbelief because it is so inconsistent. The very plain stage doesn't help much in the visual department either. After the spectacular Devotional it was always going to be difficult to produce a follow up but they don't even appear to have tried very hard. I saw Depeche Mode in Manchester during this tour and although the visuals were the same - i.e. boring - the sound was much better.

For a band that always tried in the past to be daring and adventurous it is a major let down.
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