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27 Jul. 2005
Cool Whip
Feeling unappreciated, Whip takes control of the ship (thinking he's playing a video game) and soon crash lands on a planet who's entire population seems to worships him.
27 Jul. 2005
You Wanna Put That Where?
The crew travels to gay planet Fabulous Heaven to get rid of a stolen shipment of G-Y Jelly. There, Chode is soon thrown in jail for having illegal heterosexual sex with Six.
3 Aug. 2005
Honey, I Shrunk the Crew
Darph Bobo finds out his credit card is being used by Chode. He retaliates by taking over the Jupiter 42 and setting it on self destruct. Whip then comes up with a desperate plan to get Bobo's password out of his brain by going in there using his new Inschrinkerator gun.
10 Aug. 2005
Ghost Ship
The Jupiter 42 is out of fuel and has to pass through the Bermuda Quadrant in order to get to a fueling station. On the way they run into the ghost ship USS El Dorado.
17 Aug. 2005
Benito's Revenge
Chode's grandpa Benito and a few of his pals have escaped from the Fun City Retirement Home, where the old folks' brainwaves were being used to power an amusement park. Naturally Chode does not believe this, sends them right back and visits 71/2 Flags.
24 Aug. 2005
All for None
The crew walks out on Chode and find new jobs on a Cruiseship in space. Meanwhile, Chode hires a group of illegal alien aliens to run the Jupiter 42.
31 Aug. 2005
Extreme Chode
Chode bets his life-long rival Adam Shatner that Whip can beat Adam12 at the Intergalactic X-Games hover-board games. If Whip wins, Chode gets Adam's ship. If he loses, Adam gets Six.
14 Sep. 2005
When two Alien Greys try to scam Chode into paying for an accident they caused, he escapes through a time warp. This leads both ships to travel back in time and crash land on Earth near the lackluster town of Roswell.
21 Sep. 2005
Santa Clownza
The crew takes a holiday at Gillabus IV and find the entire planet celebrating the holiday of Clownza. Realizing the festivities are part of one of Darph Bobo's schemes, Chode invents his own rival holiday, 'Peacester'.
28 Sep. 2005
Chode & Bobo's High School Reunion
At their High School Reunion, Chode regains his former status of the King of Cool, Darph Bobo is again the King of Dorks and T'Nuk the Queen of Bullies.
5 Oct. 2005
Commander Adam 1 has crashed on Vitalius IV, a planet inhabited by just about every SciFi monster ever created. His wife Nancy forces Chode to go rescue him by injecting an earwig that will consume his brain within 24 hours.
12 Oct. 2005
Chode's Near Death-Experience
Chode nearly chokes to death on a hamburger and resolves to change his selfish ways. Meanwhile, God and the Devil bet on which one of them will have to take Chode when his time comes.
19 Oct. 2005
Six, Lies and Videotape
Six is arrested for several counts of robbery. The real culprit turns out to be Haffa Dozen, the woman Six was modeled after. When T'Nuk goes undercover as a prison guard to break Six out, she mistakes Haffa Dozen for Six.

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