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Season 3

13 Sep. 2007
Chode gets his crew a job as Royal bodyguards to the princess of the black and white nation of Slovenia. Despite their presence, the princess falls victim to foul play anyway, so they set about re-animating her in Dr. Skankenstein's long forgotten secret laboratory.
6 Sep. 2007
Chode Eraser
Babbette Bobo is pregnant, apparently by Chode, so her mother Bernice sends the Arnie 1.000 android two months back in time to erase Chode before the deed is consummated.
20 Sep. 2007
To eBay or Not to eBay
While visiting an on-line casino, Gus makes some debts. Soon after-wards, all of the least beat up stuff on the Jupiter 42 starts disappearing...
11 Oct. 2007
23 1/2
Darph Bobo concocts a convoluted plan to get rid of Chode and Commander Adam at the same time. He kidnaps Six and demands Chode murders Adam within 23.5 minutes. However, Jack Hour of the Alien Terrorist Unit offers to help rescue Six from Intergalactic Airlines flight 69 instead. Once aboard the plane, they find it booby-trapped with deadly snakes.
25 Oct. 2007
The Need for Greed
Six receives an E-mail announcing a hefty inheritance. The crew all wants a piece of the action and come up with a mutinous plan to support Six as their captain instead of Chode.
18 Oct. 2007
Chuckles Bites the Dust
Darph Bobo's grandfather, Chuckles Schlomo Bobo, has kicked the bucket. One of his last requests is for his arch-nemesis, Benito McBlob to give a eulogy at the funeral. So, it's up to Chode to convince his grandpa to leave the retirement home and say something nice about the man he hated most.
Hollow Chode
Fortune teller Gypsy Rosaly puts a curse on Chode after he refuses to pay her. Back on the Jupiter 42, Chode has turned invisible and immediately begins to take advantage of the situation. After a while it becomes apparent that the curse is causing Chode to be erased from existence all together.
Witness Protection
Commander Adam forces Chode to testify against Darph Bobo in a murder case and puts him in a witness protection program until the trial. Settling down on a suburban planet under the name of 'Chance', Chode becomes the object of desire for all the desperate housewife's in the neighborhood.
Raiders of the Lost Crock of */@?#!"
Chode heads down to the Grope-a-Cabana to 'catch some snatch' and takes Gus along. There he acquires a medallion that could lead to the treasure of the Pyridians. Meanwhile, the Jupiter 42 and the remaining ship are locked in a tractor beam.
The Son Also Rises
Dinia, an old flame of Chode contacts him and informs him of their son, Chode Jr. Soon, Chode is provided custody and has to take the boy on board, giving him Whip's room. Whip has to sleep in the broom closet.
Extreme Takeover
Chode desperately wants to win The Fifty Million Kronig Flaming Colossus race. Whip proposes to have Spaceship Bob souped up at his friend Sergio's Chop shop. Chode also strikes an endorsement deal with Pucker Up hemorrhoid ointment. Things take a turn for the worse when the upgrade installs a virus into Bob's mainframe.

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