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A Few Good Matches But Nothing Special
Big Movie Fan4 November 2002
WWE Judgment Day 2002 was a fair pay-per-view. It was nothing to shout about but it had it's moments although it did not compare with April's Backlash event or WrestleMania XVIII.

Eddie Guerrero and Rob Van Dam had a brilliant opening match. These two men need more screen time.

Trish Stratus battled Stacey Keibler in a fantastic match. Why was it fantastic? Purely and simply because of the beautiful women on show.

The Hardy Boys had a fairly exciting match with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Brock was still very green but Paul Heymen saved the day acting like a complete fool.

Ric Flair and Big Show had a battle with Stone Cold Steve Austin. It was a fairly good match although in my opinion, Austin looked totally uninterested in the match.

The best match of the night was Kurt Angle VS Edge in a hair vs hair match. Angle never fails to entertain whilst Edge is a definite future WWE Champion.

Triple H battled Chris Jericho in a Hell In A Cell Match. When you've seen one Hell In A Cell match, you've pretty much seen them all. It was okay but it didn't really feature anything that hadn't been done before. I guess nothing could ever top the Undertaker/Mankind match from King of the Ring 1998.

Rikishi and mystery partner Rico had a match for the tag titles with Billy and Chuck. Too short to gather any momentum.

Then we came to the main event between Hulk Hogan and the Undertaker. Now, I thought Hogan's matches with Triple H at Backlash and The Rock at WM XVIII were pretty good but I was unimpressed with this 80's style match. I thought their match at the 1991 Survivor Series was a hell of a lot better than this. It was also a short match (well, short considering it was the main event) and it was mostly 80's style offense throughout. Hogan lost in the end and the evil Undertaker won the WWE Undisputed Championship. There will be an inevitable rematch down the line-lets hope it is better than this.

All in all, Judgment Day was a fair event. I'd definitely rent it though rather than buying it.
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Plus - Stacy's legs Minus - everything else
amanwhorocks10 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
1. WWE Intercontinental Championship: Rob Van Dam Vs. Champ-Eddie Guerrero - It was RVD's exhibition with bitter defeat. 8/10

2. WWE Women's Championship: Champ-Trish Stratus Vs. Stacey Keibler - Stacy sucks in the ring, but her legs are gorgeous and still its her best match I saw to that day. Everything is OK for me :) Trish retained. 7/10

3. Brock Lesnar Vs. Hardy Boyz - Heel team easily won. 7/10

4. The Big Show/Ric Flair Vs. Stone Cold - match was plain with predictable result 5.5/10

5. Hair vs Hair Match: Kurt Angle Vs. Edge - Really decent bout, but pretty predictable, still like it. 8/10

6. Hell in a cell match: Y2J Vs. HHH - I can imagine better action from them. Jericho's heel character was way too overacted. HHH won again. Hmm, sigh... 7/10

7. WWE Tag Team Championship: Champs-Billy/Chuck Vs. Rikishi/Rico - Totally waste of time. New champs. Poor Titles. 5.5/10

8. WWE Undisputed Championship: Champ-Hulk Hogan Vs. The Undertaker - Extremely stiffy match. Only punches and basic holds, where was wrestling? Extremely bad main event. Taker won title, btw. 4.5/10

So... This judgment day was waste of time for me. Worse than average....
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not bad
ricky_says_hi9 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
i didn't see Judgment Day live but i have the DVD and have watched it many times. it had some good matches

Eddie Guerrero vs RVD (Intercontinental Championship): it was a pretty good opener and i was rooting for RVD the whole time. both of them gave it their all and it kept surprising you. 8/10

Trish Stratus w/Bubba Ray Dudley vs Stacy Keibler w/D-Von and Batista (Women's Championship): like in all her matches, Trish was great. it was a bit annoying to see Stacy trying to pin her every 10 seconds and slapping the ring when Trish kicked out. she even slapped Bubba when he laughed at her. there wasn't much else to see unless you count Trish kicking Batista in the face before picking up the win. after wards D-Von put Bubba through a table. 6/10

Hardy Boyz vs Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman: the Hardys were pretty solid in this match which was really a handicap although Heyman took a bit of a bashing. Lesnar did all the work and the brothers just seemed to keep coming at him with all they had. it wasn't enough though and Heyman got the pin. 7/10

Edge vs Kurt Angle (Hair vs Hair): judging by Kurt Angle's appearance in 2003 it wasn't hard to guess who would win this match. this match really did bring out the best in Kurt who put up a good fight against Edge. i was hoping he would win but of course he didn't. he ran away after the match and then Edge locked him in a sleeper hold and shaved his head. poor Kurt woke up looking at his bald head in a mirror and fled while the crowd chanted "you're bald". 7/10

Stone Cold vs Ric Flair and the Big Show: yawn. another handicap match. I'm glad Flair has finally stopped thinking he can still wrestle and retired. this match was nothing special. while the Big Show was a bit interesting, it was obvious that Stone Cold would win. naturally he beats both of them and celebrates with a few beers. 4/10

Triple H vs Chris Jericho (Hell in a Cell): i was surprised that this wasn't the main event but i never thought Jericho was main event material. as most Hell in a Cell matches there was the classic chaos and carnage. the two guys got to the top of the cell and Jericho tried to bring in the equalizer (sledgehammer) but he couldn't stop the game who knocked him with a pedigree and picked up the win. 6/10

Billy and Chuck vs Rikishi and Rico (WWE Tag Team Championship): I'm wondering what Billy did to deserve this storyline. since Rico's name was on the back of the DVD i knew he would be Rikishi's mystery partner. Rikishi of course did all the work but handled himself pretty well. Billy and Chuck both put on a good show and in the end Rico kicked Chuck in the face by accident and Rikishi got the win. after wards he did a little dance for the defeated and Rico sneakily picked up the belt as he followed Billy and Chuck up the aisle (pardon the pun). 7/10

Undertaker vs Hulk Hogan (WWE Championship): i cant believe the Undertaker was heel here. then again i also cant believe that geriatric Hogan was the champion going into this match. it seemed his arthritis and rheumatism could not be kept at bay although i was like wtf when he started shaking like a caffeine addict. like that would discourage taker. anyway the American badass got the win and put the geriatric in his place. 8/10
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Judgement Day 2002
mishalwwechamp8 August 2009
Judgement Day 2002 was a good Pay-Per-View but nothing compared to Wrestlemania XVIII.

The opening contest featured Intercontinental Champion Eddie Guerrero defending the gold against Rob Van Dam, this was an awesome match which showed a great opening.

In the second match Trish Stratus faced off against Stacy Keibler in an average match to retain the Womens Championship.

The Next match featured Brock Lesnar and his manager Paul Heyman going head-to-head with Matt and Jeff Hardy in a boring tag team match where Lesnar did all the work as Lesnar picked up the win for him and Heyman.

Next Stone Cold Steve Austin went to war with Ric Flair and Big Show in an exciting match which ended in Austin picking up the victory.

The next match for the WWE Tag Team titles featured the champions Billy and Chuck facing off against Rikishi and his mystery partner Rico,a dull and short match with nothing special at all.

The next match was a fantastic hair vs hair match between Kurt Angle and his opponent Edge,this was definitely the greatest match of the night.

In the next match rivals Triple H and Chris Jericho faced off in a Hell In A Cell Match.There wasn't much you couldn't see in other Hell In A Cell matches.

The main event was a Survivor Series 1991 rematch the WWE Champion Hulk Hogan defending his gold against The Undertaker,a fairly good match with a horrible ending though.

Here are the ratings: 1)Rob Van Dam vs Eddie Guerrero - 9/10 2)Trish Stratus vs Stacy Keibler - 6/10 3)Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman vs The Hardys - 5/10 4)Steve Austin vs Ric Flair and Big Show - 8/10 5)Kurt Angle vs Edge - 10/10 6)Triple H vs Chris Jericho - 7/10 7)Rikishi and Rico vs Billy and Chuck - 4/10 8)Undertaker vs Hulk Hogan - 7/10

Overall Rating - 8/10
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Recap of Judgement Day 2002 (A Spoiler)
Spawn Devil19 May 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Here is the Recap of Judgement Day 2002:

1 Match: Eddie Gurrero vs Rob Van Dam, Very good match with a lot of good stunts. Just it ended to stupid with Eddie pinning RVD with his foot on the ropes. Winner- Eddie Gurrero

2 Match: Trish Stratus vs Stacy Kibleir, not bad of a match. It was just stupid when the dudley boys began to fought. I didn't think they needed to do that. Winner- Trish Tratus

3 Match: The Hardy Boys vs Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman, this match was pritty predictable because you knew that the Hardys were going to lose for sure. Pritty bad on the way it ended with Jeff loosing the fall. Winner- Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman

4 Match: Ric Fleir and Big Show vs Stone Cold Steve Austin, very good match, It took my surprised because I thought austin would have lost by one of the NwO menbers interfiering. Winner- Stone Cold Steve Austin

5 Match: Edge vs Kurt Angle, Awsome match! It had a lot of close pinfall and a lot of excitiment. Kurt Angle diserves to have his head shaved bald because he SUX. Winner- EDGE

6 Match: Triple H vs Chris Jericho, This was probably be the best match of the evening, although nobody fell from the top of the cage to the botoom. That would have been a lot more tense to watch. It was a good decent match with thrilling stunts. Winner- Triple H

7 Match: Billy and Chuck vs Rikishi and Rico, this was the worst match of the evening, although it had a twist of who won, it was just pointless, the crowd wasn't into it and I wasn't into it either. Bad match for the tag team championship. Winner- Rikishi and Rico

8 Match: Hulk Hogan vs The Undertaker, Not bad of a match. It was pritty much the same old match with Hogan, slow and boring. I'm glad the Undertaker won the title because he's a way better fighter than Hogan. Hogan is just a legend, if it wern't for that he would be nothing. Good job Undertaker!!!!

Overall Mark for Judgement Day 2002= B
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