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A good series...
icehole426 January 2003
While it's tempting to write this show off as a lame-o Charlie's Angles rip-off, you really shouldn't do that. She Spies is a variation on that theme that actually is better than the original. Three misfit women are pulled out of prison and forced to work for the FBI putting bad guys in jail. What makes this series much better than the original is: 1. The cast acts better, 2. The humor actually works, and 3. You can really sympathize with the women of She Spies more than you could the women of Charlie's Angels. About the only complaint I have about it is that being a syndicated show, it's on at a very inconvenient hour in most markets (many places show it around midnight on Saturday as of this writing.)

It's worth checking out.
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Surprisingly Good
askjason27 October 2002
I watched a couple of episodes and I have to admit it is funny. What makes the show good is that they don't take themselves seriously and make jokes about their own show.

In one episode an evil Icelandic spy had captured the "She Spies" and was starting to upload US Govt secret code when one girl said, "Hey, didn't we have to stop some spy from uploading code last week (or maybe episode)?"

Anyway if you are up late one night and the show comes on do yourself a favor and watch.
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Something fun and mindless to watch
mozam5 January 2003
I know that a lot of people think that this is a show that was canceled by the network and is now in syndication, but that's not the case. Apparently, the plan all along was to debut on the network (and benefit from heavy network promotion--which it certainly received), and go on to be a syndicated program. Not a bad idea. I have to admit, it kind of got me hooked.

It's a fairly entertaining and somewhat goofy show. And, while it's not nearly as good, in my opinion, as V.I.P., it's cut from the same cloth. It's still campy, good fun. Sometimes the self-mockery, as with VIP is the biggest highlight. While VIP tended to mainly mock Valerie Irons (Pamela Anderson), this show tends to go outside the box and mock the actual show. One line from a recent show:

"We have She Spies action figures."

-"there are She Spies action figures?"

--"yeah, you wind 'em up and they dare you to find their time-slot."

Don't knock it until you try it. It may take a couple of tries, but the show is actually getting better and I think you'll be entertained. Just remember, it's not meant to be Shakespeare. It's meant to be fun.
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What's wrong with light entertainment?
mjarvis025 January 2008
She Spies is easy on the eyes and brains. It is light entertainment that should have been given a longer run. She spies is basically a lighter hearted Charlies Angels. I watch it every morning and find it very entertaining and good on the eyes. The stories have a beginning a middle and an end and all three women are extremely pretty. I think in the beginning it may have been too light hearted but then they brought in Cameron Daddo who does have a greater screen presence then the first head of the She Spies programme and anyway that man was a baddie in Firefly (boo hiss). I also compare She Spies to Cleopatra 2525 that also featured three female crime fighters though I must say that the She Spies are prettier. I for one would like to see two things firstly series two on DVD (all regions preferably) and two a movie spin off or better still a third series. To sum it up if I have an hour to kill I would like nothing better to have my eyes richly entertained by the beautiful She Spies!!
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Very entertaining
rscampb21 July 2002
This show is clearly a spoof of spy shows, more "Our Man Flint" or Matt Helm than James Bond. Three beautiful women acting as government agents, handling those "tough cases" that regular agents cannot. All the while poking fun at their show. With very little violence this si well worth watching.
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She Spies
kariangel184 February 2007
I never saw the first season of She Spies, but I caught most of the second season and really enjoyed it. I was really sorry when the show got cancelled. I don't think it ever got the credit it deserved. You could really tell the all the actors had a good time on the show. It was a fun light show to watch. There was always humor between the action to keep the show running smoothly. The only thing that I disliked about the show was some of the action scenes; they were too cheesy. I was sorry to have seen it get cancelled, I would've like to have seen a couple more seasons to watch the characters grow and progress, but no such luck :(
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Well, I think it's kind of cute.
Surfer-2323 February 2003
I suppose I could write an in-depth review, but instead I'll just say this: the writing is pretty funny, the show is fast-paced, and the ladies seem to be having a good time. Yes, they break the fourth wall a bit too often, but if you are able to just sit back and let yourself have fun with it, this show may be worth your while.
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V.I.P. Knock off
xinli120 July 2002
The title says it all. For all of you who has watched Alias on ABC and were expecting something similar, I am sorry to say that you will be greatly disappointed. This show very much follows in the foot steps of V.I.P. It takes a tongue and cheek look at the girl power/sexy female spies tv series. It doesn't take itself seriously at all. In fact, the show takes a jab at itself every few scenes. So, as long as you don't take it too seriously, it could be some what entertaining in a mindless sort of way.
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Charlie's Angels meets Ally McBeal?!?
cinefilegod20 July 2002
Are you tired of the mid-summer reruns? Well here's a mid-summer debut which begs for your attention! She Spies stars Natasha Henstridge from the Species films as Cassie, Kristen Miller as D.D.,and Natashia Williams as Shane. The trio are ex-cons given an opportunity to serve their country as spies. You might think this one's been done before, but some different ingredients have been thrown into this stew! The show is a definite take on McG's Charlie's Angels (with Carlos Jacott playing Jack- a version of Bosley in Angels' lore) but the quirkiness and the fast-paced writing style seem to reflect early Ally McBeal. Sexist comments and "cartoon reactions" run rampant in this show, which might remind many of us of the early days of Ally. In an effort to stay alive on the network, it cracks jokes and makes fun of itself, which could either be a self-defense mechanism or a clever new technique. The way I see it, I believe the show is very entertaining and should be given a chance for permanent network residency, despite the mid-summer debut.
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Totally entertaining, with very engaging characters.
fgunther21 July 2002
Warning: Spoilers
OK, I have to warn you in advance, I've only seen the first episode, and this review has to contain quite a few **SPOILERS** for my review to make sense.

In the opening scene, the three women, naturally dressed in black catsuits, are getting ready to rappel down the side of a building, smash through glass windows, and surprise the bad guys. The first two women do fine, then petite D.D. simply flattens, face first, against the glass; after a long pause, she says "ooowwww."

There is the attempt to disarm a bomb, with techie D.D. getting conflicting advice from her buds Cassie and Shane, and a long discussion about "red wire, blue wire" and which movie each color wire worked in.

OK, by now you have the idea, this show is sort of "Charlie's Angels as trained by the Keystone Kops." After the girls (sorry, women, forgot my PC) finally get their first assignment from Jack (their Bosley), they get so excited they trip over each other and fall into a big pileup. Like the intro says, this is not an elite global intelligence unit.

The characters as portrayed are very likable, with seemingly good chemistry between the four leads.

On final *spoiler*; in the last scene, the three are doing a typical "Charlie's Angels" exit, walking side by side toward the camera, discussing how low some people will stoop to get publicity and attention. After agreeing they would never do this, they look at each other, and, in unison, start peeling off their blouses, a la Brandi Chastain.

Regretfully, (hey, did I say they're gorgeous?) the scene freezes, and an apology from the producers for the tacky ending appears on the screen (comments like this, some quite hilarious, appear on screen regularly throughout the show). The next thing you see is the MGM lion, yawning.

OK, I really liked the first episode, and will definitely watch more. It's pure mindless entertainment, and pokes fun at everything in sight, including itself.

Sit back with a double decaf skim latte, and enjoy.
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Great show lots of humor some of it subtle but always good fun
headhunter4615 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I recently found She spies on youtube. The picture is very good so someone must have found it on DVD.

I always have some good laughs at this show.

It is a shame it was cancelled. I fear it didn't get enough publicity. The sarcastic humor is a blast but of course if you don't get enough people convinced to watch it, the show is bound to fade away.

The three girls bounce jokes around better than any late night show I'm familiar with. The show even does the occasional rewind when some one decides, "OOPs I could have done that better". It is a bit like Charlies Angels but with numerous clever quips and subtle humor that is sometimes hard to catch the first time around.

If you find it on DVD, it is worth having in the collection if only for a few gags when you need a bit of cheering up.
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simply amazing
xdya5723 November 2011
I wonder if the director has ever tried to beat someone up in high-heels, no that this was the most unrealistic part of the show. However it's a great fun and really worth watching. You would think that the usual Charlie's angels story of three girls fighting against the bad guys is just too boring to come up with something new, but clearly this show managed it. The action scenes are quite exciting and a lot of coolly told jokes entertain you from the very first minute. No complaints of the plot either, the writers did a really good job and invented some quite interesting frame stories. All in all this show is a real fun, one of my favourite series, I can just recommend it to everyone.
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Fun, fun, fun
MuggySphere17 March 2005
Fun, fun, fun.....

Fun is all I can say for this show. I only just discovered this recently on TV here and I am hooked. Only hassle is they are screening what looks like the last two seasons of the show and not the beginnings of it. But that notwithstanding it's fun.

The show shares some similarities with VIP and others like that but if you forget them and concentrate on the show itself it is quite entertaining fun. It's never meant to be serious and often has fun it its own expense.

I give it high ratings for just being fun.

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Freegin' great!
Artdoag27 July 2003
This show is the perfect solution after a long hard day of work. It rocks in every way possible and doesn't pretend to be in the running for an Emmy. I don't know all the chick's names, or the dorky sidekick guy, but I do know this: when life throws you too much seriousness and curveballs, watch SHE SPIES. Of note: the She Spies' facial expressions when they're talking.
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A wonderful, hilarious show
kalisa200123 February 2003
While this little gem may not be for everybody's taste, I find it wonderfully funny, intelligent, and well acted, with the actresses delivering their lines with such aplomb, it's amazing. At times it's even heartwarming. I especially love the dynamics between the four main characters. It's my favorite show, currently on the air.
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dwillie3361916 August 2004
I think the show is hot and creative. It's not another "Charle's Angeles" knock off for sure. It makes me ill when I read about other people comparing this show to "CHARLE'S ANGELS," just because they are 3 female spies. GET OVER THAT FEMALE STERIO TYPE. The "Charle's Angels" movies focused on a fun fill comedy more than anything, the fighting scenes where mostly unrealistic and they pretty much hung for jump lines had body doubles to impress those without a realistic state of thinking or children. But She Spies fighting scenes are more realistic with hard martial arts training to actually learn how to defend themselves (or at least make it look that way). If you want to compare that to "Charles Angels" consider this, imagine the choreography in CA's choagraphy, doesn't that remind you of a popular children's TV show: "POWER RANGERS?" Anyway, A lot of the inventions/gadgets the the She Spies use are somewhat unrealistic or seem waaaay to cool to ever have but it's television. The idea of 3 career felonists becoming Government Agency spies (w/ limited privileges) who are serving their sentences in this way, is a bit functional, especially since they all happen to look like they just come from a Playboy photoshoot. I like the punch lines, the scripts are moderately written, dialoge is pretty predictable and the idea of foreshadowing into future episodes isn't clear at all. In my city, the station that the show is shown on isn't a very popular station as far as exclusive or "hit show" programs because it previously was own by WB but was sold out to someone else. So of course its the show doesn't get much attention as it would if it was on NBC, WB, FOX etc. If the show ever made it to one of those major networks with a respectable prime time time slot I do admit the producers would have to get a little more creative as far as characters, scrips and plots. But still if you want a show that entertains you for a little bit of comedy and action it's a premium choice show.
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random late late late night tv
DrAmanda31 May 2003
One of the most grossly misunderstood genres of film and theatre is the SATIRE. This is a great satire. Unfortunately SATIRE rarely works on TV on a week by week basis. Which is probably why this was on at 3am on a Friday night. But it IS funny.
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Fun but repetitive show
gridoon201911 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Warning: This comment is based only on the first season of the show, which is the only season available on DVD so far.

"She Spies" is a fun show to watch, but if you've seen one episode, you've pretty much seen them all. In the age of "Alias" and "24", the mission-of-the-week format seems anachronistic. While the three leads are beautiful, in great shape and actually believable as fighters, the action scenes are brief (they occupy no more than 2 or 3 minutes out of each episode's 43), and often shot in too-tight close-ups which suggest extensive stunt doubling. Of course the emphasis is more on comedy than action; yes the show has a self-aware sense of humor, yes it pokes fun at itself, yes it has some clever wordplay and yes it is sometimes funny, but after a while none of that surprises you anymore, and frankly sometimes the excess of talk begins to get tiresome. My favorite episode is "The Replacement", thanks to a super-sexy Brooke Burns who brings all the attitude that the rest of the show lacks. **1/2 out of 4 for the first season as a whole.
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billy8660-19 February 2003
This show just shows how stupid producers think people are. The acting is horrible, the humor is retarded, the action is fake, and it is a huge rip-off of Charlie's Angels. The basis is 3 women plucked out from somewhere and put into a secret or not so secret agency and put to work on a mission. Charlie's Angels should have been the last of it but no, some bonehead producer thought to try to change one little element and try to make it a good show but it isn't. In this author's opinion, this show should be taken off the air for good.
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Guess I'm just a lech...
winstonfg18 January 2008
...but I quite like this show. It's slick and fast and, even though the humour's laid on a bit thick sometimes, I enjoy it's breezy silliness and occasional asides to the audience.

None of these gorgeous gals is going to be an Oscar candidate any time soon, but the formula is tight enough to let them entertain without having to exercise too many acting talents. Add to that a good sprinkling of in-jokes and topical pokes and it makes for a pleasant, if forgettable, hour.

I'd really like to know how they got away with D. D. Cummings though; literary allusion notwithstanding.
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Much Better Than Charlies Angels
wpaul-114 May 2006
Came across this on the IMDb and was able to get hold of the first series on DVD.

Finally a crime set that does not take itself seriously all the time. Beautiful Women fighting baddies with laughs abound, what more can you ask. As opposed to Charlie, Jack the one in charge, is not the Know all been there done that agent, but is on the same learning experience and is often the subject of light hearted banter, which he just takes in his stride. Without spoiling it for anyone who has not seen She Spies, all I can say is bully your TV companies into screening this or get the DVD's

I cant wait to see series 2 on DVD (Thank goodness for multi-region players).
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Nothing's worse than imitation parody
curtis-819 December 2006 oh man. I'd never heard of this show until it came out on DVD, but it sounded interesting in the reviews and comments I read. It sounded like a goofy Charlie's Angels parody with elements of the old Monkees TV show and Get Smart thrown in. However, I found that I could only make it through the first ten minutes of the second episode. It was just too painfully unfunny. I mean the women could have done the whole series in the nude and I think two episodes would have been my limit. I'm not familiar with the writers credited with this lump, but they give every impression of being old washed up showbiz hacks of the worst kind--I mean their idea of hipness were references to Tricky Dick Nixon and the old Gary Cooper movie "Shane." Did they think that anyone under 45 would get those gags? And even if they did, should the writers have had any reasonable expectation that said gags would actually be funny? (hint: the answer is no).

But the dated nature of the humor wasn't even the real killer for me. The main thing that made it so painful was that the show was aiming so desperately and so often to be funny, but kept missing the mark upon each and every attempt. It was like the guy at the party who has no business telling jokes, but compulsively tells them anyway, ad nauseum. You know the kind of guy I mean--he tells jokes because he thinks that being funny will make people like him, so he tells one after the other to anyone who will listen. Trouble is, he got all the jokes out of an old joke book and has no natural sense of humor, so he just parrots out a bunch of dead-on-delivery gags, laughs at them himself because no one else will, and keeps going until his dullness clears the room. That's what this show did to me. Even with hot chicks, it cleared the room with its dullness. Freak. N. PAINFUL.
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My review...may be some spoilers
ThePurpleGirl21 May 2004
Warning: Spoilers
This show contains very um, how shall i say "old stuff" OK, three beautiful girls (Well i think that Cassie girl is ugly)who are crime fighters...sound familiar? think back into like 1975(i dunno) or more recently this last year. Hmmmm...ring a bell? Charlie's Angels! I mean how more unoriginal could you get?

Also the actors suck. I mean its so cheesy could make a cheeseburger. In every episode (i've watched like 5) the same thing happens. The girls are there. The boss guy (doesn't he remind you of Charlie, from Charlie's Angels, only you can see this guy and he doesn't call em angels only she spies and gives Cassie weird looks.) tells them there's a new bad guy/girl. they save someone and catch the bad guy. its soo lame.

If i were you, after SNL i would turn the TV off unless you're a vegetable and need to watch crap like "She Spies"

For my rating i would give it a low 2/10, because i must admit, it is kinda entertaining if you're in the mood for ditzy girls who throw fake punches.
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No point to watch...
noxipoo1 June 2003
I recently watched an episode of this show and I must say it was pointless. Ignoring the fact that its a blatant rip off Charlie's Angels and VIP, it still terrible. The `action' isn't that exciting, the plot is laughable and the main problem is that it tries to take itself seriously, unlike VIP. The dialog is sparse and sometimes they go off into these little touching moments that's suppose to build on the story but has nothing to do with anything. It's hard to believe three skinny girls could so effectively beat up endless bad guys. I feel stupid for watching it and I just want to cry.
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