Final Fantasy X-2 (Video Game 2003) Poster

(2003 Video Game)

John DiMaggio: Wakka, Kimahri Ronso


  • Tidus : [Tidus swims towards the island; a ship comes towards him and splashed water]  Huh? Ah!

    Yuna : [Yuna slides from the ship and immediately runs and hugs Tidus] 

    Yuna : [after a long hug]  Are you real?

    Tidus : I think so.

    Tidus : [they look at each other]  Do I pass?

    Yuna : [nods]  Hmm. You're back.

    Tidus : I am back.

    Tidus : [hugs her]  I'm home.

    Yuna : Welcome home.

    Yuna : [puts her arms around Tidus' waist]  Yes home.

    Rikku : [Rikku and Paine exit the ship; Rikku watches Yuna and Tidus and giggles] 

    Wakka : [watching Yuna and Tidus hug from the island]  Hey, get a room, you two.

    Wakka : [everyone cheers]  Whassup?

    Tidus : Who asked you to watch Wakka?

    Wakka : [turns to Lulu and laughs] 

    Rikku : Hiyya!

    Tidus : [laughs and takes Yuna's hand; they run towards the island together] 

    Tidus : [Yuna starts running faster]  Huh? Hey, whoa! You know, you've changed.

    Yuna : Well you've missed a few things.

    Tidus : I wanna hear everything!

    Yuna : Well. It all began when I saw the sphere of you.

  • Wakka : Hey! Get a room, you two!

    [a group of people at Besaid Island are near the beach watching Yuna and Tidus] 

    Wakka : Whassup?

    Tidus : Who asked you to watch, Wakka?

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