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Sex & Nudity

  • An antagonist wear a outfit in which the front part is show. You see "side breast."
  • The three character dress in skimpy outfits. You can change outfits during game play (it is the battle system in this game).
  • There is a part in the game where you (A girl) have to massage another girl. It is a mini game. It is not really sexy but kinda lame and pointless.
  • Some of the clothing on the female characters is fairly skimpy. Rikku's is the most revealing, as it's mostly just a bra and short skirt with a visible thong.
  • Also a character named Brother has a crush on his first cousin which can disturb some people.
  • One mission requires the you to disguise yourself as an enemy soldier and while in disguise you are ordered to give the boss a massage. During the massage she moans and cries out in an almost orgasmic way.
  • One scene involves the three main girls bathing in a hot spring and one character comments on another's breasts. It is not explicitly said, but still pretty obvious.

Violence & Gore

  • Humans vs machines/robot. There are some deaths but light PG-13 stuff.
  • As this is an action-adventure game, there is lots of violence. None of it is graphic however. You only battle and defeat non-human monsters in the game.
  • In one scene near the end, a young couple are shot several times and die, but no blood is seen. It is a bit emotional though.


  • Damn, Hell, Crap...
  • The language in this game is fairly mild. There is some name calling with some uses of "Damn", "Ass", and "Jackass". The term "Pissed" is also used once.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • You can go into bars to save and buy stuff.
  • None.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Nothing. The graphics are bright and colorful.
  • Some of the creatures in the game can be frightening to younger audiences.
  • The most frighting part of the game is in a place called the Den of Woe in which a spirit can posses people and cause them to go insane. Your party ends up possessed and they threaten to kill each other. During this scene a girl is seen screaming intensely when she possessed. The whole Den of Woe sequence is fairly long.
  • There is also a dream-like sequence that ends with a young couple being shot several times and dying together. It is a rather emotional scene.
  • However, the game has several different endings, and if the player gets at least 75% completion and completes some specific requirements (see the FAQ page), the final outcome is a happy ending.
  • Most of this game's content is appropriate for most audiences. However, the fact that the lead female characters are fairly sexualized prompts me to give Final Fantasy X-2 a recommended age of 13 and up.

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