Final Fantasy X-2 (Video Game 2003) Poster

(2003 Video Game)

Hedy Burress: Yuna


  • Yuna : Give me a Y!

    Rikku : Give me an R!

    Paine : Give me a break.

  • Tidus : [Tidus swims towards the island; a ship comes towards him and splashed water]  Huh? Ah!

    Yuna : [Yuna slides from the ship and immediately runs and hugs Tidus] 

    Yuna : [after a long hug]  Are you real?

    Tidus : I think so.

    Tidus : [they look at each other]  Do I pass?

    Yuna : [nods]  Hmm. You're back.

    Tidus : I am back.

    Tidus : [hugs her]  I'm home.

    Yuna : Welcome home.

    Yuna : [puts her arms around Tidus' waist]  Yes home.

    Rikku : [Rikku and Paine exit the ship; Rikku watches Yuna and Tidus and giggles] 

    Wakka : [watching Yuna and Tidus hug from the island]  Hey, get a room, you two.

    Wakka : [everyone cheers]  Whassup?

    Tidus : Who asked you to watch Wakka?

    Wakka : [turns to Lulu and laughs] 

    Rikku : Hiyya!

    Tidus : [laughs and takes Yuna's hand; they run towards the island together] 

    Tidus : [Yuna starts running faster]  Huh? Hey, whoa! You know, you've changed.

    Yuna : Well you've missed a few things.

    Tidus : I wanna hear everything!

    Yuna : Well. It all began when I saw the sphere of you.

  • Yuna : [after LeBlanc breaks into the airship]  Oh poopie.

    Rikku : Yunie, don't talk like that.

    Yuna : I'm just copying you!

  • Yuna : [Nooj and Gippal give her two spheres]  What are these?

    Meyvn Nooj : Our wills.

    Yuna : What?

    Gippal : He's kidding.

  • Tidus : You know, you've changed.

    Yuna : Well, you missed a few things.

    Tidus : I wanna hear everything!

    Yuna : Well... It all began when I saw this sphere of you.

  • Yuna : She fell asleep! I'm that good?

    Logos : The boss fell asleep again? One massage and she's out like a light.

    Ormi : We's been waiting for her, too, 'cause she had something important to tell us.

    Logos : We'll just have to keep waiting. In the meantime, you, go make sure the switch panel is working.

    Yuna : [using a fakey, affected voice]  Uh, switch?

    Ormi : The back of the living room! The same one as always!

  • [as the party is ambushed] 

    Paine : All yours, Yuna.

    Yuna : Where are YOU going?

  • [Sizing up the enemy before a fight] 

    Paine : Easy.

    Yuna : You think so?

    Rikku : Less talk! More fight!

  • [the demure Lady Yuna gets tough with a wandering monster] 

    Yuna : You're going down!

    Paine : That's the spirit!

  • Paine : Come get some!

    Yuna : Paine gets all the good lines.

  • [as the party is ambushed] 

    Paine : I think I'll take a break.

    Rikku : WHAT?

    Yuna : Hey. We need you.

  • [Yuna finished viewing Leblanc's Sphere] 

    Paine : She got us.

    Yuna : Oh, poopie!

    Rikku : Yuna! Don't talk like that!

    Yuna : I'm just copying you!

    Paine : That's nice. And?

    Yuna : We're gonna take it back! No one messes with us!

  • Rikku : Okay, he's creeping me out.

    Yuna : Seriously.

  • [Yuna transforms into Flora Fallal] 

    Yuna : A power too great to be bridled can only be set free.

  • [Yuna transforms into the Dark Knight] 

    Yuna : As I bear the darkness into battle, my suffering becomes my strength.

  • Yuna : (to Nooj) I don't like your plan. It sucks.

  • Brother : This is Brother. You all right?

    Yuna : Yeah, we're fine.

    Brother : I'll be waiting!

    Paine : [walks off]  Talk about a one-tracked mind.

  • Gippal : [looking closely at Yuna]  Never been this close to a celebrity before.

    Yuna : That's nice.

    Gippal : I really could get used to this.

    Yuna : Let's not.

  • Rikku : [at hotspring in bikinis]  Hmm... what have we here?

    Yuna : What!

    Rikku : Whatever. I know who's got it going on.

    Yuna : Excuse me?

    Paine : [Rikku goes to Paine]  Stay away!

    Rikku : Whoa!

    Paine : Wanna get hurt?

    Rikku : You should come check out Paine.

    Paine : Hurt time!

  • Yuna : [entering a battle]  Bring it!

    Rikku : She's certainly getting into this.

    Paine : She's trying.

  • Yuna : [about the defeat of Sin]  Everyone was so happy. "Great job, Yuna. You did it. You saved us all." There were too many smiles to count... and I know that I was smiling, too. But now... when I look back... the people who should be here aren't. The ones who should be smiling with me aren't here.

  • Yuna : No. I don't want this anymore. I don't want friends to die... or fade away. I don't want battles where we have to lose in order to win.

  • Yuna : "We had no choice." Always "we had no choice." Those are our magic words. We repeat them to ourselves again and again. But you know... the magic never worked! The only thing we're left with... is regret.

  • Yuna : [after Yuna has fallen off a bridge on Mt. Gagazet]  That was a little close...

    Paine : A little?

  • Yuna : [before performing a dance as the songstress, in reference to "Eyes on Me" from Final Fantasy VIII]  Hey, eyes on me!

  • [on top of the Floating Ruins of Mt. Gagazet in the beginning of the game] 

    Yuna : Who's there?

    Leblanc : Er, Leblanc! Remember that name well, loves!

    Yuna : Ah, the thief.

    Leblanc : Whatever do you mean? That's what I hate about amateurs...

    Rikku : Maybe she'll go away if we ignore her.

    Leblanc : You! I heard that! Just as I was saying : amateurs! They have no concept of what it takes to be a true sphere hunter.

    Paine : Amateurs. Weren't you following us?

    Leblanc : Following. A mere coincidence

    [Ormi and Logos appear behind Leblanc] 

    Ormi : You was right, Boss, as always.

    Logos : Indeed, following them has paid of splendidly!

    [Yuna, Paine and Rikku start laughing] 

  • [during Perfect Ending sequence] 

    Tidus : I've got a theory. I think that the fayth gathered up my thoughts and put them together to bring me back. Maybe, something like that... Or maybe I'm still a dream...

    Yuna : Wait! So you'll disappear?

    Tidus : Cherish me, Yuna. And I'll cherish you. Okay? We've gotta stick together. That's what we have to do!

    Yuna : [puts her arms around Tidus]  Is that what the fayth told you?

    Tidus : Nah. But I like it!

    [Yuna laughs and pushes him into the water] 

    Tidus : That's not cherishing!

    Yuna : You didn't disappear.

  • Yuna : [after defeating an enemy with the Lady Luck dressphere]  Game over man, Game over.

  • Yuna : [angrily]  Who the heck is Lenne?

  • [last lines] 

    Yuna : [narrating]  So much has happened. And I'm sure it's only the beginning. Through the smiles and tears, through the anger... and the laughter that follows... I know that I'll keep changing. This is my story. It'll be a good one. It all began when I saw this sphere of you.

  • Yuna : Believe with me! Even if we are torn apart, our feelings will unite us. That is what this song is about.

  • Rikku : [last lines of Chapter 1]  How do you like that?

    Yuna : Not bad at all.

    Dona : Just what do you think you're doing?

    Yuna : Actually, we're sphere hunters.

    Dona : So?

    Yuna : Gullwings, let's go! Sorry, Dona, the sphere is ours.

    Paine : [Yuna and Rikku leave the scene as the airship Celsius comes for a landing. Paine grabs the Awesome Sphere from a member of the Youth League]  Tough luck.

  • [the party is taking a break in a hot spring on Mt. Gagazet] 

    Rikku : [to Yuna]  You should check out Paine!

    Paine : Hurt time!

    Rikku : You want some?

    Yuna : Ooh! Let me help!

    [Instead of heading towards Paine, Yuna joins Paine in heading towards Rikku] 

    Paine : Where were we?

    Rikku : I didn't mean it!

    Paine , Yuna : Too late!

    Brother : [transmitting from the Airship Celsius]  Yuna, what's all the noise?

    Yuna : Just taking a little dip.

    Brother : [speaking in Al Bhed]  Y meddma teb!

    [translation: A little dip!] 

    Brother : Code... pink! I'll be there right now!

    [There is a smashing noise and Brother is heard moaning in pain] 

    Yuna : Brother?

    Buddy : Don't worry, I knocked him out.

    Rikku : [giggles]  Maybe we should get out. I'm getting all pruney!

    Yuna : [as the screen fades to black]  I really needed that.

  • Yuna : [in a flashback]  Here comes the real Yuna!

    [the flashback ends] 

    Rikku : I was just about to finish 'em off, but then you showed up and stole all the fun.

    Yuna : I guess I was so glad to get out of that thing that I went a little nuts.

    Paine : That explains the dancing.

    Brother : [transmitting from the Airship Celsius]  Yuna's dancing? Where? I am there!

    Rikku : Listening close enough?

    Yuna : [narrating]  So this is my life now. We travel from place to place, and the days just seem to fly by. But sometimes I find myself stopping... I'm listening for your whistle.

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