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The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • There are five separate endings, based on certain things the player does during the game.

    Bad Ending Vegnagun destroys Spira you get this by drawing out the fight against Vegnagun or just losing on purpose

    Normal Ending Lenne and Shuyin fade away together; Nooj, Gippal and Baralai speak to Luca and the YRP ride off into the sky on the Celsius (all the other endings are just added scenes to this ending)

    Normal Ending+ When Yuna is in the Farplane glade, Tidus's ghost appears behind her and she tells him he was with her all along to get this, after the "Chapter 5 complete!" message, tap X repeatedly until the scene starts (O in Japanese version). If you have the requirements for the Good Ending, you can't view this.

    Good Ending The Fayth appears and volunteers to find Tidus for Yuna. After the end credits, he washes up on Besaid and the airship lands and he and Yuna reunite. to get this you have to meet Maechen in Guadosalam in Chapter 3 and at the end of Chapter 3 when Yuna is alone in the Farplane, tap X repeatedly until you hear four whistles (O in Japanese version). Do the same when the "Chapter 5 complete!" message appears and select "Yes" when the fayth asks the question.

    Sad Ending Yuna says it's better if she doesn't see Tidus because he's already with her. The normal ending then goes on. to get this just fulfill all the requirements for the Good Ending and select "It's better this way" when the Fayth asks.

    Perfect Ending Yuna and Tidus talk about the Fayth in Zanarkand. This is added on to the good ending. to get this you have to fulfill all requirements for the Good Ending and you also have to get 100% on the game. Edit (Coming Soon)

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