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Absolutely breathtaking
soula3 January 2004
Like Final Fantasy VIII, the focus of Final Fantasy X-2 isn't on the worldsaving-- though worldsaving does, of course, appear. Instead, it's on the characterizations of the protagonists and her allies, and it does an amazing job of it. I clocked in at 77 hours, gaining the Normal Ending; a replay is definitely in order and I'm glad they've included New Game Plus in order to make it easier to get the story again.

X-2 is a game where you definitely have to explore and poke around everywhere in order to squeeze every bit possible from the story; if you only follow the big clue hammer plot points, you will indeed only get the barest sketchings of a story and maybe even finish it in 15 hours. However, I feel that the Square-Enix team has used the previously created world of Spira very well, taking advantage of players' familiarity and interest in the world to weave engrossing stories about not just the protagonists but many of the characters encountered in the previous game.

It's not only a game where you have to explore in order to find more story, it's a game where you can't see and get everything on a single playthrough. It's also a game where you repeatedly run across signs that Yuna and company aren't the only adventurers and explorers in Spira.

I really enjoyed the development of the inhabitants of Spira-- what retired summoners do, the fact that the fiends of Spira encourage even grandmothers to be competent-- the game starts out extremely easy, although it does get harder later, and this is clearly meant to reflect not only Yuna's experience in Final Fantasy X but also the world's experience with wandering monsters.

Finally, the music and voice acting in FFX-2 is just fantastic. Yes, the music is peppy and jazzy. It's also quietly desolate in places, and some of the repeated themes are just beautiful. As for the voice acting-- Yuna, Rikku and Paine's voice actresses all deserve medals, as do several of the other more minor characters. They bring a richness, subtlety and depth to the story that older games could only reach for. Yuna's voice actress in particular once again does a stellar job, conveying a nervous, self-conscious, but determined Yuna who can't help wanting to save people but wants to learn to have fun, dammit. And who misses her boy a lot, underneath it all.
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Sorely underrated, and devilishly entertaining
jolostuki28 June 2006
Many people see the title as overly "loose"; the story, the gameplay, the girls.

Many people forget that aside from the fact that we have now crossed the border from interactive entertainment into artistic beauty, many gamers still have one integral requisite for any entry to their video game collection; FUN.

This game is light-hearted, following the events in a world torn apart by a 1000-year war, and the events of a very depressing game in said world.

The main character, once a girl-next-door type, full of excitement and curiosity has broken her shell of naivety and humility to broaden her horizons and look for a lost-love.

Alongside her spunky cousin and a not-so-familiar denizen of Spira, Yuna watches as a plot of love and betrayal unfolds amidst her journey across many familiar towns to reunite with many familiar faces.

The girls are three fun-loving, yet scantily clad - and with good reason - females who hunt for spheres containing video snippets of long-lost Spiraian history throughout the mostly-tropical world -hence the title of "Sphere Hunters", and hence the bikinis.

The game is a dramatic change of venue from the previous title, and not unreasonably so. Along with the removal of a plot-heavy story, yet still set in the same world, a complete reversal of mood is not an unwelcome change, as it is accompanied by myriads of non-pertinent games, missions, and enemies that await those who wish to explore, and a surprisingly cohesive plot awaits those who don't necessarily want to wait, but rush right to the end.

This game was made for everyone, and at the same time, nobody in particular. It is right in some senses to say that this game is hit-or-miss for various gaming audiences, but a strong sense of planning and effort went into this game in the graphics, the music ( be they the cheesy, 70's bucka-bucka-wow tracks, or the beautifully orchestrated tracks sung by a particular main character ), the story, the unbelievably fun and compelling battle system, or the dozens of optional quests that will keep you occupied for hours.

All in all, this is a great game, because that is exactly what it is; a game, and the only thing a game needs in order to be called such is one element; fun.

And trust me, this title is packed with it.
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CGI Charlie's Angels is what this should have been called instead
soloriamagic0821 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
A friend of my sister let her borrow this game,and I watched her play a while and I decided to play out of boredom and a detached curiosity. Note: I HATED Final Fantasy X(It's predecessor)so I had NO expectations that it's sequel was going to be anything but garbage and I was right.

Plot: 2 years have passed and Summoner Yuna(High Summoner now)from X and her very annoying ADD-induced cousin Rikku and a girl named Paine try to find her 5 minutes I'm in love with you DEAD lover Tidus and also try to reunite another insane DEAD boy (Shuyin) and his DEAD lover(Lenne). All the while they search for little glowing balls called spheres that 99 percent of the time hold NOTHING of importance. Oh you are laughing now. You probably think okay jokes over now review the REAL plot. Well sadly this is the REAL plot. Ohh and throw in MUSIC CONCERTS that some how quell the fighting between two political factions,getting NUDE in the heat of battle to try ON CLOTHES, fighting another scantily clad dim-bulb sphere-hunter and her cronies,and some childish stereotypical girl dialog and you have the *plot* of X-2.

Characters: Submissive, damsel in distress Yuna from X is gone (which is a very good thing),but what's in her place is not good at all. Yuna of X is replaced with Rikku 2. What's a Rikku 2 you ask. Well if you remember from X Rikku was this 15 year old hyper active stereotypical dumb blond with a capital on the hyper part. Well now on X-2 you have that same Rikku just two years older and MORE hyper like SPEED mixed with RITLAN hyper. So in essence Yuna on X-2 acts like Rikku from X and Rikku on here acts like herself from X times a MILLION.Paine acts like Lulu,Kamari and Auron. She looks like Lulu,is silent like Kamari and when she does talk it's like Auron. The little plot that was in here was about her and her friends.Very little was about Shuyin,Lenne,or Yuna. Characters from X have cameo appearances. Lulu who I hated from X is back,but her personality does a 180. She's SUBMISSIVE now with a baby from her dead boyfriend's brother. Wakka is the same dumb,disgusting ya beefcake.Just with his dead brother's girlfriend. Kamari is now elder of his people,and is as silent and useless as ever. A lot of DEAD people make cameos as well. DEAD Tidus makes a appearance at the end,but ONLY if you do certain things in the game. This whole DUMB as HELL game is about Yuna getting Tidus back,but you only do so in one of THREE endings, and again only if you do certain things EXACTLY right in the game. OKKKAY. DEAD Braska, Auron,and Jecht also make appearances as Yuna's cheering squad when she's fighting the VERY easy boss at the end of the game. It strikes me as odd that Yuna asks the Fayth to bring her five minutes I'm in love with you boyfriend back,but not her MOTHER and FATHER who she only got to see the first SEVEN years of her life.

Battle System: Made CLEARLY by sexist men at SquareEnix for horny teenage boys. The girls get literally NUDE in the HEAT of BATTLE to change into dresspheres. You put the dresspheres on GARMENT GRIDS. Out of the I think 19 or so dresspheres you can collect you only need to use TWO. The berserker dressphere,and for the final boss the dark knight dressphere. ALL the others are completely and utterly USELESS. The *Story* is mission based . As in you can go anywhere you want,but you have to complete missions. And guess what the missions have ZERO to do with the story,buy hay there really ISN'T a story so I guess it evens out.

Music: When you pop the disc into the PlayStation a concert starts with Yuna(an impostor but whatever) singing a well you guessed it a POP song. Yes, sadly I'm serious. The music in this game goes from POPPY,to 70's sounding. Again I'm serious. She has another concert in the middle of the game to quell the fighting of Spira. OKKKAY. I admit that song(1000 words) and the song in the intro of the game of very beautiful,but that's about it. The rest is ear-grating.

Visuals: Rehashed locations from X with one or two differences. It's like you are playing X all over again just with Yuna as the main character.This game has only NINE cut-scenes as well.

Bottom-line: Was made strictly BY sexist pigs FOR sexist pigs who think females act like this and want this kind of trash in a game.How else can you explain rationally the stupid dialog, garment grids, the dresspheres,the only thing that makes the world worth living in is if I have a boyfriend on my arm theme, the slut-induced clothes, the Britney Spears/Happy Days music,the concerts, and the ridiculous amount of ease battles are won (this includes the final boss as well) *plot*. To further that this game was made for sexist boys there is a hot spring scene staring the 3 main characters in bathing suits. They have a playful cat-fight in the water. Not only was this scene the most pointless B.S. I have ever seen in a game, but what GIRL would want to see that? This game is also just plain out EXTREMELY BORING as well.
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Entertaining, but could have been much better
kjhizzle21 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
FF X-2 was a game with which i had great anticipation of playing because I found its predecessor phenomenal. However, upon playing through the entire game, i was left somewhat disappointed.

For starters, the transformation of Yuna from a shy, sheltered and reserved summoner, into a sphere hunter/ pop singer seems so spontaneous and in my opinion, makes little sense. It seems as if Yuna as become the Rikku from FFX and Rikku has become...who knows what. Although i thought the story of Paine with the Crimson Squad was a nice addition, she acted much like Lulu did in FFX, which left little variation in the 3 sole characters you are in control of for the entire game.

Also, the dialogue was very corny, repetitive, and childish to the point where I would just want to skip the entire cut scene. Phrases such as "Oh poopie", and consistently talking about the same thing, such as Yuna wasting 3 cut scenes to talk about telling Lenne how Shuyin felt, was just un-necessary. The dialogue was not the only irritating factor, for many missions and side-quests were very lame and tedious. For example, the main mission of Chapter 2 was to gather up clothes from Leblanc's Hench men to sneak into her hideout.Even the mini-games, such as blitz ball, were painful. In blitz ball, you are not even able to control the movement of the characters or the actions they can carry out, which ruins the whole point of the mini-game. Also, when it comes time to give back the "awesome sphere" the Gullwings nabbed in Kilika, whoever you do not give the sphere ends up hating your guts, which made absolutely no sense to me. A whole group of people is going to hate the high summoner who brought them the eternal calm for not giving them a lousy sphere? Give me a break.

The procession of the game's storyline was also a drawback. You could just go to all of the hot spots in each chapter and beat the game in less than 20 hours, but then you miss out on a lot of side-quests. The problem with the side-quests though was that it seemed impossible when certain side-quests were available or not.

Another new aspect the game offered was the "new game plus data". This allows the game players to play through the game again to learn abilities that weren't learned previously, obtain forgotten dress spheres, and attempt to gain more percentage completion. However, once you beat the game once or twice, playing X-2 is not even a challenge because you can just decimate every single enemy with previously gained/ learned abilities and superior accessories (i.e. the Key to Success accessory, which comes with the "double all" ability practically makes all enemies a piece of cake, even bosses).

The subtle aspects in the game that could completely change the ending of the game were also quite annoying. Like at the end of Chapter 3 when Yuna is in the farplane (after the cut scene with Shuyin, Nooj, and Gippal), and she utters "I'm all alone", if you don't press the X button a certain amount of times, then Yuna may not even be re-united with Tidus at the end of the game. How could something that subtle impact the game so greatly?

Don't get me wrong though, i did find the game somewhat entertaining. I liked the dress spheres and the garment grid system because it gave a lot to do with learning new abilities and planning strategies for certain encounters. Also, the graphics were phenomenal and the music was still good. Yet the drawbacks of the game are just too great to ignore.

Rating: 6/10.
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A fun game, but on the whole didn't fit the tune of a FF game and could've been better...
pinkpower22 July 2006
Final Fantasy X-2 had been a game Id been looking forward to for a long time- the end result was hardly what I had been expecting. After the magic of X, I expected some of that magic recreated in X-2. Although the music was beautiful ("Yuna's Ballad" and "Kimi He", which was featured in the Internation version, were amazing for me), the graphics fantastic, and the battle system made effective and efficient by allowing every one of the characters to be of use in battle, I was a bit (okay...REALLY) turned off by Yuna's and Rikku's clothes and most of the game dialog (although some of the lines were hilarious). Simply put, it didn't feel like a Final Fantasy game to me, more like a "Charles Angels" sequel set in Spira and staring Yuna, Rikku, and Paine. The English cover of "1000 Words", sung by Jade from Sweetbox, was a disappointment to me. I felt Jade really killed most, if not all, of the song, and would've preferred that the original Japanese version by Koda Kumi be used instead. On the whole, Final Fantasy X2 delivered good music, great graphics, an awesome battle system, and was actually a fun game to play- but all the while it just did not feel like a Final Fantasy game, and could've been much better.
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Not that great
PimpSkaterStar22 January 2004
I was surprised that I didn't like this game too much. I mean it's alright, but nothing more then that. This game you shouldn't buy rent it and then the next day you will have beat it so you'll take it back. There is no value to this game that's one of the problems. I am not a FF fan, but I liked X so I said what the hell I'll try this game out. Yuna is cool, but I don't really care for the other two girls. I think they just made this game to make money and go on to the next one. My advice go get FFX if you are a FF fan all though you probably all ready have it. Final Score: 5.1 out of 10
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May not be to everyones taste, but amazing none the less!
Razzzor25 February 2004
I played Final Fantasy VII many years ago, i loved it i thought it was the best in the series so far. Then this year i played Final Fantasy X i thought it was the best game ever made, and i am hard to sway. I got very emotionally involved in FFX and stupid as it might seem, i was very sad after i completed it because i had invested so much time in it. The characters and storyline were very powerful and hearing the prospect that "Tidus" the main character in FFX would be part of the plot in FFX-2, i had to buy to see if him and Yuna the summoner ever got reunited. Regaurdless of what other people think the Three main characters in FFX-2 work very well together:

Yuna-The quiet but ever strengthening Lead character Rikku-The Sassy Al-Bhed Thief Paine-The Daughter of "Auron" the warrior gaurdian from FFX

These Sexy ladies are what make the game great! And you just want to get that 100% completion to see the "Full Perfect Ending". While FFX was better, this isn't far behind.

Note: To fully apreciate FFX-2 you will have to buy/rent FFX to find out about the world of Spira and its characters.

A beautiful game just like its Predecessors

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Couldn't have been a better second half
Dragoneyed36315 April 2008
When I finished Final Fantasy X I was emotionally and critically blown away by how unbelievably brilliant and beautiful it turned out to be; It was my favorite game that I had ever played, and still is. When I heard of Final Fantasy X-2, I could not help but to scratch and tear until I got my claws on it and began playing immediately. While this is no Final Fantasy X, it is a perfect second half with just as much spunk, fun and great action sequences as the first one had.

In this game, we follow and play as Yuna, the loyal and lovable, now high summoner, from Besaid that we all know and cherish from the first game, Rikku, the energetic, insanely cute Al Bhed that we had the pleasure of meeting in the first as well and Paine, a newcomer with the attitude of Lulu, though with different perspectives on life. There are of course a lot of memorable faces from the first in here, but you fight with only these three, which might be why some don't consider this as great as most follow ups.

On to the game itself, you are back to the fighting style that the rest of the Final Fantasy series carries, and instead of the sphere grid and an own, signature fighting title for each character, you use dresspheres, which even though it's a little bit more challenging than the sphere grid, it's certainly fun and with all the different dresspheres you get to use so many tactics and skills in your battle on all three characters. While the game's main story plot is based on the undivided love of Yuna and Tidus, the game also mostly focuses on what sphere hunting group you are now a part of, the Gullwings, and their ventures and crusades trying to track down spheres across Spira and beat rivals, like LeBlanc, in the process.

With the game set in chapters, it is non-stop fun and excitement from the very beginning in each one, with excellent graphics and video sequences that you could never forget; 1000 Words is my favorite original song from a video game, ever. There's tons of side games and side challenges that give the game edge just like the first, and the game does not fail to make you feel sympathy and remorse for a lot of the characters, as it did in the first. This game had big footsteps to follow in, and it filled them just like it was supposed to.

It's incredibly crafty, and never fails to provide you with the joviality and thrill that you loved from the first and was hoping this one would have just as much of. If you enjoyed Final Fantasy X, I strongly recommend you play this if you haven't, for even though it is not a perfect game itself, it is a perfect sequel with emotion, brilliance and adventure brimming at every turn you take! I loved it.
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Not worthy of the title Final Fantasy
coolfreshair-115 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Wow what a waste of time playing this game was. It is not worthy of the title Final Fantasy. Even my least favourite Final Fantasy game had some redeeming features, but this had NOTHING. The background music, which should have at least lent something to the atmosphere, was a type of inane and unmemorable synth-pop which just bubbled endlessly throughout most of the game; this immediately had me worried.

The character continuity it appears was not carried over from Final Fantasy 10. I mean, what the heck happened to Yuna? Yuna, the formerly serene, slightly naieve Summoner, seemed to have had a personality bypass and was replaced by a moronic cutesy hyper-kid you'd imagine would be into boys, cheer-leading, make-up, Spice Girls, pink fluffy things, and bubblegum – or in this case Spheres.

And whilst we're talking of character continuity the fact that Wakka and Lulu were having a baby together had me totally baffled. For one, he was her dead ex's brother. Two, there was never any real spark/connection between them in Final Fantasy 10 So hearing him say "Yah, I'm gonna be a daddy!" (or whatever dialogue it was he used), just made me go "Huh?!" It was almost as though someone just threw the idea in at the last minute. And the irony is that even though this 'couple' were having a baby together there was STILL no connection between them, they barely spoke to each other let alone anything else.

I felt that the plot from from Final Fantasy 10 wasn't carried over successfully and this resulted in a mess of ideas flung together to produce hours of disappointing gameplay.

The Leblanc syndicate 'villains' were an extremely irritating addition to the game; they were the kind of villain you'd expect to find in a wacky 'cartoon caper' and this just didn't fit the whole genre of Final Fantasy.

I found the gimmicky dress sphere/garment grid system childish – it reminded me of something you'd aim at girls into Bratz dolls – you just couldn't take it seriously.

For me FFX-2 was seriously flawed. I feel had this been a standalone game with 3 random female characters which had nothing to do with Final Fantasy, it could've been marketed at a genre who would've appreciated it more. However, to label it Final Fantasy 10-number-TWO and then turn into a Charlie's Angels venture was a big mistake, and left a number of die hard Final Fantasy fans feeling short-changed.
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Fun, not too bad
cptrugged16 December 2003
Yes, this is a Final Fantasy, and yes it is a sequel to FFX. However, No, it doesn't have the linear hardcore drama that has been in other Final Fantasy games. Good God, some people put waaay to much credence in a game name. IMO this game makes no more travesty of FF than Crystal Chronicles is Precious Moments the game.

For one, people all complained that the weakness of FFX was its linear storyline. No real choices. So for the first time in an FF, they gave you the airship at the beginning and a storyline that isn't so involved that you can't do things in your own order.

Second, playing dressup? Any less than you were in FF4 or Tactics? Would you have felt better if there were some guy characters changing "uniforms"? Reminds me of the difference between action figures and dolls. This game was not made by prepubesent teens.. but old japanese guys.. is there a difference? who knows.. but always remember that none of these games are made with US audiences in mind. You just happen to be in a world were someone will translate them and let you play.

Honestly, this game is just girlie. No, instead of FF6's opera, you get a JPOP concert. Instead of Auron you get Paine. Instead of deep drama, you get wacky hijinks. This game is fun. The battle system is nice as it lets you customize your strats regardless of characters.. I can now have 3 black mages when fighting something weak to magic. Any character can do anything. I don't think its as good as X, but its enjoyable and not a waste of money at all. This is just my opinion however.. and personally thought FFVIII was the travesty.
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Final Fantasy the Fashion Plate?
baughman1 December 2003
I'm well into chapter 3 of the game. What the heck is this? Final Fantasy Fashion Plates?

The story line sucks. Hands down. I was just saying to my wife "I certainly hope that this story pulls together sometime soon!" 10 was considerably better.

OK, now for the nitty-gritty. What the heck is with the battle system? OK, I'm familiar with Active Battle mode. That's fine. But, you wait until your meter charges up, then if you want to cast a spell, you have to wait AGAIN until your spell meter charges up. Then it costs mana. So, you have to wait twice as long to cast a spell.

And I can't even BEGIN to figure out the "Special Dress Spheres". Oh, and how about the equip? OK, I guess since we're playing dress-up, that we can't wear gauntlets, a ring, and earrings at the same time. Sorry, folks, only 2 slots. And you can't change equips in the middle of battle, so you'd better hope that if you're going up against Ifrit, you know in advance so you can put on something to reduce fire damage, otherwise you're hosed. Oh, did I say "Save game often?"

I mean, come on people, one of the tasks I had to do was to give one of the other characters a BACK RUB? And make sure I reached a pleasure score within a certain number of moves????

This game was apparently written by prepubescent kids who like seeing girls in different outfits.

Quite frankly, the worst $50 I ever spent.

Shall I go on? Sure, why not. It doesn't matter that I got EVERY Al-bhed primer in 10, you start over in 10-2. It doesn't matter that two thirds of your party SPEAK al-bhed, forget understanding a thing they're saying.

Sorry, I'll take 10 over 10-2 any day. For that matter, I'll take 8 over either of them.

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A disappointing experiment that ends in mediocrity.
stupidpunk1821 December 2003
Once upon a time, I was playing Final Fantasy VII for the very first time. It was 1997, and I was upwards of ten hours into the game. I had explored every inch of this monstrous metropolis known as Midgar, dominated and controlled by the evil corporation of Shinra. It was my quest (or so I thought) to stop Shinra from literally sucking the life force from the planet, when suddenly it became clear that my party and I were to have to leave Midgar for the first time to chase down a man in a black cape, a man known as Sephiroth, and before I had ever even seen his face, I had learned to fear him. To my astonishment, when I left Midgar, it became apparent to me that not only was Midgar not the only place I had to go to in this game, but it was merely a dot on an enormous world map! It was then that I understood exactly why this game was being described as "epic." Since then, I've been consistently enthralled and compelled by all of the Final Fantasy games, from its humble beginnings on NES to its mastery on PS2.

And then came this debacle of a game. Final Fantasy X-2 not only took everything I loved about the series and threw it out the window, but it veritably raped everything I loved about the original. People who disagree with me will probably say that this game doesn't appeal to me because it's "different." No. Final Fantasy VIII was different. Different is one thing -- morphing an epic tradition into some sort of quasi-Sailor Moon/Charlie's Angels parody that makes me lose faith in my favorite genre is quite another.

The premise of the story for X-2 is two years have passed since Yuna and her guardians vanquished Sin and Yu Yevon. Since the eternal calm has set in, she has led a relaxed life, (which apparently involved throwing out the dress and staff for hot pants and a pair of guns, not to mention the whole becoming a pop star thing) and it comes to her attention that Rikku, who is now a sphere hunter, has found a sphere that shows a clip of someone who seems to resemble Tidus in some sort of trouble. Thus, Yuna joins the gullwings, which is Rikku's team of sphere hunters, and the quest to find Tidus begins.

First of all, I'd like to point out that there is no real story to this game. There are subtle hints most of the time hiding in the background somewhere that a story might come into being sometime over the course of the game, which is the only reason I kept playing this game, really, but these unfortunately only remain as not much more than subtle hints until the end of chapter three, and by then you're pretty much done with the game. Everything that was epic and compelling about the previous installments of the Final Fantasy's is lost here in a muddle of girl power and uninteresting psuedo-politics that I couldn't have cared less about. The character that I grew to love in Final Fantasy X, Yuna, now has been rendered to be completely devoid of character. Sure, she's cute and happy now, but who cares? There is no conflict, no intrigue in her character. Her only desire seems to be to find Tidus and to help people (neither of which are substantially developed in this game), but rather than being the character who was built on self-sacrifice for the good of others like in the last one, she instead comes off as a brat who usually doesn't have much to say other than something along the lines of "why do I have to do this?!" Rikku's her dumb self, unsurprisingly, and Paine is just a female version of Auron except not half as cool and not a tenth as interesting. There are a few new characters who you do want to learn about, such as Nooj, Gippal, and Baralai, who are three of the leaders in the new Spira, but their backstory is minimal when compared to character giants such as Terra, Celes, Aeris, or Cloud. Characters like Buddy, or Brother, or whatever his name was wanted to make me cry. I wanted to take the composer who had replaced Mr. Uematsu and beat him out back with a stick, and every time Yuna, Rikku, and Paine would pose and cheer themselves on, I absolutely cringed. By the time the end of the story rolled around, I didn't really care what was happening next.

To be fair, there are a few good points to this game. The battle system has undergone some major revision, and the revision was for the better. The beloved jobs system of Final Fantasy V are back again, and this time they are mixed with the sphere grid of X and an extremely fast-paced upgrade of the active time battle system. The graphics are slightly better than its predecessor, which means that the graphics are phenomenal considering how amazing they were in X. Most of the missions -are- fun, but the whole game in itself was too sugar-coated, too easy, and too short (I had the game beat in fifteen hours). If I wanted just pure fun, I would've played GTA III. Final Fantasy stands above all the other franchises because it's always been about more than just the fun involved with the battles. I have to admit that this is probably a love it/hate it type of game, but for my part, the closer and closer I got to the end, the more and more apparent it became to me that this game truly was the monumental disappointment that I was fearing it would be the second I first saw Yuna singing a pop song that reeked of Japanese excess in the introduction FMV. I wish I could've felt otherwise, but I didn't. I sincerely hope XII won't turn out the same way.
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bubs121 February 2004
Final Fantasy 7. Absolutely Fantastic. What an epic. Final Fantasy 8. A definate step down, but still OK for me. The card game was a good addition. Final Fantasy 9. Ok another step down. Graphics excellent as you would expect, but a step down none the less. Final Fantasy X. A step in the right direction. Blitzball got kind of repetetive however. Excellent graphics and music. Storyline just below FF7.

FFX2. Hmmmmm. I have just started this game, and I am hoping it will improve quickly. Graphics of course superb, but considering this is meant to be a sequel, it just makes no sense to me that a person who has been training all her life to be a high summoner changes to become a pop singer/ sphere hunter.

I can only assume Square has done market research into it's games and found females buying the games less than males. And I am afraid this seems to be the result. A CHICK FLICK aka Charlies Angels where the girls kick butt, and all the boys play second fiddle. This seems to be an attempt to increase sales in the 13-18yr old female section of the consumer market.

NEXT please Square. We need another top notch storyline like FF7 with the PS2's graphics.
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Almost the weakest of the series
PlayerSS25 December 2003
First off let me say that Final Fantasy X is my favorite game out of the series, so naturally I had high hopes for X-2. Those hopes were shot down once I started playing the game. Once I'd seen the opening cut scene I knew this game wasn't going to be good.

I'm not a fan of JPOP or any other kind of pop. Which means the music sucked. Most of the area background music sounded like 70's porn music or just some 70's sitcom show. Either way the music part of the game went back in time. The 70's sound to the game did not fit at all.

I loved the battle system in 10. The sphere grid was one of my favorite things in the FF series. This dress sphere thing was crap. It was more or less the job class system from the past FF games just retooled a little. I hated the job class system and I hate the dress spheres.

None of the character were likeable in this one. What little characters that returned from 10 were given different stories or just dumbed down a lot. One instance is Wakka and Lulu having a baby. Wakka and Lulu having a baby? Come on. The game designers could have thought of a better way to have them back.

Most of the Final Fantasies I've played have been really linear. Which worked for them. X-2 is the first game to take away the linear gameplay and add a non-linear game style. The non linear part almost killed the game by itself. This game could be called Final Fantasy: Sidequest. What seems like 85% of the game is sidequest and mini games. Mini games are ok, but this game goes overboard with them.

There are hotspots you can go through to progress the story. That way you can avoid all the boring pointless sidequest, but if you do ignore them it takes away from your completed percentage. This game is almost one big mini game with a little story thrown in here and there.

The character of Paine is a pointless attempt to have a bad ass character in the game. Most of the time the bad ass character are great. She is not. The little things that are good about the game are the jump function. I thought that was put in nicely. Also when fighting you can move around any where on the screen. Thats cool.

If you're looking for a good hardcore Final Fantasy this overly cute game is not for you.
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Yuna, Rikku and Paine... Charlie's Angels?
Kilik-Sama3 December 2003
I was pretty dissapointed in the game. I am not a major Final Fantasy fan; but it never hurts to try new things.

The three female cast reminds me of Charlie's angels too much. The only thing that was cute was the dresshsperes.
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A worthy sequel for a Final Fantasy game.
DeadFromForum11 March 2004
If you are really into RPGs that only lets you play as only female characters, then this is your only choice. The storyline may be non-linear, but that really doesn't matter. In battle, you have the ability to change into different costumes which makes this game interesting. This game also has a Charlie's Angel feeling to it since the main characters are three female characters. The most interesting sub-characters are Brother, Buddy, Shinra, Wakka, Lulu, Beclem, Lucil, Elma, Clasko, and many more. Once again, select this game for your collection. If this game would be your favorite, Yuna might make you excited thanks to her singing performance. Paine may not be the talkative type, but later in the game, she'll talk more.
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billabum218 July 2006
OK, So this game is the sequel to one of the best-selling games of all time. Yuna is convinced that Tidus is still alive because of a sphere she receives. Well, that's the storyline, but of all the time it took to get through the entire game, I think I heard about a total of five minutes about it.

Well, that's definitely not the reason why I gave the game such a high score of course. The gameplay is the best I've seen in a while. This is what ATB should have been from the beginning. When you get into a random encounter, the first person to go is the first person to hit their command. But unlike other games, you can attack when someone else is attacking.

The job system also is great. Plenty of jobs and plenty of things to do with each of them. The story of the game might not be that great, but everything else is.
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Call me crazy but....I actually liked it people!
ffxfan_p1 October 2005
I had never before even thought about playing a FF game in my life. That was until this one came out. It's not like the rest of them I'll assure you of that, well except X. There were parts in the dialog where I was like 'what the hell' and others i almost fell out of my chair laughing. That was mostly whenever Paine or Rikku said something funny(or stupid) I loved the characters, some though I wanted to find on the business end of Paine's rather large sword. But I liked the characterization of YRP, Yuna matured, Rikku...somewhat, but Paine I think 'grew' the most. There were, I'll admit,some questions in the story line that I would have liked to have answered. Some say there were too many side missions that had nothing to do with the plot when in fact: THEY DID! OK so the monkey thing...Stupid, boring, i could go on and on about that one. But other things led you deeper into the original thing.

So in short: Love the game, Love the plot (so sweet), and Love YRP.

And if you think this game is sexist ladies (or gents)...grow up! I'm a girl and I love it (just ignore the costumes like i do (Lady Luck dressphere must burn!)

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don't be put off my pop singer trailer great game
emili_price2 July 2005
Firstly i consider myself a die hard fan of final fantasy and was a bit put of by the idea of a sequel and the pop prep image and trailer of Yuna however I WAS WRONG i borrowed my friends copy and i was immediately hocked. This game its truly game and for me has been the nearest game including ff9 to the mini games and multi adventures of ff7. To begin with it looks great with new effects that can create emotions even in non cg mode,however some times these can look annoying, the familiar settings of ff10 look stunning and the sound is powerful from the deeply moving 1000 words-i cried to the battle music. The story moves quiet quickly however it still has plenty of game play, and its compelling helping to answer the questions left after the end of ff10, but also with more humour than 10 even slight spoofs evolved-its a carefree, fun but still highly dramatic game. Worth a sport in everybody's collection. Also i must add some things that really made my day with this game- it features job mode were you can change the different characters costumes -each having different abilities -such as in ff4 only you can also do this during game play, also the game features real time game play and the costume changes look amazing just as summoning looked in the past, the game features many side quests and mission based game play which will win over plat formers to the RPG side and a big bonus which i think many fans have been waiting for different endings ....

A fresh and different game but still one every ff fanatic or gamer should have fun emotional and pure class *********

Emili Price
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Charlie's Angels--a bad thing?
Selestia30 December 2004
As a female gamer, the idea of a Final Fantasy with the main characters predominantly female was an appealing endeavor. Very "Charlie's Angel"-ish in theme in places, but overall a good game.

Pros: They brought back, in a sense, job classes--in the form of dresspheres. Immediate freedom with the Celsius--you take control of the direction of your game. Kept in tradition (mostly) to previous Final Fantasies. Male or female, either will like this game. Nifty battle system. Game-Plus mode for second run (to achieve 100% rating). Multiple endings depending on your percentage of completion.

Cons: High encounter rate of Random Battles. For the first time in the history of Final Fantasy, Nobuo Uematsu did NOT compose the score; we are denied the Crystal Theme and the Overworld Theme that we have grown to love. Chaotic battle system. No...summons? NO SUMMONS?!?! What kind of Final Fantasy has no summons? Sure--you SEE them, but you can't SUMMON them. Randomness of storyline/non-linear storyline; you have complete control over the direction of the game, but missing a sidequest costs you your completion rating. Multiple endings? 100% completion rating for best ending? Sheesh.

It's strengths are also the weaknesses.

All in all, I give it about an 8.5/10. Maybe an 8. I can't put it on the level with...say...VII or III, but I can put it against IX and call it square (no pun intended). Definitely worth the look, not all of it is eye candy...though there are some scenes that will make the boys happy, I'm sure.
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That false
undertaker5530 August 2004
How can you compare a game to a movie? The is not that Charlie's Angels, I show the movie Charlie Angels and Charlie Angels Full Throttle and I didn't see the Charlie's Angels having fun going through different missions.

The game is a little different for Final Fantasy X-1 but its entertainment. If you don't have a sense of humor, then you shouldn't be judging a book by its cover.

I will agree that it game has good graphics, good gameplay, a good storyline and depth. I like this series, but I can't change the way people fell about the game because your in tidal to your own opinion.

The way people talk about game is simply amazing and sometimes it can be down right disturbing.

Undertaker55 as spoken. Good Day.
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A new for the series and very well done
Modern-Day_Cloud20 March 2004
Well there is alot of new, never done before stuff for a final fantasy game. For example: Its the first to have a female leading character, also the on the fly job system(known as the garmet grid) where the girls not only change jobs but also change the outfit they have on(often very sexy clothing), and other new things that I won't dwell on. this is also a love story so to speak(yuna hunting for her lost love), and I know what some of you are thinking "how can a sappy love story be fun," well it is... I love this game, I mean come on.... whats not to like, 3 sexy women in flattering attire traveling the world killing things. I know that the plot may not interest some but I loved it.
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Final Fantasy goes femme, and it works.
Velius7 March 2004
Final Fantasy X-2, the first true sequel in the much-beloved Final Fantasy series, follows the events of Final Fantasy X two years later and stars the former High Summoner Yuna and her brazen band of treasure hunters, the Gullwings. Yuna the demure sufferer/child bride priestess from the first game has come into her own now as a carefree, fun-loving, gun-toting pop star. She's backed up by two fellow junior divas: her best friend and cousin Rikku, still spunky as can be, and new character Paine, who's dark and edgy. The three girls have all sorts of madcap fun as they complete missions throughout Spira, hunting for 'spheres' (which are something like collectible home movies), and completing various quests, Charlie's Angels-style. This new, in-your-face, girl power spin on the FF franchise is a bold move to be sure, but the game is a thoroughly refreshing change and kicks up the fun factor to new heights. The dialogue between the girls and the kaleidoscope of personalities they run across throughout Spira is laugh-out-loud funny, and you'll love watching Yuna, Rikku and Paine change into dozens of wild, silly and sexy costumes as they battle a wide assortment of fiends. Whereas previous Final Fantasy titles consist of one long, epic quest with side quests for the more thorough player, FFX-2 is essentially a string of side quests with a basic, central plotline as a backdrop. And as you might imagine, it's chock full of great mini-games. Heavy battle action is still very much present here and although most of the main storyline fights are a bit on the easy side, many of the more advanced beasts in the late stages of the game are enough to test the skills of the most seasoned RPG veterans. If you're the type of gamer who likes to explore at your own pace and not be rushed into moving the plot forward, FFX-2 is perfect for you. The graphics, music, voice acting and gameplay are nothing short of top-notch and exactly what Square Enix fans such as myself have come to expect from a Final Fantasy title. If you enjoyed FFX, give X-2 a go. It's a lighter, breezier flavor, but it absolutely delivers.
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different opinion
Wvwydowvw21 February 2004
I disagree with Skater, I thoroughly enjoyed this game. I am a big fan of all the FF games and thought the non-linear format was different but exciting. As for the characters I loved Yuna and Rikku in both FFX and FFX-2 and Paine was a tough girl, I loved her attitude and one-liners. Being the first direct sequel to a previous FF game was odd at times but not boring in the least. At least you don't have to re-learn where everything is all the maps stayed the same for the most part. I personally highly reccommend this game to any FF fan.
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Don't listen to the whiners.
deathtospam5 December 2003
This is not a Final Fantasy for the fanboys who take themselves too seriously. This one is pure, unadulterated fun. An excellent take on the job system, a lighthearted story, this may be the best Final Fantasy yet.
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