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Filthy! I love it!
bjorksjoga29 May 2006
I can't believe how nasty this show is! If I may, a scene from the show :Six is forced to give a planet's leader a massage: (Chode to Six) "Where did you get that money." (Gus to Six) "As if we have to ask. Breath mint?" I must admit that I have only seen the DVDs, which I believe are unrated, but the filth, and the non stop innuendos are enough to make a seasoned South Park fan blush (although, I know that no show could be South Park nasty). This a must see for any fan of the adult humor cartoons such as South Park, Oblongs, Drawn Together, and anything on Adult Swim. The characters are all very easily defined, but also hilarious. There is the nasty perverted captain Chode. The slut of the ship Six, who is a sex robot, and the ships science office (an easy juxtaposition right?). Whip, the idiot teenager. Gus, the flamboyantly gay robot who can't admit it. And T'Nuk, the big fat b**ch. T'nuk is always on the lookout for love, the captain wants sex and money, Six simply wants to be respected and not used for sex (although she basically does nothing but, and her gigantic breasts are always on display), and Gus wants people to think he is straight, as well as get some attention. Definitely a show you are going to want to watch.
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Aliens, robots, and attractive cyborgs, what geek could ask for more?
Theshapeshifter8 February 2006
This show is brilliant. That much is clear, but the reason why it is brilliant is it is fresh and original. The show possess a innuendo-filled, somewhat morbid, and seldom disappointing quality which will have anyone, science-fiction geek or not, rolling on their sides with laughter and choked up with bouts of mirth. It is funny because it is a pleasant relief from all the previous science fiction shows which appear to be stuffy and impressive in a dulled-out sort of way. But with "Tripping the Rift", a viewer will see nothing but ensuing hilarity involving effeminate robots, narcissistic (and quite ugly) aliens, lazy lizard-type aliens, and much more. With this show being peppered with Star Wars and Star Trek references, it is certainly not to be taken as just another dull and lazily impressive science fiction show.
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Star Trek, as it was ment to be...
maffelu20 March 2004
Warning: Spoilers
This is some good stuff. Totally chaotic sci-fi series, animated, with a three eyed wobbley alien head character name Chode that cruises around in space with his crew of mentally unstable retards! A bit kinky sometimes, but I think it has a little something for everyone...

The animations are really good looking, and I don't know how serious they were when they produced it, but it's very profesional.

You should see the original episode where Chode by accident goes back in time and lands his ship on God, killing him. A normal film would show the tragedy in a world without God, but not this series. Without God, there is no Satan, and without satan, people don't know how to be mean, except for Chode who was there when God was killed, and remember how it was before that. Devious as he is, he uses it in the way he find suiting. A great little part is when a reporter for the tv-news reports as he's being raped and don't really understand why, but keeps reporting.

The animators of this series should start animating porn or real erotic animated movies.
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A funny and crude animated comedy that delivers what it promises.
d-snake120 August 2017
This is an animated sci-fi comedy featuring Chode McBlob, a purple outlaw space captain, and his crew as they adventure throughout space. His crew consists of Six, the ship's science officer and Chode's sex robot, T'Nuk, the ship's pilot and cook, Gus, the ship's butler and engineer, Whip, the ship's foreman, and Bob, the ship's AI. Chode and his crew are a for-hire crew whose jobs could range from smuggling to mercenary work to being a legitimate courier, but they frequently take time away from paying work to chase after get- rich-quick schemes.

The show's comedy revolves mainly around sex. In addition to sex jokes, there are many references to other science-fiction series throughout the show including but not limited to Star Wars, Star Trek, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Battlestar Galactica. It also has references to many other novels, movies, and television series in other genres. Other humor involves body humor, puns, wordplay, relationship humor, dysfunctional family humor, and insult humor.

Overall, it's a fun 20-minute cartoon that works perfectly for watching right before bed or to have on in the background when doing something else.
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nfuller6 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Wednesday, October 5, 2005 – Tripping the Rift This program was described as "'South Park' in space." I would agree with this. This isn't saying much, however, since I think "South Park" is mostly crap.

Another way of saying this is "'Futurama' without the intellectual content or likable characters." Maybe the characters are not developed yet; I have to admit that I didn't like the characters of Mulder and Scully when I first saw "The X-Files." Still, what's up with the gay robot? I don't find any humor in "Tripping the Rift" as I do in "The X-Files." Again, I didn't see the humor in "The X-Files" when I first saw it.

"Tripping the Rift" makes some references to other science fiction icons like Star Trek, Star Wars and 2001: A Space Odyssey. In the episode I saw, it also made reference to Dune, Jurassic Park and The Attack of the 50-foot Woman.
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Cannot describe...
HeartMonger7 April 2004
This is a weird show that still has yet to show any real depth. But then again I do not think it is supposed to. It is about a group of Aliens in space who endure the tragedies and ups and downs of space life. Gina Gershon is funny as Six, an alien created android. Really weird show has a few good laughs an episode but so far is not enough to hold one's attention enough to keep the interest. Yet the ratings are still high, and it does a good job being a follow up to the fantastic and hilarious Shannen Doherty show "Scare Tactics" This show is not really supposed to be taken seriously but oh well. I guess you get what you pay for.
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Laughter from deep space far far away
MOREwithMOHR13 November 2005
I have watched quite a lot of Science Fiction movies during the past 60 years, enjoyed the funny black and white Flash Gordon and similar films of old, and I am a great fan of the first Galactica stuff.

I love my (translated into German) Star Wars movies that I recorded many beers and years ago.

Especially precious is it whenever somebody dares to make fun of the mostly way too serious Science Fiction movies and series. My congratulations go out to the masters of black (or should I say: colorful?) humor in this series.

Some episodes just found me grinning, but I have also laughed so hard sometimes - tears were running down my cheeks.

Compared to the gazillions of other series that TV stations torture us with on a daily basis this here is heartwarming because it doesn't spare a stereotype that all y'all know from the Big Buck Hollywood creations and makes a nice slapstick of it.

We are not on this planet or in this universe to just sit in the corner and whine. There's a lot of catastrophes happening around us, I know, and thus it might be better to enjoy life as far as possible, and to smile a bit while we are watching TV.

Oh, I almost forgot this: the people who give their voices to the hilarious persons/creatures sure are having fun. You can hear it. May the force be with all of the folks involved for many more episodes.
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Duckman in outer space?
imdbjeff5 September 2006
Not too bad altogether. The cgi is good. Middle of the road edginess. The Choode character is basically Duckman with a bit more of a spine. Even the voice sounds the same. They have just started showing the first season here in Canada and they've already trotted out the dark clowns in just about every episode. Gershon's voice over is improving as time goes by. I hate Stuttering John and if the ship undergoes a voice modulation, that would be fine with me.

There's a decided lack of imagination being exhibited here but it doesn't stop it from being entertaining in a sophomoric way. Doesn't move very far outside its orbit on any occasion. They could really do something with this if they stepped outside the box a little, but it stands on its own for entertainment value as it is.
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It doesn't understand humor
rexfordavenue22 July 2016
Humor is a difficult thing to master. You can have a joke and tell it in such a way that it either makes the listener pee their pants with laughter, wince in discomfort, or sigh in apathy. All the same joke, just different ways of telling it.

Something very simple can ruin a joke: poor timing; not knowing that the word "porn" is not a punch line to everything and shouldn't be treated as such; that falling off a small ledge isn't funny without proper setup; that simple announcing you're gay isn't funny without some kind of context; and so forth.

Some people don't understand that there is an entire art to comedy. Louis CK can tell a story about getting a hand job and it's hilarious. Dane Cook did the same thing and it's lame. Andy Kaufman ate a bowl of ice cream and it was brilliant. Tom Green ate a bowl of cereal and no one cared.

Tripping the Rift wants to do shock comedy, but it doesn't understand the first thing about comedy. It's the Dane Cook and Tom Green of cg animated shows.
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